Knee Touch Position

Last Updated: July 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Knee Touch Position mean?

The knee-touch sex position is a seated anal sex position that provides direct, deep penetration to satisfy both partners. By spreading his legs, the receiving partner can increase the depth of penetration. Synchronized movements will also help determine how intense the position becomes. The giving partner will also have free hands for caressing - or spanking!

diagram of the knee-touch sex position

Kinkly explains Knee Touch Position

Grab a comfortable chair here; the giving partner is going to be carrying the weight of both people involved. Height is another thing to pay attention to when jumping into this position, as the receiving partner's upper body weight is going to be resting on top of the table on which he's leaning his elbows. This action, in combination with the use of his legs and the back-end support provided by his partner, will provide the necessary lift. This lift, when paired with the limited thrust from behind, will make for a decent level of penetration.

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