5 High-Tech Ways to Enjoy Mutual Masturbation

Published: JUNE 13, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 17, 2021 10:28:35
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Hardworking engineers are slaving away to make sure your sex life is the best it can be.

We live in a futuristic world. We can transplant memories from one snail to another. Cars drive themselves. And we have devices that allow the blind to see. Is it a stretch to think we can bridge the sex gap through the use of technology? Hell no.


Teledildonics is electronically controlled sex. Sex for the future! It usually includes remote- or computer-controlled sex toys, toys that control each other, or artificial intelligence sex. More and more, people are using technology to step up their masturbation. Since the vibrator, tech and masturbation have been close allies in the progress of sexual satisfaction.

There are a few different types of tech, each offering a different experience. It depends on what you want. Some options are straightforward, and others are luxurious, but there’s something for everyone in the world of teledildonics.

Here are five of the best high-tech ways to enjoy mutual masturbation.

Watch the Best Thing on TV

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the difference. Humans are visual by nature. It's just one reason (among many) that mutual masturbation can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Watching each other masturbate is easy when you’re sitting criss-cross applesauce, two feet from each other. But what if you live on opposite sides of the country, or the globe? No problem. There are a plethora of video chat apps at your disposal. You can watch your partner moan in pleasure on a screen the size of your palm, or as large as a building. You can even connect to each other via compatible sex toys, like the Kiiroo Pearl 2 and Onyx 2.

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No matter how you do it, masturbating together in real-time is an option, no matter the distance. You can be discreet with a set of headphones, or let the nosy neighbors know your relationship is alive and well. Setting a regular date for sexy time is an essential piece of intimacy for long-distance.


Let the Professionals Spice it Up

Research shows couples who watch porn together are closer and more sexually open. Masturbating together can be super hot, but isn’t always easy for people. Watching porn together can help, um, lubricate the process. It gets both people in the mood and opens up the conservation for sexy topics. What do you like? What parts of the porn are your favorite? Eventually, you’ll end up watching each other and forget the porn is even there.

You don’t have to be in each others’ presence for this to work. It can be a bonding experience to watch the same porn from two separate locations. It still acts as a facilitator, paving the way for mutual masturbation and dirty talk.

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Feel the Vibrations Together

One study found that only 18 percent of women orgasm from vaginal sex. The magic is in the clitoris. At least 36 percent of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. That’s why direct stimulation to the clitoris is a method of choice for reaching O-Town. Using a vibrator can get you there faster. But vibrators aren’t only for vulvus. Almost half of people with penises (44.8%) have admitted to using them as well.


If you and your partner are together, you can enjoy mutual masturbation with vibrators in an intimate way. Test the waters and pay close attention to any feedback you get. People with vulvas generally prefer vibrations to their clitoris, but some like penetration (so their G-spot get some love). People with penises may enjoy stroking their shaft with a vibrator or circling the head of the penis. The most sensitive spot on the penis is the frenulum, so give that a try.

If distance separates you, don’t fret. You can still enjoy the thrills of mutual masturbation with a vibrator. You can even try one that's remote controlled, so you can pleasure your partner directly from anywhere in the world. For a personal touch, your partner can write “I love you” with their finger, and it’s translated into a vibration. Cool, right?

Have Sex with Each Other, with Yourself

Somewhere around 14 million people are in long-distance relationships. It can be challenging to maintain sexual intimacy when you aren’t near your partner. But breakthroughs in teledildonics make it more bearable. And if remote-controlled vibrators aren’t your thing, there are long-distance sex toys. With products like those from Kiiroo, toys are compatible and touch-sensitive, so each one responds to the other in real-time. As one partner thrusts into a sleeve, the head of the other partner's wand rotates in kind. It’s not the same as having sex with your partner, but it’s a fun, intimate experience you won't forget. If you pick up the pace on one end, the toy on the other end goes into overdrive too.

Masturbate with a Porn Star

Good news for single people: You can enjoy mutual masturbation even if you don’t have a partner. In fact, you can live out a common fantasy by hopping right into a hot porn film and joining in on the fun. You can watch porn in virtual reality as your toy vibrates in time with the video you're watching. It's a full sensory experience that can lead to an intensely focused orgasm.

As technology advances, teledildonics will come up with inventive ways to masturbate, alone and with others. Before you know it, we’ll have instant solutions like a blinking system. Blink once for sensual touch, twice for orgasm. In the meantime, take full advantage of the current offerings. Science and technology are on your side. Hardworking engineers are slaving away to make sure your sex life is the best it can be. You wouldn’t want to leave them hanging.



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