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Oh Joy, Sex Toy Wins LELO’s Reader’s Choice Award

Published: NOVEMBER 3, 2014 | Updated: JUNE 3, 2022 08:22:17
Find out what's in store for the top Sex Blogging Superhero of 2014.

So, have you seen our Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014 yet? We teamed up with our readers to shine a spotlight on the best sex bloggers on the Web. The results are in - and so are the prizes. Before we got this contest rolling, LELO, our sponsor, agreed to deliver $500 to the winner. And that winner is ... drumroll, please ... Oh Joy, Sex Toy! Which is handy, because way back at the beginning of the month, the blog’s author/illustrator-in-chief Erika Moen posted these tweets:


Erica Moen Oh Joy Sex Toy $500 Tweets

Here is what LELO had to say:

"It’s amazing to see the proliferation of sex writing online over the past few years, and it’s unthinkable that we could even populate a list of 100 credible sex writers this time 5 years ago. So congratulations to everybody who made this list, everyone should be proud. We are genuinely over the moon to see OJST coming first, it’s a well-deserved win and proof that sex and sexuality can be talked about authoritatively without losing a sense of fun. A great example to us all!"

Well Erika, whether you decide to roll in those dollars or rain them over each other while doing pole tricks is totally up to you but we can't wait to see it! In fact, you got us so excited, we’ve decided to match LELO’s prize money and give $100 each to the five runners up, Sugarbutch Chronicles, Hey Epiphora, Girl on the Net, Walker Thornton and Slutty Girl Problems.

While Erika’s working on her pole dancing skills, ya’ll should check out her comic strip. Here are four of our favorites, but you can get the full buffet at Oh Joy, Sex Toy.

Oh Joy, Sex Toy: How to Eat PussyOh Joy, Sex Toy: How to Suck Cock
Oh Joy, Sex Toy: Sex Toys in RelationshipsOh Joy, Sex Toy: Butt Sex

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