Definition - What does Nyotaimori mean?

Nyotaimori is the Japanese custom of employing the body of a naked woman off of which to serve sushi. Originating in the samurai period, nyotaimori was first practiced by geishas. In preparation for nyotaimori, a woman takes a bath using fragrance-free soap and is splashed with cold water to lower the body temperature and make it more conducive to holding sushi. In some places, sanitation laws dictate plastic must be placed between the food and the body. Sometimes, leaves will be placed under the food. In other cases, the sushi will be placed directly on the skin. A woman might be trained to lie very still before engaging in nyotaimori.

Kinkly explains Nyotaimori

Nyotaimori is a controversial practice with many finding it demeaning and degrading towards women. It is outlawed in some countries.

Although there are specific rules for behavior when partaking in nyotaimori, enforcement can vary place to place. Often, touching the woman is not allowed although nibbling the rolls off the nipples is frequently permitted.

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