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Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014

Published: OCTOBER 30, 2014 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 07:18:55
These sex bloggers have raised the bar for sex blogging - and the conversation about sex.

Last month, we put out a call for our readers to nominate the best, brightest, bravest sex bloggers they knew. The bloggers who made them think. Who made them laugh. Who made them try new things. Who helped them discover things about sex and their bodies. Who helped them grow up. Who helped them age more gracefully.

Sex bloggers really do these things for a lot of people. They’re writing words that most people can’t even bear to utter to themselves, never mind in a public forum. That’s why they’re our superheroes. And in only our second year of running the Sex Blogging Superhero contest, what we’ve seen amazes us. In just one little year, your blogs have gotten better. We saw even more amazing blogs and more evidence that bloggers all over the world are jumping in and adding to the discussion. The conversation is getting bigger and better and broader all the time.

This year, we looked for great writers who blogged honestly and often. Writers who spoke to their readers in a way that was passionate, and educational and, above all, sex positive. And then we combined our internal scores with readers’ votes to come up with a final tally. We know that not everyone will be happy with the results. You’ll think that some bloggers should be ranked higher and some should be lower and maybe some shouldn’t be on the list at all. We hear ya. Ranking is a difficult business. After all, all of the Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014 are awesome in their own, unique way. Heck, a lot of the blogs that didn’t make the list are awesome too (we waded through more than 250 of them, people, we know what we’re talking about!)

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We’ve also heard some comments about the negative effects of competition and of pitting bloggers against each other. We thought about that. But we see the purpose of this list a bit differently. After all, there are two ways to look at competition: You can see it as a way to be better than someone else, or you can take the challenge as an opportunity to better yourself. The community of sex educators and sex positive people is the most supportive, generous and genuine group of people we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Knowing that, we know that most of you will be celebrating everyone on this list, no matter their rank. You’ve all raised the bar for sex blogging together. You all deserve a cape.


We are committed to seeking out and shining a spotlight on great sex ed regardless of this list and we do this in three ways:

  • First, we've started a new feature where we profile a blogger each month. Any new interviews we do over the next six months are going to be with bloggers outside the top 25. We hope to spread the word on some of the newer, more unique, more niche bloggers by doing this. Contact us if you'd like to be featured!
  • Second, the Superheroes list is just one input to our directory of sex blogs. We've made this sortable based on Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of other metrics including by topic areas like BDSM or sex toy reviews. The goal has always been to cast a wide net and highlight all sex blogs based on what they're best at.
  • Third, if you are a blogger, we'd love to work with you. Kinkly did over 150,000 visits last month and so we'd love to find a way to help each other out. Just drop us a line.

Now, without further delay, here are this year’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014. If you don’t see your favorites, don’t forget to vote next year. It’s been a blast! (Oh, and a big, sparkly, thanks to LELO for being our sponsor this year!)

1. Oh Joy, Sex Toy @ErikaMoen

Erika Moen's blog won us - and our readers! - over with its unique, playful approach: comics! Oh, joy!

2. Sugarbutch Chronicles @MrSexsmith

This one's new to our list (welcome!), and is all about BDSM, kink, gender explorations, and explicit queer sex in the form of essays, stories and personal journal entries. What more could you want?

3. Hey Epiphora @Epiphora

This sharp-tongued writer is the cream of the crop when it comes to relentlessly honest sex toy reviews. When she loves a toy, you'll know it. We she hates it, you'll know it. Either way, enjoy the ride!

4. Girl on the Net @girlonthenet

Yet another brand-spanking-new addition to the Superheroes list, Girl on the Net wooed us with her humor, insight and interaction with her readers. (A contest to draw what an orgasm feels like? How cool is that?!)

5. Walker Thornton @WalkerThornton

This "60-year-old sex goddess" is a sex guru for the over-50 set - and an inspiration to the younger sex positive crowd.

6. Slutty Girl Problems @sluttygrlprobs

This site defines a "slut" as "a woman who is confident, classy, and empowered. She is in control of her sexuality and her choices." We love that. We also love that this blog is fun, funny, engaging and empowering.

7. Dangerous Lilly @dangerouslilly

This site gets points for pure sex geekery. Lilly reviews toys from every possible angle, providing both her subjective experience and an educated, objective look at each toy she reviews. She's also a fierce educator, and has been known as a leader in education on toxic sex toys.

8. Smut for Smarties @smutforsmarties

The lovely @LadyCheeky is sex positive, body positive and a great sex educator. She's also honest, open and fun to read.

