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Lofted Drive Position

Updated: MAY 31, 2022

The Lofted Drive sex position is an anal sex position that is similar to a spooning sex position, only both partners are on the their backs, providing an additional challenge of gravity! This position offers lots of skin-on-skin contact with the comforting pressure of body weight, along with the challenge of working as a team.

Lofted Drive sex position. The penetrating partner is laying on their back with their feet flat on the ground and a bend in the knees. The receiving partner is laying on top, facing the ceiling, in the exact same position with all of their weight resting on their partner.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner lies on their back on a flat surface. They place their feet flat on the ground, which creates a bend in the knees. The receiving partner then, carefully, lies on top of the penetrating partner, back to front. To aid in getting more leverage during this position, the penetrating partner may wish to use their hands to support the receiver's upper body.


More About Lofted Drive Position

Despite the Lofted Drive's close resemblance to the Spooning position, this sex position is much, much harder to achieve. Not only does this sex position rely on the receiver's sense of balance, but it simultaneously requires a lot of strength from both partners - especially in the upper body and the quads. While this position might look like lounging together, it most definitely isn't!

Tips to Help Make the Lofted Drive Sex Position Work

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the Lofted Driver easier (and more fun!) to achieve:

  • Flat-footed leg placement: While the illustration above shows the receiver's feet on top of the penetrating partner's feet, you can easily change that up. Have both partners rest their own feet on the ground. This can allow the receiving partner to help support some of their own body weight while on top.
  • Receiver's upper body: Don't forget to put the receiver's arms to good use. Their hands can be placed next to the penetrating partner's upper body in order to support some of their own upper body weight in a tricep-dip-like position. If that isn't comfortable, the hands can still be lightly placed on the ground to help provide stability to keep the receiver from shifting around as much.
  • Penetrating partner's upper body: Alleviate some of the weight pressing onto the penetrating partner by supporting the receiver's upper body. The penetrating partner can brace their upper arms and elbows into the ground beneath them to place their arms securely underneath the receiving partner's armpits in order to gently lift some of the receiver's body weight.
  • Sex furniture: Especially if you're finding upper body weight to be a concern, adding sex furniture to the equation to elevate the upper bodies can help. This can turn the Lofted Drive into more of a sitting position, which reduces the strain of holding this position. The Liberator Ramp - possibly even the Liberator Combo - can be placed underneath the penetrating partner to instantly change up the angle of this position. If you and your partner have been undertaking a sex position adventure for awhile now, you may also be able to use a sex swing to help modify this position. The receiving partner could use the handles of a sex swing to support their body weight - or the sex swing itself could be wrapped around the receiver's waist to provide an instant weight relief for both partners.

Playing Safely + Other Positions to Try

Make sure both partners have a line of open communication throughout every moment of the Lofted Drive position. Especially for the penetrating partner, all of the weight pressing onto their body can be become uncomfortable - or distress-inducing - so ensure you both feel comfortable swapping sex positions. The Pole, Open Stance, Munch, Ship, Extended Cowgirl, Flag Stick, High Dive, Good Spread, Squat, Double Decker, Crab and Deckchair positions are fantastic positions that easily transition from the Lofted Drive.


More About Lofted Drive Position

Even if you get everything set up and in motion, the close, skin-to-skin contact of this position - mixed with the athletic requirements of this position - can get both of you feeling sweaty - and fast! While this can be hot in more ways than one (especially if you have a sweating kink!), it may also be a reason to transition out of this position sooner rather than later. Sweaty bodies can make a good grip difficult, and nobody wants the receiving partner to collapse on top of their partner.

Even with modifications, the Lofted Drive may not be a sex position that honors the bodies you're in today - and that's OK! Especially for partners with discordant heights or weights - or those with knee issues, back issues, or claustrophobia - the Lofted Drive may be unpleasant. That's the exact opposite of what a sex position is supposed to be! Remember: there are thousands of other anal sex positions out there that can better honor the bodies you're in today; simply choose one of them.

Keep penetration angles in mind with the Lofted Drive sex position. Anal sex may be easiest to achieve, but shallow vaginal sex is also possible. No matter what type of intercourse you choose, especially with shallow penetration, ensure the movements are measured and cautious; you do not want the penis to slip out at an odd angle to have the entire receiving partner's body weight to slam down on it. If your bodies are fatigued enough to find it difficult to make measured movements, it may be time to slide out of this sex position in the name of safety.

With everything that goes on in the Lofted Drive position, long, deep penetration strokes may not be possible. Instead, a grinding motion - or small, shallow strokes - may be what works best for your bodies. With this in mind, sex toys - especially cock rings - can be a great fit for this position. With the constant skin-on-skin contact, the vibrations of a cock ring can provide constant stimulation to both partners. Sex toys, especially of the hands-free variety, can also be used on the receiving partner when both of your hands are already full simply trying to maintain this sex position.


While you're in this position, don't forget about intimacy. While it isn't as face-to-face as many other full-contact positions (like Missionary or Blind Hold Position), the Lofted Drive offers a lot of skin-on-skin contact in a way that many other sex positions do not. Enjoy the closeness and intimacy it can provide. As a bonus, especially for the receiving partner, this sex position can feel particularly vulnerable as they rely on the penetrating partner to help keep them in place.

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