Hamstring Stretch Position

Updated: AUGUST 9, 2021

If you find face-to-face penetrative sex exciting and find that you often have to use all manner of pillows to enjoy it, then get extra excited with our Hamstring Stretch Position, which uses the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount as a prop. It's comfortable, it's accessible, and it allows for some extra vibrational experience!

The Hamstring Stretch Position involves lifting the legs up and possibly putting them on a partner’s shoulders, although if this isn’t ideal, you can also rest them on a partner’s hips or even spread their legs wide. If you have disabilities or chronic illnesses that may make this uncomfortable, we recommend stretching before and planning the sexual position out with your partner BEFORE attempting it.

receiver begins by putting the Axis Sex Toy Mount under their lower back with legs resting on the partner's shoulders to give access to their vagina or anus

More About Hamstring Stretch Position

To get into the Hamstring Stretch Position, the receiver begins by putting the Axis Sex Toy Mount under their lower back to give their partner access to their vagina or anus where they are naturally the most relaxed they can be for penetration.

From there, the penetrating person needs to put themselves into an equally comfortable place - whatever that might be. As with their partner, they can place their legs in various ways, such as behind them or into a type of thigh stretch. Whatever feels right and provides the opportunity to maintain the position comfortably for a while. As the penetrating partner, we know that if you have disabilities, penetration may look and feel different. With certain disabilities, penetration can be quite painful, so have a conversation beforehand.

This position differs from others because the toy mount allows the giver to use a toy while penetrating their partner. They might enjoy the rumbling vibrations of a wand on their perineum or against their vulva or testicles. If you have attachments for your wand vibrator, break 'em out, this is the perfect time to get creative!

The use of Liberator sex furniture can be great if the penetrated-partner has back issues, as its angle and support can often take pressure off that area. It can also be challenging for the person doing the penetrating, so some careful adjusting might be in order- feel free to make whatever changes to it as you see fit!

The Hamstring Stretch Position can be just the sexy and enjoyable thing for those who want to introduce hands-free vibrations to their penetrative play but who may need some support to get into the flow of things. If that’s your thing, or even if you merely want to try to reach new heights of pleasure, give this piece of Liberator sex furniture a whirl and try out the Hamstring Stretch Position for yourself!



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