9. The Redhead Bedhead @Bedheadtweeting

This redhead has show-stopping hair - and writing. Her honesty will make you laugh, cry and everything in between. We also give her props for her ongoing discussion about sex and depression.

10. Cara Sutra @TheCaraSutra

This power blogger is a writer, a Mistress, a kink educator a speaker, a reviewer and the creative director of her own line of kinky sex toys. In other words, she's a force to be reckoned with (and her blog's a blast).

LELO LUNA Smart Bead sex toy

11. Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts @pennysblog

12. Toy Meets Girl @dizzygirl812

13. PurrVersality @kittystryker

14. Em & Lo @Emandlo

15. Frisky Fairy @TheFriskyFairy

16. Easily Aroused @EasilyAroused

17. A Good Woman's Dirty Mind @GoodDirtyWoman

18. Naked at Our Age @JoanPrice

19. One Beautyful Freak

20. A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age @ohgoderica

21. The Mama Sutra @TheMamaSutra


22. Molly's Daily Kiss @Mollysdailykiss

23. Mr. Will's House of Thrills @MrWills_HoT

24. Seaside Slut Diary @seasideslut

25. Between My Sheets @SweetRori

26. Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron

27. Girly Juice @Girly_Juice

28. Vagina Antics @VaginaAntics

29. Incendiaire's Reviews @IncendiareRevs

30. Ducky Doolittle @duckyduckydoo

31. Fuckblogging @fuckblogging

32. Little Shop of O's Sex Talk @LittleShopOfOs

33. EROcentric @EROcentric

34. Beck and Her Kinks @BeckAndHerKinks

35. Sex and Psychology @JustinLehmiller

36. Stella Harris @stellaerotica

37. Property of Potter @pottersproperty

38. Queerie Bradshaw

39. Milleniatoybox @millenniatoybox

40. Gritty Woman @GrittyWoman

41. Ayzad @Ayzad

42. Kara Sutra Reviews @Kara_Sutra

43. Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches

44. We Love Good Sex @lucieblush

45. Emancipating Sexuality

46. Charlie Glickman @charlieglickman

47. Clitical @CliticalJenne

48. Naughty Reenie @NaughtyReenie

49. My Tiny Secrets @mytinysecrets

50. Ms Naughty's Porn for Women @msnaughty

51. The Intellectual Homosexual @IntellectHomo

LELO LUNA Smart Bead sex toy

52. Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology

53. Sex in Words @SexInWords

54. The STD Project @TheSTDProject


55. A Dissolute Life Means ... @adissolutelife

56. Rebel's Notes @RebelsNotes

57. Aerie's Room @aeriesroom

58. Sex, Kids and Payroll @SusanSJones1972

59. O Miss Pearl @OMissPearl

60. Domme Chronicles @Ferns_

61. Marvelous Darling @marvydarling

62. Slutist @Slutist

63. Insatiable Desire @RayneMillaray

64. Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne

65. Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise @Ruby_Ryder

66. Always the Little Spoon @lilspoontweets

67. Market of Pleasure @PleasureMarket

68. Sex Ed With Ashley @ashleymanta

69. Bree Guildford Erotica @BreeGuildford

70. Dumb Domme @DumbDomme

71. I Married a Sex God @MarieFranklin00

72. The Perverted Negress @Mollena

73. Undercover Outsider @thatkatiemack

74. A Sexual Being @KaylaLords

75. Jolynn Raymond's Dark Obsessions @JolynnRaymond

76. Jiz Lee @jizlee

77. Lady Laid Bare @JillyBoyd

78. Bex Talks Sex @BexTalksSex

79. Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake

80. Naughty Corner @Josephine_KK

81. Life on the Swingset @swingsetlife

82. Lorax of Sex @LoraxOfSex

83. Learning How to Tell You @RedSwain


84. Velvet Lips @VelvetLipsLLC

85. Rewriting the Rules @megbarkerpsych

86. Naked All the Time @nakedjill

87. Symone Kitty Nelson @TheSymoneShow

88. Sexational @sex_ational

89. Sex Toy Geek @sextoygeek

90. CAVA Supernova @CavaSupernova

91. Mistress Selena @SavageSelena

92. MIDNIGHTBLONDE @MidnightBlonde5

93. In Bed With Married Women

94. The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview

95. The Sin Doll @TheSinDoll

96. Ali's Addiction @AlisAddiction

97. Infernal Monkey @infernal_monkey

98. Kink and Poly @piecesofjade

99. View from the Top

100.EXPLORATIONS by Emily Tilton @etiltonexp

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