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Updated: JULY 13, 2020

A trouple is a collective term for three people in a committed, long-term intimate relationship. The term trouple is a portmanteau of the words couple and triple. The people in a trouple may be of any gender or sexual orientation. A trouple is also sometimes called a throuple, a portmanteau of the words couple and threesome.


More About Trouple

Just as no two couples conduct their relationship the same way, no two trouples are exactly alike. Some trouples may always have sex as a threesome, while others may permit members of the trouple to have sex as twosomes.

Many trouples live together, but this isn’t always the case. When trouples share a household, each individual tends to take on his or her own chores, just as members of traditional couples would. Trouples often buy property together, have children together, and share finances and responsibilities just as other couples do.

Some trouples even have commitment ceremonies, similar to marriages. However, as plural marriage is not recognized in most countries of the world, the people in trouples are not entitled to the same legal relationship benefits that married couples are.

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