8 Steps to Purchasing a Sex Machine

Published: JULY 3, 2015 | Updated: JUNE 2, 2016
Effortless orgasms are just 8 simple steps away. Know what you want and what you can afford. Remember, storage is important to consider!

Effortless orgasms you can just lie back and enjoy...sounds amazing, doesn't it? Most of us don't have someone who is willing to focus purely on our own pleasure all of the time. Even if we did, most of us would feel bad monopolizing their attention. Luckily for us, engineering has given us a mechanical solution: sex machines! Whether you want to use it alone or with your partner, sex machines will allow you to experience orgasmic pleasure without ever having to lift a finger.


As sex machine designs have evolved, manufacturers have begun to make toys that pleasure all people. Some machines come equipped with a thrusting dildo while others may just provide powerful vibrations. Different machines even come equipped with male masturbation sleeves for effortless stroking.

The only catch? Sex machines can be expensive and confusing toys to buy. For many people, they may also be the most expensive sex toy someone will ever purchase. For that reason, you might be a bit confused about where to start your sex machine journey. Here are eight steps that will help you narrow down your sex machine choices. Consider all of the steps or only think about what's important to you. Either way, you will have a head start on buying your new sex machine!

Step 1 - Look at Your Budget

A sex machine isn't going to be cheap. However, how much you spend will really depend on your budget. Machines will vary from a manual design and costing as little as $100 all the way to machines that cost thousands. Before you start shopping for a sex machine, have a general idea of how much you're comfortable spending.


Step 2 - Try to See It in Person

A sex machine is one of those things that is easier chosen if you can see it in person. If you have a local sex shop, you should stop in there and check out what they have to offer. Local swinger or BDSM clubs may have demonstrations of some of their machines (if they own any). At the very least, take the time to watch online videos of sex machine before you purchase one. It will give you a general idea about the function of the machine as well as the speed of thrusting and how well it will work for your needs.

Step 3 - Know the Return Policy

No matter where you decide to shop, with you should have a general idea about the return policy. After all, if your new toy ends up being defective upon delivery or if it's larger than you originally imagined, you'll want to know what options you have for a refund.

Step 4 - Contemplate Storage

Do you have family that visits on a regular basis? Do you want to hide your sex toys from the kids? If you answered yes, then you definitely need to think about storage options for your sex machine. Some machines are small in size and can be easily hidden. Other machines are entirely inflatable to allow for simple deflation for easy storage. Inflatable items offer their own durability concerns. So, you'll need to weigh the convenience with the potential upkeep problems of owning an inflatable sex machine. If you need to be quiet in your home, you may also want to read the reviews of your potential sex machine choice to find out if the amount of noise it makes will be acceptable for your environment.


Step 5 - Consider Attachment Options

Some sex machines are designed to only work with their own proprietary attachments. If you're happy with the manufacturer's attachment offerings (which includes their dildos, vibrators, or sleeves), this may be perfectly fine for you. However, other sex machine systems may come equipped with ways that will let you use your favorite dildo or other preferred toys. Make sure you consider the available attachment options when purchasing your machine; your machine isn't going to be very fun if you don't enjoy what's attached to it!

Step 6 - Look at Adjustability

If you have a particular position in mind for enjoying your sex machine, you'll want to ensure that you can use it that way. Many sex machines offer multiple angle and height options. In fact, you can move many of them from the bed and use it close to anywhere else in your home without an issue. However, some budget-friendly sex machines are set up to be a "one position fits all." Make sure that your potential machine will work for your fantasies.

Step 7 - Think about Portability

Sex machines can be popular at swinger parties or other get-togethers. Some sex machines come with built-in portability. Some have built-in handles that make them easy to transport them from place-to-place. Other machines may fold into a basic square-shaped box in order to easily slide into your car for travel.


Step 8 - Ask Your Partner

If you plan on sharing your sex machine with your partner and they have different genitals, you may want to consider a sex machine with attachments designed for both genders. Many sex machines are focused toward female pleasure, but an emerging market includes male masturbation attachments to pleasure a penis as well. Ask your partner what sort of pleasure and attachments that they would enjoy from a sex machine. It can make for a very sexy time!Understand that purchasing a sex machine can definitely be a large and important purchase. Just remember that it can give you some of the most effortless orgasms you'll ever experience! Take some care while doing research in order to find your perfect machine. Shop around and find the best price and return policy to ensure you're as happy as possible with your purchase. Happy shopping!
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