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The Drop Knee Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The Drop Knee position provides a great sexual workout for an enthusiastic playmate on top!

The penetrating partner kneels then leans back to support their upper body with their arms. The receiving partner squats in front of the penetrating partner for intercourse.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner kneels on the ground. They, then, lean backwards, placing their arms on the ground behind them to support their upper body weight. The receiving partner then gets into a squat and slowly lowers themselves onto the penetrating partner's shaft (whether biological or strap-on!)


More About The Drop Knee Position

Feeling the need to scratch that itch for something hard and fast? This one’s for you. Penetration is both deep and deliberate, which is sure to pack one hell of an orgasm.

However, this sex position isn't designed for marathon sessions. A squatting position is difficult to hold for long periods of time - and that's before you add in the demand that you're placing on the receiver's quads! Expect the receiver's legs to be sore the next day. Consider doing lots of foreplay - and a position before this one - to get you both on the edge if your goal is to orgasm within this unique sex position.

Otherwise, when the receiver's body is ready to move on, the Leopard, Sphinx, Hinge, Turtle, Kneeling Fox, or Backdoor position are all great positions to transition into.

Ensure the lines of communication stay open throughout this entire sex position. While this position can lead to amazing sensations, it's easy to accidentally knock the receiving partner off-balance. How often do you hold a squat while someone jostles you around?! Perform this sex position up against a wall or piece of furniture to allow the receiving partner to use their hands to stabilize themselves when the thrusting gets fast.

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