Pop quiz: If you're looking for a penetrative sex toy that mimics sex with a partner, what's often missing? The answer: thrusting! We just don't know how else to put this but sometimes, you just want a good, deep dicking (or ... at least some of you want that). While no sex toy can replace the real deal, thrusting vibrators offer new and interesting sensations that do get closer. Here are some fun options worth playing with.

So ... what is a thrusting vibrator?

Thrusting vibrators are vibrators that, well, thrust. You know, like a penis. They tend to come in two classic styles: dildo thrusting vibrator or rabbit thrusting vibrator, although the rabbit style is considerably more common. The thrusting butterfly version is also gaining in popularity because its lighter clitoral touch and slimmer shaft make it great for beginners. Finally, the newest type of thruster doesn't thrust at all. Inside the shaft is a hollow tube with a heavy solid ball. When the motor starts, the ball gets thrown upwards inside the tube, which results in a jackhammer-like feel. The higher the speed setting, the faster the ball moves. It's a vigorous - almost violent - thumping motion. If you like intense movement and heavy-duty action, this new style of thrusting is absolutely one to try. Examples of vibrators with this intense type of movement are the Natural Motion Vibrator and LELO INA Wave.

Over all, thrusting vibes aim to provide vaginal and G-spot stimulation - and rabbit style versions throw in clitoral stimulation as well. In terms of sensation, they offer extra depth and penetration-style intensity. Many also have lots of other pleasure-packed bells and whistles, including rotating beads, clitoral ticklers and textured shafts. If you're looking for a thrusting anal vibrator, many thrusting vibes can also be used for prostate stimulation!

Selecting Your Weapon of Choice

Many thrusting vibrators are rabbit-style vibes. Here are a few to check out.

Blush Aria- Lotus Flutter


How to Get the Most of a Thrusting Vibrator

Thrusting vibes are unique, so you need to know how to use them to get the best possible result. Here's what to do: Insert the shaft and place your clitoris between the rabbit ears. It might take a little handiwork, but you want it to be squeezed right at the bottom of the split ears. When the motor is running, the vibration surrounds your clit completely and the rabbit ears give it a nice squeeze. Not only does the pressure make orgasms stronger, but the vibration transfers directly into the clitoris so it feels very strong. Leave the vibrator in place without moving for consistent vibration to the clitoris while the up and down thrusting motion happens inside the body. These two sensations offer a thrilling contrast and a totally different feel from any other style of vibrator.

Looking for strong clitoral vibrations? Check out the The We-Vibe Nova and the Remote Control Thrusting Rabbit.

The Thrust of the Issue

So, do thrusting vibrators feel like sex? Well ... not exactly. The biggest things is that these toys operate on a steady rhythm. That's exactly what gets some people off, although others may find it a bit mechanical and monotonous.

That said, thrusting vibrators are great for lazy masturbators. They are designed to let you lie there and just, well, take it. Plus, when it comes to sex toys, experimentation and options are where it's at. If you enjoy penetration and G-spot stimulation, a thrusting vibrator is definitely worth a try.

It Sings, It Dances but It Isn't Sex

A good orgasm is worth working for but we'd also argue that a lazy orgasm is worth having! If you like toys that do all the work for you, consider giving a thrusting vibrator a try. No matter how many bells and whistles it has, no sex toy ever replaces the heat of sex with a person. But thrusting vibes do provide a sensation that's often missing in sex toys, which can be fun in and of itself.