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8 Tips for Using Genital Clamps

Published: OCTOBER 11, 2018 | Updated: JULY 14, 2020
Safety is paramount when using genital clamps. So is fun!

Have you ever thought about mixing pleasure with pain? So many people have fallen in love with it, so why don't you give it a try? Whether it's a tiny bite or a playful slap on the butt, pleasure and pain can go well together as a form of delicious foreplay. One way to explore this new avenue is through genital clamps. Whether choosing household items, nipple clamps, or specially-designed genital clamps, using clamps on the genitals can feel amazing.


However, if you've never used genital clamps before, you might feel lost and confused. Using genital clamps doesn't have to be hard, and you may find that you fall in love after your first try. When playing with genital clamps near your sensitive areas, keep these eight things in mind for a smooth experience. (For background reading, check out An Introduction to Genital Clamps for Women and Oooh, Ahhh ... Ouch! An Intro to Genital Clamps for Men.)

Select Clamps for Your Preferences

The most important thing when using genital clamps is to choose clamps that work well for what you want. If you'd like a set of clamps that can be used as nipple clamps, look for a pair of clamps instead of a single clamp. Electrosex clamps will allow you to add arousing jolts of electricity to your play. A clit clip clamp is especially designed to surround the clitoris and add extra sensation to the vaginal region.

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Think about the Pressure

Some clamps tend to grip more tightly than others; some clamps are even designed to be adjustable, which allows you to select the perfect amount of pressure! Do your research about the different types of genital clamps and choose one that best reflects what you'd like out of your clamp. For beginners, finding a clamp that allows for adjustments is highly recommended.


Know Where the Clamp Is Supposed to Go

Different types genital clamps have different types of pressure. If you're using standard nipple clamps, you can attach the clamps wherever it is comfortable and pleasurable to you. However, certain clamps, like a clit clip, may be designed to go on a special part of the body. To ensure that you get the most out of your toy, make sure that you know what you're using and how it was meant to be used.

Be Careful About Placement

Clamps are pretty versatile and they can go wherever you want them to go. However, there are specific spots where you don't want to use them. Never place clamps near nerves or near extremely-sensitive areas where damage could easily occur without using extreme caution. This includes the clitoris and clitoral hood as well as some of the main blood suppliers to the penis.

Be Aroused Before Use

Everything is going to feel better when you're already aroused. Use that to your advantage! Enjoy foreplay and other types of arousing activities before you begin playing with your clamps. You may also want to plan some specific arousing activities for when the clamps are removed. Many people find that removing genital clamps makes the area more sensitive for a while, so you should take advantage of this new-found enjoyment if you find that it's true for you as well.


Gently Work Up Time

Just like any other type of sexual clamp you'd use, you need to use patience. Sexual clamps work by restricting blood flow to a particular area. In short bursts they are pleasurable and very enjoyable. However, it's important that you don't push it too quickly. Start with small bursts of use. Most experts recommend starting with 3 to 5 minutes as a maximum (depending on the strength of your clamp). Promptly remove the clamps if the skin seems less flushed or if you begin to experience pain. As you regularly use the clamps, you'll begin to understand exactly how long you can wear them safely. For safety, it's always better to take them off early than to leave them on too long.

Have Lubricant Ready

You're going to want some lubricant lying around, especially if you have pubic hair. Lightly lubricate the genital area and the tips of the clamp unless you would really prefer that the clamp doesn't move a centimeter during use. Why use lubricant in the first place? Lubricant reduces the likelihood that the clamp will get tangled in your pubic hair or that it will start to chafe in this sensitive area. If you're not using lubricant, be extra careful with the clamps to ensure you don't hurt yourself or your partner.

Sterilize and Thoroughly Clean Clamps After Use

These clamps are going on your genitals. For obvious reasons, you want to make sure to thoroughly clean them after use. Most clamps can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. If your genital clamps are made with non-porous materials, such as stainless steel, you can sterilize them in boiling water. Keep your clamps clean in order to avoid causing bacterial issues in the future. No matter how the toy is used, proper care and cleaning is vital for your own personal health.


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Even with all of the helpful tips available, the best learning is going to happen from trying genital clamps for yourself. Trial and error is going to help you understand what you love more than reading hundreds of helpful guides. If you're nervous about trying clamps near a partner, consider trying them solo beforehand. Either way, use this guide as a jumping-off point to feel more comfortable with your experimentation. The most important part, however, is actually doing the experiment! Enjoy the journey!

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