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7 Safe, Sizzling Sex Positions for Pregnant People

Published: MAY 6, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
Get sexy by getting comfortable. These seven hot positions are a great way to get it on with a bun in the oven.

[Note from the editor: Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe for most people. In rare instances, like if you have placenta previa or some cases where there is a worry about preterm labor, orgasms and penis-in-vagina sex might not be best, so check with your midwife or doctor if you feel unsure. Additionally, laying flat on your back in late stage pregnancy for an extended period of time is discouraged, so make sure you tilt your body slightly on an incline and change positions if you are going for the long haul.]


Pregnancy is nine months of constant changes. Every day is a slightly new day with body changes, hormonal changes and irresistible cravings. Unfortunately, for a lot of pregnant people, this can lead to a dormant sex life. Some pregnant people just feel unattractive in their changing body and some people worry that intercourse can hurt the baby (for the record, even the world's biggest penis isn't going to get through the cervix or poke the amniotic sac.) Sometimes, couples just don't know how to enjoy their favorite sex positions anymore.

On the other hand, some people find pregnancy hormones make them unbelievably horny. The increased blood flow to their babymaking areas can make the vulva incredibly sensitive and swollen breasts may respond to touch differently than the non-pregnant versions did. Your partner may find your curvy luscious body to be irresistible. While you are taking advantage of all the perks pregnant sex can hold, you may want to change up your sex positions while you're at it.

I don't want to add another new experience to your plate while you're already having so many, but look on the bright side: this doesn't have to be a bad thing. An "excuse" to try new sex positions (and get more pleasure in your life!) doesn't have to be a bad thing, and it's very possible that some of these sex positions might stick around for years to come too!


However, this might not be the time to experiment with the most athletic sex positions you can find. Some pregnant people just want simple, easy sex positions that provide pleasure while reducing pressure on the abdomen. You can save the athletic options for later on, but for now, find your new tried-and-true sex position with a bit of creativity and a little bit of help from some sex positioning furniture.

(Note: These sex positions assume that the pregnant partner is the receiver. We know that is not always the case! However, these sex positions will likely not be a great fit if the pregnant partner is the penetrating partner - since the primary focus on these positions is providing ample space and comfort for a large belly for the receiving partner.)

Consider some options like these:


Spooning is one of those quintessential sex positions for pregnancy when the pregnant person will be the receiver. Since the pregnant belly gets all the room in the world with nothing else in the way, it can ensure everyone stays comfortable. At the same time, the entire body is fully supported, and let's be honest: it can feel great to be cuddling, lazy, and horny all at the same time.


Keep in mind: while you can definitely have intercourse like this, you don't have to! This can be a great position for cuddling and some mutual masturbation too!

How to Do It: The pregnant, receiving partner lays flat on the bed on their side. The penetrating partner lays behind them. You may need to fiddle with the penetrating partner's exact angle and placement to find the best spot for intercourse. Add a few pillows under the belly if need be for a bit of additional support.

Partner it With: A great body-safe sex toy for both partners. If the partner in front has issues reaching back to touch the genitals of the partner behind, a hands-free sex toy (like the Hot Octopuss Jett or Lovense Lush 3) can provide some great pleasure to the "Big Spoon". On the other hand, with all of the available space, adding a sex toy to pleasure the "Little Spoon" can be easy as pie - and either partner can hold it!


The Cross

Easy to do, easy to relax into, and with lots of space for a growing belly, the Cross sex position lets you both enjoy connecting with one another while reducing any pressure on the pregnant receiver's abdomen.

Depending on the hip height of the penetrating partner, you may need to use a sex shape - like the Liberator Wedge or Liberator Ramp - underneath the receiver's hips to provide the slight bit of elevation needed to make both of your bodies align. The shapes can also be used to keep the receiver on an incline to avoid the flat-on-the-back positioning.

(For a cute, romantic flair, intertwine your fingers together as you gently rock your hips.)


How to Do It: The pregnant, receiving partner should lay down on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Temporarily, the receiving partner should extend their legs into the air. This space allows the penetrating partner to crawl underneath the receiving partner's knees and lay out on their side, pressing their hips to their partner's hips. The receiving partner can then bend their knees, resting their feet flat on the floor behind the penetrating partner.

