Monster Fetish

Definition - What does Monster Fetish mean?

Monster fetish refers to one's sexual fascination with monsters or inhuman creatures. People who have a monster fetish often fantasize about being dominated by monsters. The type of monster varies from person to person. It could be handsome incarnations of legendary creatures, such as the vampires and werewolves found in the Twilight series. It could also be truly scary monsters, born from one's imagination.

Kinkly explains Monster Fetish

A monster fetish is often fulfilled through role playing. A person just has to communicate his or her monster fantasies with their sex partners. Things can get intense and exciting from there. The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination. Costumes and props, such as capes and fangs, can be used to enhance the realness of the scene. As always, agree on a safe word for when things get too much to take.

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