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Overpass Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Overpass sex position belongs to the exotic family of sex positions for the great physical strength and endurance it takes to achieve. In this position, the giving partner stands upright over their partner, who is performing a shoulder stand between the legs of the giving partner. From this position, the giving partner enters their partner's vagina or anus. Intercourse is achieved as the penetrating partner thrusts in small, squatting motions.

The Overpass sex position is sometimes called the Torture Twister. It is a variation on the Pile Driver position.

Overpass sex position. The receiver is laying on their back but barely so - their hips are directly over their shoulders in a psuedo-yoga position. Their toes are touching the ground above their head. The penetrating partner squats on top.


More About Overpass Position

To get into the Overpass sex position, the receiving partner lies on their back and elevates their feet over their head. Their toes should touch the floor behind their head, their thighs will sit against their torso, and knees should be near their ears. The giving partner then straddles their partner, standing with one food by their head and the other near the back or side. Once in position, the giving partner thrusts up and down, as if performing squats, penetrating the vagina or anus. As the giving partner squats, the receiving partner should stay steady in position.

The Overpass sex positions allows for deep penetration. It's ideal for stimulating the G-spot. However, it can be uncomfortable for the receiving partner as the thrusting often puts pressure on the neck and shoulders. It also requires great flexibility to perform. This sex position can be physically demanding for the giving partner, too.

It's suggested that both partners practice their positions before engaging in the sexual act. Deep stretching before and after performing the Overpass sex position can also minimize the risk of discomfort and injuries. Anyone with a biological penis should also note that this position bends the penis in an unnatural way, so they should proceed with caution and listen to their bodies to avoid accidents.

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