Partner It With: Both of you have your hands free, so this can be a fantastic choice for sex toys. A clitoral vibrator (like the Smart Wand Medium) or a penis vibrator (like the Satisfyer Men Wand) can be a great fit for pleasuring the receiving partner during this position. Since you'll both be relatively stationary, this can also be a fantastic sex position for either partner to add nipple clamps or nipple suckers to take advantage of super-sensitive nipples during pregnancy. Make sure you communicate with your partner about what feels good. Early pregnancy may make nipples too sensitive to be touched at all. The sweet spot is 18-34 weeks, or after 39+ when the nipple stimulation may bring on labor.

Doggy Style


Another tried-and-true position! At the same time, couples who have experimented with Doggy Style pre-pregnancy might find the position to be relatively unchanged during pregnancy - which can feel like a nice, familiar bath during a time where everything is always changing. Since Doggy Style leaves all of the space underneath the pregnant, receiving partner open, there's no pressure on the belly.

Depending on the size of your pregnancy belly, however, this position can get to be uncomfortable - especially in the latter half of the pregnancy. Consider coming down to your forearms for the Leapfrog position - with a few pillows under your belly - if your belly is feeling too heavy. If that still isn't working, however, you might consider taking Doggy Style out of your sex position rotation; there's nothing wrong with finding positions that work best for the two of you!

How to Do It: The pregnant, receiving partner gets onto their hands and knees on a sturdy, comfortable surface. The penetrating partner gets behind their partner - whether standing or kneeling (depending on the surface) to press their hips against their partner's hips for penetration.

If heights aren't lining up or if an extra-large pregnancy belly is sweeping the bed in a way that's uncomfortable, consider pairing this sex position with a Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. The angle of the Ramp can offer more space for a large belly - and it can allow both of you to take the sex position easily off the bed too. With the sex furniture involved for a standing Doggy Style position, this position can work just as perfectly for a penetrating partner who is pregnant.

Partner It With: With the added weight of pregnancy, it's unlikely that the receiving partner will want to use their hands anywhere aside from holding up their body weight. This means that using hands-free sex toys can be a great fit. If the receiving partner has a vulva, consider something like the We-Vibe Chorus to pleasure the clitoris and g-spot while something like the MysteryVibe Tenuto could be a great fit to pleasure the receiver's penis during penetration.

Twin Standing Pleasure Position

Standing positions can feel a bit limited during pregnancy, but the Twin Standing Pleasure position is one that can really become a top favorite! With the help of the Liberator Axis and a wand massager at the perfect height, neither partner needs to strain themselves attempting to pleasure each other - and the receiving partner's pregnant belly has all the room it needs for comfort!

How to Do It: Find a surface where the Liberator Axis will be at the perfect height for pleasure during intercourse. (For most people, this will be a bed!) From there, set up your favorite wand massager in the Liberator Axis. The pregnant, receiving partner then steps up to where the wand massager's head is placed and gets comfortable. The penetrating partner comes up from behind and slides into their partner's body.

Partner It With: Obviously, your favorite wand massager! If you're into the Vibratex Magic Wand Original, that partners perfectly with the Axis (including to allow you to control the switch while the wand in the Axis!), but the Liberator Axis works with a wide variety of straight-handle wand massagers like the Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable, or the Doxy Die Cast,.

Such Royalty

Using Liberator sex furniture, like with the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise, opens up the world of oral sex possibilities again. Providing a softly curved surface for the pregnant person to lay on helps remove some of the obstacles to oral pleasure. The gently downward sloping surface of the Esse Chaise helps gravity move the belly away from the thighs while the supportive surface feels like laying down on a cloud. The Esse Chaise's machine-washable surface makes it easy to clean up when you're done, too, so you can have some worry-free pleasure.

Plus, with the giving partner's knees nicely padded from the headrest of the Esse Chaise, you both can go for as long as you need to! The comfortable angle means the giver is likely going to last much, much longer than usual - and no residual neck pain afterwards either!

(For a fun swap, have the pregnant person turn around with their head hanging off of the edge of the Esse Chaise to become the giver - and give oral sex to their partner!)

How to Do It: The pregnant, receiving partner should lay back on the Esse Chaise with their hips on the edge of the shortest end. The giving partner then kneels on the (included) headrest cushion at the edge of the Esse Chaise Black Label. The giving partner can then lean in to provide pleasure to the receiving partner. If the angle needs adjustments, the receiving partner can move further in or out to provide different angles for the giving to take advantage of.

