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6 Unique Places to Find Erotica for Masturbation Month

Published: MAY 22, 2018
Erotica isn't just confined to the medium of published books.

If you want to take self-love to a whole new level, then the month of May is the month to play.


That’s right; May is international Masturbation Month. If you're celebrating you're probably looking for some new material to stimulate the senses - or a hot new fantasy to masturbate to!

Here at Kinkly, we’ve brought you plenty of articles about erotica, and profiled some of the latest and greatest erotica books to get your rocks off. A kinky story is definitely a favorite masturbation aid, but you may be surprised to find that erotica isn’t just confined to the medium of published books!

Here are six unique places to find erotica for Masturbation Month.



What better way to celebrate Masturbation Month than by settling down on a cozy evening and having a kinky story read to you?

Listening to erotica in the form of an audiobook sidesteps a couple of the barriers that often come with consuming erotic fiction: the time it takes to read the book, and the potential embarrassment of having someone peep over your shoulder to see what you’re reading!

There are so many great erotic audiobooks to choose from, from crowd-pleasers like "Fifty Shades of Grey," to more thought-provoking titles such as "Sex and Cupcakes: A Juicy Collection of Essays" by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Whatever your personal preference, you’re sure to find something on Audible that ticks the right boxes.


Wattpad is an online community of readers and writers where users are free to create and share their own works of fiction. Genres range from thriller, to fantasy, to fan fiction - but you probably won’t be surprised to learn that one of the most popular genres on Wattpad is erotica.

Here, you can delve into user-created content of all kinds, from vanilla romances to hardcore erotica and everything in between. Wattpad is not only a great masturbation aid - it’s a place to discover your next new fantasy!


After Dark

The fact that erotica (often contained under the umbrella of romance) is one of, if not the most, read genres on Wattpad did not go unnoticed by the powers that be. This led to the creation of After Dark, an iOS app dedicated solely to erotic fiction.

It’s great for those who want the freedom to browse hundreds of steamy stories and access them instantly. Plus, there’s something for everybody, as After Dark caters to a plethora of different kinks and tastes. Among other genres, you’ll find new adult erotica, contemporary romance, paranormal and fan fiction - as well as new reads hand-picked by the editorial team. And, what’s more, all stories are absolutely free!


One potentially untapped resource for erotic fiction is Reddit! Gone are the days where steamy literature was hard to come by - now it’s readily available for us to consume, online, for free!


Reddit has several useful erotic fiction threads where you can browse other peoples stories, look for recommendations or generally get involved in conversation about erotica. You can also browse more specific subreddits such as /r/SexyStories, a subreddit for reading and sharing sexy shorts. A note from the moderators sums up the beauty of this sentiment perfectly; If you have a fantasy you've always wanted to live, do it though the art of the pen.

We have to share a word of warning for when you’re browsing Reddit, though. While the site is great for sharing and discovering new content, the loose moderation means that the site is home to a few dark corners and controversial subreddits, so do browse with caution.

Erotic Review

If you have a penchant for well-thought-out erotica, then Erotic Review Magazine should be right up your street. Since its inception as a print magazine in 1995, Erotic Review has often been regarded as the U.K.'s "only genuinely intelligent journal of eroticism." When you read the magazine's content, it’s easy to see why! Erotic Review aims "to appeal to the primary sexual organ – the brain" which means they only publish tantalizing stories that are expertly crafted.


The online version of the magazine doesn’t just feature erotic fiction. There are also entertaining articles about love and sex, relevant reviews, galleries and videos too - all vetted by the editorial team to ensure that everything is well thought out and top-notch quality.

Bawdy Storytelling Podcast

Each episode of this eclectically erotic podcast features something new to get your teeth into. Podcast host Dixie De La Tour shares real-life sex stories submitted by listeners, and also hosts a live event featuring authors, comedians, actors and poets all sharing their kinky adventures in 10 minutes or less.

Bawdy Storytelling is definitely worth a listen if you like your erotica to be engaging, cheeky and definitely real. You could even go one step further and submit your own story to Bawdy for consideration!


Where do you find erotic content online?

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