The Hooked In Position

Updated: JULY 23, 2021

The hooked in sex position is a hot, interlocked, skin-on-skin anal sex position. To nail this intimate position, total body alignment is required, but finding a correct and complementary placement of both playmate's knees is totally achievable. If the giving partner places their legs inside of those of their partner in front of them, they can then adjust the width and subsequent height of the spread, as required, while the "hook-in" action assists in drawing their playmate back onto them.

The receiving partner can up their pleasure quotient with the addition of a toy, like the KIIROO Keon stroker.

Hooked In Sex Position. Both partners are kneeling with the penetrating partner behind the receiving partner. The penetrating partner wraps their arms under the receiver's armpits to pull them in for deeper penetration during sex.


More About The Hooked In Position

To get into this position, both partners get onto their knees, one in front of the other. Once everyone's comfortable, it's just a matter of getting some of that sexual passion going on, and taking it all out on this position.

That means sweat against sweat, bodies pressed so hard up against each other there’s barely room left to thrust in and out. This provides for intensity in thrust, so be sure to be well lubricated to assist with the high level of friction.

You can make this passionate position even hotter when you introduce a stroker into the mix. The KIIROO Keon, pictured here, does the thrusting for you, giving the receiver an experience like no other.

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