Updated: FEBRUARY 8, 2021

A harness is a term for the device used to attach a sex toy to one's body. People who wear harnesses typically use them to attach strap-on dildos or butt plugs, so they can penetrate their partners, either vaginally or anally. Men and women can both wear harnesses.


More About Harness

There are a variety of harnesses available. Harnesses may use an O-ring or a Vac-U-Lock system to keep the sex toy in place. The O-ring style is the most popular, as it can be used with a variety of different types and sizes of sex toys. In contrast, Vac-U-Lock systems are only compatible with particular dildos made for this locking mechanism.

There are also a variety of harness styles, including double strap harnesses, G-string harnesses, corset harnesses, thigh and arm harnesses, and a range of underwear harnesses. Those with thick straps and tightening mechanisms provide the greatest control over the dildo or butt plug.

There are many reasons why individuals might choose to wear harnesses. Many lesbians and bisexual women enjoy wearing harnesses so they can penetrate their female partners. Some other women use harnesses and strap-ons to anally penetrate their male partners. This act, called pegging, allows men to experience a deep prostate massage, and also gives women the thrill of greater control during sex. Harnesses and strap-ons can also help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a satisfying sex life, as they can rely on the strap-on to penetrate their female partners. Some men may also wear a harness and strap-on to prolong sex, by first penetrating their partners with the strap-on, and then later with their penises. Some people may also find it erotic to watch their partners fellating strap-on dildos.

Make sure to check your waist and hip measurements and establish your preferred dildo or plug size before purchasing a harness. A harness should also have an opening for the penis if it’s to be fitted with a hollow dildo.

When shopping for harnesses and sex toys, look for products that are nontoxic and phthalate-free to minimize the risk of health problems.

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