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Frisky Friday: Satisfyer Men Wand

Published: APRIL 19, 2024 | Updated: APRIL 22, 2024
We're spilling all the secrets of the wand made especially for his pleasure.

If you've never used a penis vibrator, you're in for a treat!

Instead of up-and-down movements like strokers, penis vibrators bring all of the orgasmic pleasure of vibration to a form that's specially designed for the unique shape of the penis!

This lets you experience new types of pleasure — and stimulate new nerve endings!

Ready to give penis vibrations a chance? Now's the time!

The Satisfyer Men Wand at an angle. This angled shot clearly shows off the area of interior, textured ribbing designed for penis pleasure. It also is the clearest angle showing off the three control buttons on the shaft for the vibrations. It has a Plus, Minus, and Patterns button to easily control the penis vibrator options. A small badge in the corner says "Fluttering". | Kinkly Shop

The Satisfyer Men Wand: An Approachable Intro to Penis Vibration

Crafted to provide wrap-around vibrations throughout the shaft of the penis, the Satisfyer Men Wand is a low-cost and easy-to-use option for exploring the world of penis vibrators.

Just press the Men Wand against the penis to instantly feel the orgasmic potential of penis vibrations. Use its wrap-around tip near the head or enjoy full-shaft vibrations if you hold it flush with the penis.

Used to stroking? The Men Wand's ribbed interior texture lends itself well to up-and-down motions (with a bit of lube!)

Making it easy to seamlessly add this vibrator to your pleasure routine, the Satisfyer Men Wand is packed full of all of those pleasurable features you want and love, like:

  • 50 Vibration Combinations: Experiment with a world full of vibration options to find the best ones for your body!
  • Orgasmic Interior Texturing: If you find the urge to stroke, the Satisfyer Men Wand works with you. The interior texturing makes it extra-pleasurable to slide up and down the shaft.
  • Waterproof Design: Take your Men's Wand anywhere or enjoy effortless cleaning. It's a win-win either way!
  • USB Rechargeable: Never worry about tracking down batteries again! The USB Rechargeable design lets you tap up the battery after every use — to ensure you always have the power you need!
  • 15-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: You read that right — fifteen years! While the toy is covered under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer with any issues. Just make sure to keep your receipt from the Kinkly Shop.

All signs point to "yes" for this toy as your first experience with penis vibrations.

How to Use the Satisfyer Men Wand

Everything about the Satisfyer Men Wand vibrator is designed for full-shaft pleasure. It's as simple as holding the Satisfyer Men Wand flush against the shaft.

Illustrated image of a penis being used with a Satisfyer Men Wand. It shows the Men Wand being laid alongside the penis by a hand. An arrow shows that a swirling motion with the Men Wand may feel good. | Kinkly Shop

We recommend placing the winged tabs at the head of the penis for the most sensation, but if you find that too pleasurable, you may want to flip the Satisfyer Men Wand around to place the winged tabs near the base of the shaft.

You may enjoy the Men Wand placed on the upper side of the penis — as shown in the above image — or you may enjoy pressing the Men Wand up against the underside of the penis, near the frenulum. It's entirely up to you and your preferences!

We recommend using a bit of extra lube if you plan on stroking the Satisfyer Men Wand vibrator up and down - or swirling it around the head. That extra bit of lube can unlock a whole new set of sensations. And who doesn't want that?!

See? Simple stuff. The waterproof design of the Satisfyer Men Wand gets it clean faster -—and ready to go next to your favorite masturbation spot — even sooner.

Or, if you can't resist, use it again before it's finished drying. We don't judge. It does feel that good.

Men Wand Gives that Easy Clean

If you've ever had to drag yourself over to the sink after a mind-blowing orgasm to wash your toy, you know what we're talking about. Complicated clean-up sucks.

GIF shows the Satisfyer Men Wand vibrating in a tub of water. The water shows a lot of movement with the vibrations, and the GIF also shows how the winged tabs of the vibrator move for extra sensation during use, too. The GIF has a text title that says: "Satisfyer: Waterproof IPX7" | Kinkly Shop

Luckily, the Satisfyer Men Wand is extremely easy to clean. Its waterproof design means you can hold it under the water without fear of breaking it. Unlike a stroker, all of its most-pleasurable bits are fully on display, too, so you don't need clean any hidden, hard-to-see crevices.

And when you're done? This orgasmic toy is magnetically rechargeable, so you can charge it up for its next use. You don't need to keep track of batteries with this body-safe sex toy!


Let's Talk about Mindful Masturbation

The Satisfyer Men Wand is a powerful tool (literally) for experiencing new sensations, mindful masturbation, and exploring all of the ways your body can experience orgasmic pleasure.

Let's back up first: what is mindful masturbation?

Psychology Today defines mindfulness as "a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them as good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future."

You can practice mindfulness with your solo pleasure sessions, too!

As Kinkly writer Jon Pressick says: "Sure, most of us will still self-pleasure with the hope of achieving orgasm. Nothing wrong with that future planning! However, how we realize that orgasm, and what we think about along the way, can make a huge difference to just how fulfilling that orgasm can ultimately be - and not just in a physical sense."

By changing how you experience pleasure and swapping out the tools you use to achieve it, you can easily jump-start your journey into mindful masturbation.

Or, y'know, just use the Satisfyer Men Wand for some powerful orgasms.

We support you either way.

Curious about Mindful Masturbation Tips for People with Penises? We have an entire article explaining the idea - and giving you some helpful pointers!

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