Eiffel Tower Position

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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Definition - What does Eiffel Tower Position mean?

The Eiffel Tower Position is a rear-entry sex position for anal or vaginal sex. It gets its name because the person being penetrated bends down at the waist, creating a shape which resembles the famous Parisian landmark that shares the position’s name. The Eiffel Tower Position has a medium degree of difficulty.

This position should not be confused with the Eiffel Tower sex act for threesomes. During this Eiffel Tower, one person, who forms the tower’s base, performs oral sex on all fours while being penetrated from behind. His or her kneeling partners form the tower’s shape by high-fiving one another.

the eiffel tower sex position

Kinkly explains Eiffel Tower Position

To get into the Eiffel Tower position, the person that will be penetrated stands with their legs a little wider than shoulder width, then bends forward at the waist. If they are flexible enough, they will rest their elbows on the floor to steady themselves. Their male partner then stands behind and bends his knees slightly. In this position, he can enter his partner’s anus or vagina. He usually holds his partner’s hips or buttocks while he thrusts to increase stability and intimacy.

While the standing person is usually a man, a woman could take on this role when wearing a strap-on.

People enjoy the Eiffel Tower position because it allows for deep penetration and G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

This is a relatively safe sexual position. However, as the standing person is most active, they should have relatively good physical fitness. Good flexibility also helps the person being penetrated feel comfortable during sex.

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