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Grand Slam Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Grand Slam sex position is an anal sex position that provides sensational friction, making it an excellent choice for a quickie. It's also a fantastic choice for beginner-friendly pegging as the receiving partner's faced-away position can make the giver feel more comfortable as they learn new movements.

The receiving partner is laying flat on a surface, face-down. The receiving partner climbs on top of the partner's butt for penetration while straddling the hips.


To get into this position, the receiving partner should lie face-down. For more friction, this partner should keep the legs tightly closed. Then, it's up to the giving partner to kneel comfortably on top, find the correct entry angle, and use rhythmic movements from the waist and a firm thrust.

More About Grand Slam Position

The great thing about this sex position is that it's raw - it's all skin-on-skin friction and sweaty exertion. And the best bit? It’s perfect for a simple late-night (or early morning) quickie.

The simplicity of this position is one of its selling points; it's also a neat twist on several other positions you're probably already familiar with. It's universally adapted to the bedroom, living room floor, or even the couch.

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