Bind and Bang Position

Published: DECEMBER 20, 2022

Making use of the simple bondage functionality of the Liberator Black Label Wedge, the Bind and Bang makes it easy to add a bit of bondage into this standard, modified missionary position. Using this wedge also makes the position that much more accessible to people with disabilities and/or chronic pain.

Bind and Bang Sex Position. The receiving partner lays on their back with their hips propped up in the air by the Wedge. Their wrists are bound to the Wedge. The penetrating partner kneels up against the Wedge for sex.

To get into this position, the receiving partner should lay flat on their back with their hips propped up in the air by a sex furniture wedge. As pictured, the receiving partner should also have their wrists bound to the sex furniture (if that's comfortable for the two of you). The penetrating partner then kneels in front of the receiving partner, leaning in towards their hips, to penetrate.

Before anybody gets into position, it is important to have a discussion about pain, expectations and accessibility so that it can be done safely and sexily.

More About Bind and Bang Position

The Bind and Bang is a fantastic position, especially for couples who are new to bondage. The familiar look of this position makes it a comfortable choice while the addition of the bound wrists is a gentle way to enter into the world of bondage.

To start, bind just one wrist and keep an open dialogue about when (or if!) the receiving partner is comfortable binding the second wrist. The set up of the Bind and Bang means that if, at any time, the receiving partner isn't comfortable with bound wrists anymore, the penetrating partner can easily unfasten their wrists and the position will remain unaffected. This allowance makes this position a low-pressure way to give kinky restraints a try!

The Bind and Bang position isn't just for bondage beginners. This creative bondage sex position also lends itself well to experienced kinksters who want a simple way to add a bit of spice to their favorite positions. As the quirky name of this position implies, the Bind and Bang position is extremely easy to get into -- it's a one-two step. Adding the bondage only takes a few seconds. This can be great for couples who are too short on time -- or patience -- for complicated bondage set-ups.

While the Bind and Bang is shown with the Liberator Black Label Wedge, you don't need to own that Wedge to get into this position; you just need to be a bit more creative! The selling point of the Black Label Wedge is its built-in bondage cuff design that makes it simple to instantly add bondage to your favorite sex positions. However, this position can still be pulled off with a standard piece of sex furniture (or very supportive pillows!) and bondage cuffs that bind the receiving partner's wrists. A simple way to pull this off without the Black Label Wedge would be an Under-the-Bed Restraint System partnered with a wedge-shaped sex prop of some kind.

Propped up on their knees (have a discussion about joint pain, longevity, etc.) with a slight lean-in to their partner, the penetrating partner is able to get deep, solid thrusts into the receiving partner. This can make the Bind and Bang a great position for rough sex, especially when you mix in bondage!

The penetrating partner's free hands also make it possible to add sex toys into the mix. A penis stroker, wand massager, or other vibrator can add pleasure for the receiver to ensure everyone walks away from this position fully satisfied. You may also want to try the Bump’n Joystick which can hold your favorite sex toys in place during this position.

While this sex position is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the receiver, holding up their legs can be exhausting. They can place their feet on the penetrating partner's chest to alleviate some of the weight, or a sex sling can be used to anchor some of the leg's weight to the receiving partner's neck. If you are someone living with EDS or other disabilities that affects your joints, be sure to have a discussion with your partner about subluxations or pain prior to getting in the position.

Propping up the hips with a sex wedge can instantly change the angle of penetration and lead to deeper penetration, as well. Especially if this is one of your first experiments with sex furniture, make sure to keep open lines of communication to avoid painful, too-deep penetration from the penetrating partner.



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