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The Drop Knee Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 22, 2022

The drop knee position provides a great sexual workout for the enthusiastic playmate on top! A team effort is ultimately what makes this one of those very mutually satisfying positions. (After knocking out some decent foreplay, of course!) The giving partner's backward-leaning kneel calls for body-weight balance and coordination at the same time. This allows both playmates to get in sync and hit the right spot.

The penetrating partner kneels then leans back to support their upper body with their arms. The receiving partner squats in front of the penetrating partner for intercourse.

To get into this position, the partner on top needs to find the correct working height before getting into that squat to make sure those legs can see this one through. That does leave their hands totally free to masturbate when needed, which scores this position extra points. The mutual thrust will potentially increase the intensity, but careful coordination will help prevent any painful sex injuries.


More About The Drop Knee Position

Feeling the need to scratch that itch for something hard and fast? This one’s for you. Penetration is both deep and deliberate, which is sure to pack one hell of an orgasm. However, the partner on top should make sure they've been putting some serious leg work into gym day before attempting to go anywhere near this one.

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