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6 Tips for Purchasing a Penis Pump

Published: SEPTEMBER 3, 2020
Purchasing a penis pump can be harder than it sounds (no pun intended).

"Grow 3 Inches Instantly! Increase Your Girth Overnight! Make Her Scream Your Name!"

While you've probably heard similar claims about penis pumps, we are here to break the truth: those claims are just a marketing ploy. Using a penis pump will not permanently change your erection in any manner.


A penis pump, however, is a short-term solution that does offer some benefits. Especially when used in conjunction with a cock ring (or a "constriction ring", as they're known in penis pump circles), a penis pump can provide a harder erection than your body may naturally achieve—which can provide a little bit added girth or length due to utilizing every millimeter available in your penis.

Not to mention, a penis pump can provide pleasurable sensations. The suction within the chamber can create a lovely tugging sensation on the penis—which a lot of people find pleasurable. As a penis pump forces blood into the penis, it can also feel different than achieving an erection without a pump which opens up a whole new world of different sensations.

Permanent results? Nope! But a penis pump can be a reliable way to achieve an erection on-the-fly—and a fun toy to play with for added sensations in the bedroom.


Penis Pump Safety

As with any sex toy, reading the included instruction manual should be your first stop. As far as sex toys go, penis pumps are slightly more dangerous than a standard vibrator—but much less dangerous than many other kinky activities. The biggest dangers are over-pumping or using the "constriction ring" for too long in a single session.

To help reduce problems from either of those, use your penis pump slowly, and only increase the maximum pump intensity a bit over every session. Slow and steady wins this race. While the constriction ring helps you maintain your erection after using a penis pump, it also is trapping blood in the penis (which is how it works!).

As you might imagine, this can be dangerous if you let it go on for too long, so make sure to remove the constriction ring before you hit the 30-minute mark. (If your penis feels numb, painful, or blue or purple in color, definitely remove it before then!)

It's also important to use your penis pump with moderation during a pumping session. I know it can be tempting to push things to the absolute limit, but a penis pump's job is to create a suction chamber. This means, if you go beyond the skin's tolerance points, you can start to burst blood vessels - similar to giving yourself a hickey but on your penis. Over-pumping can also cause pain or bruising which isn't fun for anyone!

As a penis pump also works by moving and trapping your blood in the penis, you also should consult your doctor about it if you take blood-thinning medication or have sickle cell anemia or any other blood disorders. They can let you know about specific steps you should take when using a penis pump. (Penis pumps are also common medical devices for achieving an erection, so don't worry! They won't know it's a sex toy!)

Buying a Penis Pump

Now that you know the basics of penis pumps, it's time to jump into the nitty-gritty of buying one. The penis pump market can be hard to navigate—especially if you're brand new to sex toys (and penis toys in general!)


Know Your Measurements

We're not kidding on this one: get out a ruler and measure your penis while flaccid and erect. Don't fudge the measurements (we see you pushing the base of the ruler into your body!). Having the proper measurements means finding a properly-fitting penis pump which means having a better experience. If the penis pump is too small, your penis won't fit properly. If the penis pump is much too large, it will be unwieldy and difficult to use. In some cases, this might mean seeking out (or passing up!) a penis pump designed for a specific penis size like the Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump.

Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump

When purchasing a penis pump, you want to make sure the cylinder is at least as big as your erection's girth and length. It can be a bit bigger, but it can't be any smaller. To avoid having that unwieldy pump, try to look for something that's similar to your erection measurements.


Look for something that's at least one-quarter inch larger in width than your erection's current measurement. You don't want anything too much wider than that or else you might accidentally get a vacuum seal around your testicles too - and we promise, that isn't fun.

Read the Reviews for Penis Pumps

Before you make your purchase, read the reviews for the penis pump you are contemplating. Don't even consider buying it unless you can find positive reviews on it. Penis pumps depend entirely on getting a good, airtight seal to get good suction. Any poorly made pump that can't do that will be instantly ineffective—and a serious lesson in frustration.

