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5 Fun Ways to Use a Sex Toy With Your Partner This Valentine's Day

Published: FEBRUARY 4, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021
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It’s the most romantic time of the year - so it’s the perfect excuse to buy your first sex toy, or even to add a hot new addition to your collection.

Whether you think that sex should be steamy, romantic, messy or all of the above - I think most of us can agree that it should be above all else, fun. And what better way to turn up the fun than with toys - right?

While sex toys can be a great addition to the bedroom at any time, the optimum holiday for splashing out on such things really has to be Valentine’s day. It’s the most romantic day of the year, after all.


In fact, psychologists have even found that women prefer sex toys to chocolate when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts!

So why not break with tradition this year, and strive for something more fun and imaginative than flowers and chocolates. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore new and exciting sensations!

Here are five fun ways you can use sex toys to spice up your Valentine's Day!


On the Go

If you’re tired of the same old dinner dates, consider adding a bullet vibrator, like the plusOne Vibrating Bullet, to the mix! Powerful and trusty, this vibrator can also be taken anywhere!

plusOne Vibrating Bullet vibrator being put into a purse

Consider using a bullet vibrator to tease your partner before you exit the car into the restaurant, or use it to engage in a little foreplay in the darkness of a movie theatre. There are tons of crafty and exciting ways you can bring a bullet vibrator into your play.

Besides, you’ll have tons of fun just switching through all the different settings with your partner, and the small, but powerful motor is sure to please.


Make a Splash

Impractical, awkward and sometimes messy (but not in a good way) - a lot of people think that sex in the shower or bath is better on paper than in reality.

Well, a lot of people are wrong. Shower or bath sex can be an incredibly fun time, and adding in a sex toy can help make some of the awkward positions easier. Obviously, if you're going to take a toy into the shower or bath, it needs to be waterproof. Luckily, all of plusOne's toys are 100% waterproof!

If you're in need of a new wet-buddy, try the plusOne Air Pulsing Arouser. This toy offers an unforgettable sensation by harnessing air pressure to gently, but intensely, create an arousing sucking sensation on your clit.

plusOne Air Pulsing Arouser sex toy

If you want to get even kinkier, try bringing in an insertable toy like the plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager. With two independently vibrating tips, this rabbit vibe is sure to help you make the most of your wet play time.

plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager vibrator

Find New Erogenous Zones

There are more erogenous zones than you probably realize, so why not spend Valentine's Day exploring your partner's body for all of theirs? Try running a vibrator all over your partner and see what feels tantalizingly good.

Maybe there's a secret soft spot on their back or a line along their stomach that sends your partner squirming with anticipation. You'll never know unless you try!

Need a tool for the job? Try the sexy plusOne Mini Massager. Small and discreet, you can fit it into the palm of your hand and run it all along your partner with either the flat side or the beautifully tipped end.

plusOne Mini Massager vibrator

Plus, it comes with 10 different vibration settings, so no matter how you like to be stimulated, you’ll be getting those toe-curling orgasms one way or the other with this bad boy.

Keep It Personal

Although they may not look like it, sex toys are not just meant for straight-up sexual stimulation. They can also be multi-purpose tools and used for general massages, which makes foreplay that little bit more exciting.

This Valentine’s Day, why not try out a personal massager and indulge in some sensual massage, or even use it for some tease and denial.

After all, massage doesn’t always have to end in sex, and sex doesn’t always have to end in orgasm. But if you do want to tip yourself or your partner over the edge, then a nifty little toy will surely help.

The plusOne Personal Massager has a wide head that allows for maximum surface stimulation and a super soft body that welcomes pleasurable sensations.

plusOne Personal Massager vibrator

Put a Ring on It

Cock rings really are a gadget from the gods! They make the penis bigger and harder while at the same time making erections last longer. Vibrating cock rings can also simultaneously stimulate the clitoris or perineum of your partner during intercourse, taking everything to a whole new level.

If this sounds pretty amazing, then the plusOne Vibrating Ring will blow your mind - as it comes with not one, but ten vibration settings, so you can tailor your experience exactly to your needs. Plus, it's soft and super stretchy, so it'll fit comfortably around whatever gear you're working with!

plusOne Vibrating Ring cock ring

Bonus Tip: Stay Slick

When it comes to really great sex, lubricants go a long way in ensuring everything runs ‘smoothly’. It is the oil to your engine.

Since lubricants aid arousal and boost sexual pleasure, they are a definite must-have in every bedroom. Not to mention, they’re a great accompaniment to any sex, particularly as part of a gift.

bottle of plusOne personal lubricant being poured onto toy

Think of it as the silky icing on the cake!

So there you have it, five fun ways to use a sex toy with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

It’s the most romantic time of the year - so it’s the perfect excuse to buy your first sex toy, or even to add a hot new addition to your collection.



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