Amazon Position

Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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Definition - What does Amazon Position mean?

The Amazon position is a receiver-on-top sexual position. In this position, the receiver squats down over their partner who lies with their knees up to their chest. From this position, penetration occurs. The receiver in the Amazon position is generally a vulva-haver, as the angle can make anal penetration difficult, particularly if the giver has a penis.

amazon sex position woman-on-top

Kinkly explains Amazon Position

To achieve the Amazon position, the penetrating partner lies down on their back and raises their knees to their chest. The receiving partner faces the penetrating partner and squats so that penetration occurs. The penetrating partner may wrap their legs around the receiving partner or rest them on the receiving partner's thighs. Both partners have some control over the thrusting, but the receiving partner is in the greatest position of power.

The Amazon position requires some degree of flexibility and exertion on the part of the receiving partner. All of the pressure is placed on the receiving partner's knees and legs, so it may become uncomfortable or even painful in time. However, the receiving partner's efforts are rewarded with greater control over the depth, angle, and pace of sex than many sexual positions allow.

While the Amazon position is a very intense and intimate position, physical penetration is reduced. This makes it a favorite among couples with penis size concerns. As the receiving partner has a lot of power, they can make sure sex is comfortable for them.

If the penetrating partner has a penis, this position may feel uncomfortable. Some penis-havers do not have a flexible enough penis for this position. They should listen to their body, go slow at first, and stop if they experience any discomfort. Penises can be fractured if they’re pushed too far.

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