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Sex Toy Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

Published: OCTOBER 12, 2016 | Updated: JULY 13, 2020
Presented by UNBOUND
From the anticipation of it arriving on my doorstep to the blissful aftermath of testing each and every product multiple times, this box did not disappoint.

The Product: The Double Entendre Box by Unbound Box

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of 5)

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. You can get a box full of literally anything you want - luxury foods, clothing and, yes, even sex toys. I’ve always been a big fan of ordering myself boxes that would let me relive the feeling of getting a surprise birthday gift so, naturally, when I was offered an opportunity to review a box full of hedonistic delight, I jumped at it. Unbound Box aims to deliver "a quarterly box of the most covetable erotic products." From the anticipation of it arriving on my doorstep (I took a sneak peek at what I’d be receiving) to the blissful aftermath of testing each and every product multiple times, this box did not disappoint.


The Unwrapping of the Unbound Box

My roommates gathered around the dining room table and oohed and aahed as I pulled product after product from the midnight blue box. (What can I say? We’re all very open, probably due to the thin walls and close proximity of our bedrooms). The packaging was colorful, fun and curiosity-inducing, which made the unveil feel like a party. The box included:

It's a lot of good stuff! Plus, individually, these products will cost you more than $300, while the Double Entendre Box is sold for $110. The price of the box drops to $65 if you purchase a quarterly subscription.


Once everything was unwrapped, my partner and I headed to our bedroom. And, no, our roommates were not invited.

Handcuff Bangles

These cute, gold-plated bangles do double duty as handcuffs. I wore them out to dinner to get a feel for how they’d function as teasingly kinky jewelry (my partner knew what they were). I loved it. It was like having a sexy little secret that only we knew about, which made us eager to finish our drinks and head home. True to Unbound’s promise that this bling is also functional and secure, these cuffs held up through some of the rougher moments of our evening too.

Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

Sliquid Flavored Lubricant

While I’ve acquiesced to my partner’s request to use lube on occasion (he’s a big fan of messy play), it’s never been something I’ve enjoyed. After using just a squeeze of Sliquid’s 4.2-ounce bottle of strawberry pomegranate lubricant on both myself and my partner, I’m a little more open to it. It tastes like candy, which had us both even more eager to use our mouths on each other, and it worked well with the Je Joue Ooh vibrator (on me) and butt plug (on him).


Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

Je Joue Ooh Vibrator Collection

Be warned: these toys are addicting. Don’t let the motor’s size deceive you - it packs a lot more punch than it looks capable of producing. Plus, it is designed to fit into all of the attachments to power them, providing four vibes in one. The fact that it also comes with a USB charger is a huge plus. The vibrator's three speeds ranged from a soft rumble to an intense buzz, but this vibe does it right, and doesn't make me numb at higher speeds (something I've experienced with other vibes.)

All of the attachments feel and look high-quality. They are made of a nice, soft, body-safe silicone with just the right about of "give." The G-spot vibrator was the perfect length and, with some manual clitoral stimulation, had me orgasming after only a few minutes of use. I can’t say the same for the butt plug. My partner and I took turns with it (with washes in-between), and while it felt full and stimulating for me, he enjoyed the sensation but didn’t feel like it stimulated his prostate. The cock ring was a similar story. I loved the vibration of it on my clitoris when I was on top, but my partner felt it was a little snug and not quite as pleasurable. Again, these toys do seem to be well-designed; they just weren't the best fit for us. The Pebble vibrator was my favorite Je Joue toy, by far. It gave just the right amount of stimulation and has been the cause of a few sets of multiple orgasms. All in all, I’m really impressed with the quality of all of the toys - they’re quickly becoming staples in our bedroom.

Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

From top left, the Je Joue Ooh Pebble, Vibrating Butt Plug, Cock Ring and Classic Dildo

Smith and Sinclair Cocktail Pastilles

This tiny blue box held a lot of promise for me but, after one bite, I wasn’t over the moon. While these adorably packaged alcoholic candies tasted delicious and exactly as described (one whiskey sour, the other cake icing), they were tough to bite into. Even so, I loved the idea of eating my cocktail!

Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

UnBound Door Hanger

After using the door hanger, I’m questioning why I didn’t get one sooner. With “Go Away” on one side and “Let’s Play” on the other, it’s a cute way to tell people that it’s sexy time and they steer clear. If only my cat could read.

Review: The Double Entendre Subscription Box by Unbound Box

My Favorite Product from the Double Entendre Box: The Je Joue Ooh Pebble Vibrator

I, like many women, don’t normally orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone. The Pebble vibrator offers the perfect clitoral stimulation for me. I’ve already used it multiple times - while masturbating and with my partner. It’s now my favorite toy. Not just from this box, but ever.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for an exciting box of toys that will add sweetness and spice to your sex life, Unbound Box doesn't disappoint. Unbound offers a variety of boxes that you can purchase as a one-off. You can also be one of the first to get Unbound's new boxes by opting for a quarterly subscription. A sweet box of unique erotic products four times per year? Yes, please!

Thank you, Unbound, for letting me review this wonderful box!

All products were provided to the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



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