Cross-Eyed Fetish

Last Updated: December 5, 2015

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Definition - What does Cross-Eyed Fetish mean?

Cross-eyed fetish is a sexual interest or preference for sexual partners with crossed eyes. People with this fetish may fantasize or have recurring thoughts about people with crossed eyes, feel sexual arousal when looking at images of people with crossed eyes, and actively seek out sexual partners with crossed eyes.

Cross-eyed fetish is considered a type of oculophilia, or eye fetish.

Kinkly explains Cross-Eyed Fetish

Some people with a cross-eyed fetish may prefer to date people with crossed eyes, or exclusively date people with crossed eyes. Others may be satisfied with partners who will willingly cross their own eyes on occasions, such as during sexual play.

While most people with cross-eyed fetish are satisfied by looking and interacting with people who have crossed eyes, or who can cross their eyes, some people with a cross-eyed fetish may go further with their fetish and practice oculolinctus or eyeball-licking.

While a cross-eyed fetish is not common, Rene Descartes is one famous person who is known to have felt sexual attraction to cross-eyed people.

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