Last Updated: December 13, 2015

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Definition - What does Chrysophilia mean?

Chrysophilia is a term for a love of gold, or gold-colored objects. People with chrysophilia, known as chrysophiles, may spend a lot of time thinking about or fantasizing about gold or gold-colored objects. They may also incorporate gold or gold-colored items into sexual play.

Chrysophilia comes from the Greek words khrusos, meaning gold, and philia, meaning love.

Kinkly explains Chrysophilia

Chrysophiles may like to caress themselves or others with gold items, such as jewelry, in sexual play. They may also like to have sex on gold-colored sheets, or seek out gold sex toys.

Technically, chrysophiles feel sexual arousal around gold or gold-colored objects. However, the term has been appropriated to mean an affection for or interest in gold or gold-colored objects, not necessarily resulting in sexual arousal. For example, someone who loves jewelry may consider themself a chrysophile.

Chrysophilia is closely related to timophilia, which is a fetish for gold or wealth.

Chrysophilia is a fairly harmless fetish, so most chrysophiles simply accept their love of gold and gold-colored things as part of their sexual identity. However, if chrysophilia becomes a problem, hypnosis or therapy may be a good way to manage the condition.

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