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6 Apps to Improve Your Sex Life

Published: JANUARY 16, 2014 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
These sex-themed apps prove the old theory that there really are apps for everything!

Purists might argue that cell phones have no place in the bedroom, but with one in five young people admitting to playing with their phones during sex, it's clear that not everyone agrees. If you can’t bear to put your phone aside for some nookie, at least make sure it’s loaded with these sexy, educational apps. (And if you're into high-tech sex, you should also check out Get Your Geek On - and Get Off!)



Kahnoodle markets itself as more of a relationships app than a sex app, but it has an important part to play if you hope to get to the bedroom. It helps couples remember the art of romance with digital love "koupons" and thank-you notes known as "kudos". Do enough thoughtful things for your partner to keep your "love tank" full.

Much of the app is centered around sweetness, but koupons for bubble baths and a place for secret instant messages have sensual potential. The extra injection of romance should also help you feel more like intimacy.

Kahnoodle is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch - and it's free. Its creators are set to launch an Android app soon too.



Calling all sex geeks! Ever wonder what your loving is like for your partner? If the feedback your partner offers isn’t specific enough, Spreadsheets might be the app for you. It uses your phone’s accelerometer and microphone to analyze your sex speed, thrusts per minute, and even how loudly you moan.

Spreadsheets also contains a calendar function for scheduling in sexy time and cataloging memorable trysts. Competitive types are likely to love the scoring system, which awards 10 points for morning quickies and 20 for leisurely weekend sessions.

Spreadsheets is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for $1.99.



If all the detail provided by Spreadsheets is a bit too technical for you, Passion might suit you better. It similarly judges the duration of your sexual encounters, the power of your thrusting, and the volume of your orgasms. Then, it condenses all this data into a simple score out of 10.

Of course, not every madly thrusting lover with an ear-shattering scream is truly worthy of a high score, but this app is a fun gimmick. If you’re feeling good about your score you can also compare it with other couples around the world.

Passion is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for 99 cents.


Sex Drive

Sex Drive uses binaural beats technology to improve your sex life. These beats of various frequencies are said to be scientifically calibrated to impact brain waves and arouse emotions in the listener. Without any large-scale research the jury’s still out on the effectiveness of binaural beats, but the app’s cheap enough for anyone interested to take a gamble.

It’s also worth noting that Sex Drive was designed for men, although the creators claim women "may get enjoyment" from the audio as well. Scientific or not, if you think sexy, sexy things are bound to happen.

Sex Drive is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $1.99.



The ancient Eastern lovemaking art of Kama Sutra has gone digital with the launch of the iKamaSutra app. Users are encouraged to master more than 100 sexual positions in nine categories, and to progress from novice to Kama Sutra master. Exhibitionists can even share achievements with Facebook and Twitter friends!

It might have been deemed too saucy for iTunes, but the simple, silhouetted illustrations ensure there’s nothing too scandalous about this app. It aims to inform rather than titillate, with clear instructions and accompanying diagrams demonstrating the Kama Sutra's time-honored positions. You can save your favorite positions to try again later or put the ones that intrigue you on your to-do list.

The full version of iKamaSutra, with extra positions and three-dimensional illustrations, is available for Android devices and Windows phones for $2.99. A free lite version is also available. (Or check out Kinkly's very own Sex Position Playlist. Just sayin' ...)



Safer sex is sexy sex. The iCondom app aims to make your sex life safer by becoming the world’s largest condom distribution map to ensure you’ll never be caught without contraception again. The app is a joint effort between its creators and MTV’s Staying Alive campaign, a global initiative that promotes HIV prevention and safe lifestyle choices.

iCondom uses GPS technology to track your location. It then maps your nearest condom dispensers and retailers. Users can add additional locations and comment on dispensaries with details such as opening hours or out-of-order machines.

iCondom is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for free.

Sexy Vibes

With the advent of vibrating ring tones it was only a matter of time before someone (officially) turned our smartphones into sex toys. The creators of Sexy Vibes have done it and more than 1.5 million fans are glad they did!

The app offers plenty of vibrating modes including the gentle "Fluffy Bunny" and the intense "Washing Machine." You can even remote control the phones of others using the app, and chat with them. How's that for a sexy night in? (Just make sure you invest in a waterproof case before firing this app up!)

Sexy Vibes is available for Android devices for free.

Spice It Up

There's nothing wrong with adding a new tool to spice up your sex life, but whether you pick up a sex toy or your smartphone, it should never steal the show. The real magic will be between you and your partner, not you and your phone.

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