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Updated: JULY 27, 2017

Altocalciphilia is a fetish for high-heeled shoes. People with altocalciphilia may become aroused while wearing this footwear, or by fantasizing about, watching, or interacting with people wearing high-heeled shoes.

A fetish for high-heeled shoes is a type of retifism, or shoe fetish. Altocalciphilia is also known as a high heels fetish.


More About Altocalciphilia

High-heeled shoes are among the most common items people fetishize. This may be because these shoes are not worn for practicality, but often to attract attention. They put the body into a state of tension by radically curving the arch of the foot, a shape which some believe resembles the body when in a state of arousal. Women in high heels tend to look taller and thinner, thus achieving an appearance that is closer to society’s ideal. A woman wearing high heels can use her artificial height to place herself in a position of power over her sexual partner, or choose to become the object of their attention.

While some researchers believe that high-heeled shoes make those that wear them, especially women, feel powerful, others believe these ungainly shoes put their wearers at a disadvantage because they are difficult to walk in. This belief produces the theory that altocalciphiles may subconsciously seek out partners wearing high-heeled shoes because they are “lame prey;" the shoes restrict their wearer's movement and they are unable to escape sexual attention.

Individuals with altocalciphilia, known as altocalciphiles, may wear high heels for sexual gratification, in public or in private. They may spend a lot of time thinking about high heels, or having recurring fantasies about them. They may satisfy this urge by looking at images of people wearing high heels online, or through sexual interaction with people wearing high heels. They may even steal pairs of high-heeled shoes. Altocalciphilia is closely related to shoe worship, as many altocalciphiles enjoy kissing, licking, and fondling the high heeled shoes worn by their intimate partners. It may also be related to podophilia, or foot fetishism.

Typically people with altocalciphilia identify their condition as a sexual preference which can be managed, However, treatment may be sought if altocalciphilia begins to impact a person’s normal functioning. This treatment may take the form of hypnosis or behavioral or cognitive therapy.

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