Make-up Sex

Updated: APRIL 23, 2016

Make-up sex is sexual intercourse that re-establishes the bonds of a romantic relationship after an argument or disagreement. During make-up sex, the intense emotions felt during an argument are enacted through sexual activity. Make-up sex may occur after an argument has been resolved or as a means of ending the argument, without waiting for any clear resolution.


More About Make-up Sex

During an argument, intense feelings such as pain, anger, and fear release chemicals into the body which make the heart race. Feelings of arousal in the body can be very similar to feelings of anger, so it’s not too difficult for many couples to redirect the passion of an argument into passionate sex.

Make-up sex is often more intense or more aggressive than other sexual encounters, due to the feelings of resentment or anger that may linger after an argument. Sometimes, make-up sex can also be tender and romantic. Make-up sex may be more satisfying for some, due to the passion arguments can stimulate.

While make-up sex can feel good, it’s best not to pick fights to try to instigate make-up sex, as arguments can severely damage relationships. The drama that accompanies arguments can also inhibit the intimacy that most relationships require.

It’s important to read your partner’s reactions carefully when initiating make-up sex and never force this kind of sexual interaction.

Often, make-up sex occurs before an argument is properly resolved. After make-up sex, many people find it easier to talk and forgive one another.

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