Reading reviews allows you to see if others are having good luck with it—especially when it comes to the rubber seal or the chamber's airworthiness. You want something that works exactly how it advertises that it works, and a penis pump review will help you figure out if that's the case.

(While you're at it, make sure to look-over your penis pump reviews for legitimacy. Is it posted on a third-party website—or only on the manufacturer's website where they have full control over removing negative reviews? Does the reviewer include photos that make it clear they own the toy, or is it text-only? Do their statements make sense, or do they seem too over-the-top?)


Avoid Any Companies That Make Outlandish Claims

If the penis pump you're looking at is advertising that it will permanently add three inches to your erection, you know it's one to avoid. Like we've talked about, penis pumps can definitely add millimeters onto your erection, but it won't be large changes, and they won't be permanent.

If a penis pump company is making outlandish claims, it's unlikely that their product is going to be one of the better options on the market; they're likely just trying to make an easy sale.

Compare Manual to Electric Penis Pumps

Like any device, there's a difference between a manual and an electronic penis pump. Manual penis pumps use the power of the strength in your hands to increase the vacuum within the penis tube.


Manual pumps (like The Enhanced Male's Best Beginners Penis Pump) can give you better control over the pressure within the tube - and as an added bonus, they also tend to be cheaper.

The Enhanced Male's Best Beginners Penis Pump

Electric penis pumps are battery-operated and increase or decrease the pressure within the chamber at the press of a few buttons. Electric pumps (like the Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump) are definitely the more expensive of the two, but they're a fantastic choice if you want to lay back and enjoy the pumping sensations or if you have difficulty operating a typical penis pump handle.

Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump

Think About Location

Using a penis pump while laying down on your bed or chair sounds amazing, and for that, most penis pumps (like the PDX Elite Blowjob Power Pump) will work. However, a relative newcomer to the penis pump scene is the hydropump penis pump style (like the Bathmate Hydromax7 Water Penis Pump).


Hydropumps require water to use them, and since they tend to squirt water during the use process, they're usually only used in the shower or bath. Hydro penis pumps rely on the power of water within the vacuum chamber to function. Most water penis pumps require fewer tubes than their land-dwelling brethren for an easy experience.

In addition, as using a penis pump may require lube (for a good seal!) that can be rinsed off after use, some people find that using a penis pump in the shower streamlines the entire process. (A hydropump also offers different sensations on the penis since the tube is filled with sensation-producing water)

Look into a Pressure Gauge

If you plan on using your penis pump often, you might want a pump with a pressure gauge like the Optimum Series by CalExotics. This optional accessory lets you regularly achieve the exact-same pressure with every use.


This easy-to-see number easily lets you determine your preferred "sweet spot", or if you're slowly acclimating to higher pressures, it lets you easily judge the increments of increased intensity. If you plan on just pumping until you achieve erection and then removing the penis pump, however, you might not need to pay extra for a penis pump that has a pressure gauge.

Consider Your Budget

Like most things in life, better-quality penis pumps cost more money. While it isn't a perfect correlation, you're more likely to get a better seal, longer lifespan, and better overall pump when you spend a bit more money.

Most people don't want to go hog-wild on a top-of-the-line luxury penis pump with their first attempt, though, so it's important to balance your budget needs with the available penis pumps. Like mentioned before, reading the penis pump reviews will help you balance the best of both worlds.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you're looking for a penis pump for erectile dysfunction (ED) reasons instead of purely "fun" reasons, you might consider talking to your doctor. We know, it can seem embarrassing, but penis pumps are actually considered a medical device!

It might help to know that, if your doctor determines it to be necessary, your health insurance may cover the cost of a penis pump as a viable treatment for ED. If you think you might qualify, it's worth talking to your doctor.

Get to Exploring Penis Pumps

Armed with information, you're ready to purchase your newest penis pump. Unlike other sex toys, though, learning to use a penis pump properly might take a few tries. Don't get frustrated after the first attempt—even if it might be frustrating.

Read tips online, try things a bit differently, and give it another try. Once you master the penis pump's ability to provide strong, intense erections, you'll be happy you stuck it out. Of course, keep safety in mind—and be prepared to experience a whole new type of sex toy!

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