Sex Furniture

Last Updated: January 23, 2017

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Definition - What does Sex Furniture mean?

Sex furniture is special furniture made specifically to allow more comfortable positioning for a wide range of sexual positions. Sex furniture can also be helpful for people with back pain and other ailments that can make sex uncomfortable. Sex furniture can include wedges, swings, and even full lounges.

Kinkly explains Sex Furniture

The most commonly known type of sex furniture is called the Liberator wedge. This is a wedge shaped pillow that can be flipped and turned different ways to achieve different positions with minimal difficulty or discomfort. Sex furniture can also include swings and slings that can be mounted over the door or from the ceiling. There are also inflatable wedges and chairs.

Many of these pieces also have options to add bondage cuffs or already have them. Some of the furniture also has room to add vibrators or dildos.

Not all sex furniture looks kinky; many of the related products in this category are designed to blend into normal household decor.

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