Married But Available (MBA)

Last Updated: November 2, 2020

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Definition - What does Married But Available (MBA) mean?

Married but available (MBA) is a new classification within the dating scene. It is used to describe married individuals who still seek the thrills of the dating scene, be it through getting-to-know dates, random hook-ups, and the like. Technically, MBAs should not be dipping into the dating pool unless their partner knows and accepts an open or polyamorous relationship status.

Kinkly explains Married But Available (MBA)

Individuals who are married but available, or MBAs, are not necessarily cheating. Circumstances may prevent them from dissolving their marriage. They could be in open relationships. Honesty makes a huge difference in how much an MBA can hurt others because of their dating. Being this type of MBA is not something one should strive for. It is always better to date and “hook up” when one's free and uncommitted.

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