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7 Ways to Make a Hot Minute

Published: DECEMBER 29, 2016
With a little shift in thinking, you can easily fuel the flames of desire, even when you're short on time.

Ticktock, you don’t stop. I know you know this feeling all too well. When you’re buried in a sea of work and responsibility, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Life gets busy. Sometimes, it feels too busy to make time for the little things, like sending your partner sweet texts or getting kinky between the sheets. It doesn’t need to be this way. With a little shift in thinking, you can easily fuel the flames of desire, even when you're short on time. Check out these seven tips - and prepare to seize every opportunity to seduce your partner in the most creative ways.


Set Specific Sexy Goals

Next time you’re waiting for the subway or you’re on hold during a call, scribble down a few lascivious intentions like, “Buy lace stockings, rip them off, then use them as a gag in the next 24 hours” or “Give my lover head in the morning without expecting anything in return one day this week.” Be sure they’re well-defined, attainable and exciting. The creative side of our brains needs exercise to stay in shape, just like our muscles. Writing out your sexy goals provides the stimulation your brain needs to create a dynamic and exciting sex life. The more you brainstorm your sex goals, the more creative and interesting your sex life will become.

Engage in Flirtatious Communication

Whether you’re sexting, heavy breathing on the phone, or sitting with your legs spread open sans panties across the room, talking dirty is guaranteed to spice up your collective mood. Shoot off a quick and dirty bathroom selfie or type a risqué text every so often throughout the day as a way to bump up your foreplay game. When you’re back in each other’s arms, you’ll both be ready for a little somethin' somethin'. Then, even if you're away, you’ll have material for self-pleasure at your fingertips.


Give a Stimulating Massage

You don’t need a bottle of fancy moisturizer handy for an impromptu sensual rub and stroke session (although it could help). Start simple. Give gentle shoulder rubs over clothing, occasionally touching what’s underneath. If time permits, visit naughty spots and linger over erogenous zones. Tease and tempt and tease some more. It’s alright if there’s no time to finish what you’ve started. You’ll both have something to look forward to later.

Make Out Like You’re in High School

Heavy petting, hair pulling, scratching, writhing and earlobe nibbling combined with a generous dose of frantic kissing always gets the blood pumping. Do this in the backseat of your car a few minutes before a dinner meeting or in the corner of a club while you’re waiting for the Uber to pick you up. If you’re not panting hard, you’re not doing it right.

Share Your Secret Fantasies

You know that recurring dream filled with compromising positions, enhanced with every taboo you’ve ever imagined? Now, tell that to your partner. Don’t leave out a single intimate detail. Describe every nuanced moment with as much emotion as you can muster. Don’t hold back. Even if you don’t have time to act on the sentiment, you’ll both have some interesting ideas for when you do.

Delight in a Quickie

You can’t go wrong with spontaneous episodes of expeditious sexual activity. Late for work? Grab your partner, hop in the shower, and lather up for a morning romp. Bored at a cocktail party? Grab your partner, find an empty room, lock the door, and do the deed until someone knocks. Don’t worry about getting caught. Or do, if that’s what turns you on.

Cuddle Up

Did you know that when you cuddle a hormone called oxytocin, known as the feel-good hormone, is released? A few moments is just enough time for a quick cuddle session. Wrap your limbs around each other and hold on tight. Do it naked, and well, one thing leads to another ...

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