Last Updated: October 28, 2019

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Definition - What does Autoagonistophilia mean?

Autoagonistophilia is a sexual fetish where people feel aroused when they are accidentally viewed engaging in sexual acts or exposing their naked body to others. People with this condition are known as autoagonistophiles.

The term autoagonistophilia comes from the Greek word autos, a term for a dramatic actor, and philia, which is an attachment. That’s because autoagonistophiles stage their sexual encounters or time naked so they may be viewed by other people.

Autoagonistophilia is classed as an allurement paraphilia. It may also be known as autagonistophilia.

Kinkly explains Autoagonistophilia

While autoagonistophiles and exhibitionists both feel aroused when they are observed having sex, autoagonistophilia and exhibitionism should be not be confused. Exhibitionists deliberately place themselves in situations where they will be viewed having sex, by attending sex parties, or having sex outdoors, for example. Autoagonistophiles are more subtle about their gratification, and instead create situations where they might be viewed by others. For example, they may have sex in a room at the front of their house where passersby may look in or walk around their bedroom naked with the drapes open.

Autoagonistophiles may be of any gender and sexuality. Some autoagonistophiles may need to be accidentally observed by others to achieve sexual gratification. Others may simply prefer to have sex while being viewed.

Autoagonistophilia is a mild paraphilia and usually can be accepted as part of a person’s sexual identity. However, if this condition becomes a problem, autoagonistophiles may seek counseling, hypnotherapy, or some other type of treatment.

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