Partner it With: A bit of bondage! The Esse Chaise Black Label version offers a ton of bondage points - all around the edges of the Esse Chaise! If the receiver likes a bit of bondage, BDSM sex furniture can be an extremely comfortable way to play with bondage while pregnant. Don't forget about some kinky restraints and impact play!

Floating Right Angle

Stacking two sex shapes together provides a platform that's perfect for enjoying perpendicular angles right on top of the bed. Instead of seeking out a platform around the house (and hoping that it's sturdy enough for fucking) you can bring the soft, gentle comfort of your bed - and plushy, supportive sex shapes of the Liberator Combo - into the bedroom.

If your pregnancy belly is particularly large, you might find it easier to use the sex furniture "backwards". Leaving the sex shapes the same, you can lay down with your hips at the highest part of the Ramp - which uses the Wedge as a pillow then. You'll still achieve a similar height to the Floating Right Angle. However, since the Ramp's sloping surface leans downwards, it will help move the belly away from your thighs and provide a bit more space.

How to Do It: Place the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo out on your bed with the Wedge stacked up on the lowest point of the Ramp. Their non-slip surface keeps them from sliding apart. The receiving, pregnant partner then climbs on top of the stack. (It may be helpful to have the penetrating partner help hold the Wedge in place during the initial set-up). The receiving partner should hold their legs in the air to make room for the penetrating partner to kneel at the edge of the sex furniture. Once the penetrating partner is in place, the receiving partner can rest their legs on their shoulders.

Partner It With: A cock ring. Because of the close contact in this position, a cock ring can add a lot of pleasure (and vibrations!) to both partners during intercourse. Something hands-free like the We-Vibe Chorus can also be a simple (and easy!) way to pleasure both partners while both of your hands remain free to roam.

Any Pregnant-On-Top Position

Since any Cowgirl/Cowboy sex position with the pregnant person on top will leave lots of room for a pregnant belly, Receiver-on-Top positions tend to be a great suggestion - regardless of the exact position you choose! Especially as the pregnant partner is the one experiencing all of the bodily changes, this can give the receiver all of the control during sex to ensure nothing is too fast, too slow, too deep, or painful.

As a bonus, it also leaves a lot of space for a pregnant belly - no matter how large your pregnancy happens to be! Due to the receiver's belly, it might be most comfortable to try Partner-on-Top positions that have the receiver in a vertical position - or leaning back slightly. Any positions where they need to lean forward may be uncomfortable.

A great position for this is Over the Wedge. With something as simple as sliding a Liberator Wedge under the penetrating partner's knees, the entire position is changed. It elevates the penetrating partner's thighs - which can make it easier to lean back onto the thighs during intercourse while simultaneously switching up the angles that will get hit during sex.

How to Do It: The penetrating partner lays flat on the bed - and then slides a Liberator Wedge underneath their thighs. The Wedge's tallest point should be underneath the knees while the slimmest edge should be pointing towards the penetrating partner's butt. The pregnant, receiving partner then climbs on top and enjoys themselves.

Partner It With: Any sex toys that can pleasure the receiving partner are a great fit here. Since the penetrating partner's hands are free to hold anything, this can be a great fit for something like an air suction vibrator like the We-Vibe Melt or Womanizer Classic. If you both are into it, nipple clamps could be a great fit for the receiving partner here with a very hot visual. Alternatively, with a kinky streak, the receiving partner might choose to hold the leash of the penetrating partner's collar while riding on top. Don't forget about anal options too! Since the penetrating partner has minimal movement in this position, it can be a great position to slide an anal toy (like the b-Vibe Snug Plug, Thump-It, or Be Me 3) into the body during intercourse.

Modify, Modify, Modify!

Of course, your pregnant body isn't going to be like other people's pregnant bodies - and that's okay! That means that you are unique, your sex drive is unique, and your body is unique. That's all amazing, and it's what makes!

That being said, the magic to having great sex during pregnancy (and beyond!) is to modify! If something bothers you, change it. If something feels off, change it! These sex positions are designed to be pregnancy-friendly, but that doesn't mean that they'll be right for every body - and that's a good thing!

When (or if!) you're ready to look at some other sex positions for inspiration, don't forget about Kinkly's entire sex position database. There's a lot of great info in there - and you can even sort by mobility requirements!

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