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Black Friday: Treat Yo Self With These Amazing Discounts on the Hottest Toys

Published: NOVEMBER 29, 2019 | Updated: OCTOBER 25, 2021
Our mood for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? TREAT YO SELF.

It's Black Friday, which means the discounts are abound! We want to help you celebrate this day of massive sales with some awesome discounts on even more awesome sex toys!


Because honestly, while deals on TVs and fridges are all well and good, nothing tickles our fancy like getting that delicious new toy that we've been dreaming of at an outrageously good price. Discounted price AND full body pleasure, what a dreamy combination!

Here's a look at all the deals the Kinkly Shop has going on this weekend! (Hopefully you'll notice these toys from our gift guides this past month!)


various colorful sex toys and wrapped gift with ornamentsBlack Friday Collection | Best New Sex Toys Released In 2019

We rounded up some of the hottest new toys released this year into one awesome collection. These 10 toys have been haunting our dreams since they were released this year, and we think they're so amazing that you need to try them before 2020 comes around.

Kinkly's Favourite Pick: We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator

Save up to 25%!


kinky BDSM sex toys and restraints with wrapped gifts

Black Friday Collection | Top Toys to Help Kinksters Get Their Kink On

There is nothing better than bringing a new toy into your kink play. So many new possibilities come to life when you add a new toy! This collection of toys is guaranteed to inspire your kink play well past the holiday season. Ho, ho, ho, indeed!


Kinkly's Favourite Pick: Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit

Save up to 20%!

collection of vibrators with wrapped gift and gold pine cones


Black Friday Collection | Best Vibrators to Give (and Receive!)

Ooh vibrators, how we love you so! While it was immensely hard to narrow down our favourite vibes to just 10, we managed to do it! These 10 vibrators are the top of the top and we envy the lucky person that receives one of these luxurious vibrators this holiday season!

Kinkly's Favourite Pick: LELO SONA 2 Cruise


Save up to 26%!

collection of anal sex toys with wrapped gifts and ornamentsBlack Friday Collection | Prostate Lovers and Anal Players

Last, but very certainly not least, we put together these 11 awesome prostate and anal toys that are perfect to help you discover all new kinds of orgasms this holiday season! If you haven't explored the wonderful world of prostate and anal play, these killer deals are the perfect time to do so!

Kinkly's Favourite Pick: ANEROS Vice 2

Save up to 20%!

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