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17 Hot Sex Positions That Are Even Hotter With Sex Toys

Published: MAY 2, 2023 | Updated: JANUARY 11, 2024
Finding the right sex position can be challenging enough -- let alone when you bring gadgets into the mix! Luckily, these awesomely arousing positions work especially well with sex toys. Go forth, raid your toy box and enjoy!

Masturbation can be amazing; partnered sex can be incredible. Add a sex toy (or several!) to either and, well, in a word, WOW!


It's not always that simple, though. Finding the right position for analog sex can be challenging enough -- let alone when you bring your gadgets into the mix!

As luck would have it, Kinkly hosts one of the largest databases of sex positions on the web -- and we've put together this list of the most awesomely arousing ones that work especially well with sex toys.

Before we get going, a note on the toys mentioned: We've selected an assortment of body safe sex toys and matched them with various positions. But you don't have to use the toys mentioned with their respective positions. (You don't have to do anything!) We're all different; your favorite toy might be someone else's least fave. Fortunately, the world of sex toys is wide! Explore and find the perfect toys to fit your preferences and budget.


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Something to bear in mind with many of these positions: Butt plugs and prostate stimulators can be worn by the partner doing the penetrating and, in the case of vaginal intercourse, by receiving partners too. Folks with penises can also incorporate cock rings.

In addition, for penetrating partners who are wearing strap-ons, Sportsheets is a great pick for your first harness, even offering a kit that includes two silicone dildos.


Now, let’s look at some fun sex positions with sex toys to try out when you want to raid your toy box!

Best Dildo Sex Positions

Arguably the oldest and all-time most popular type of sex toy, dildos have come a long way since our ancient ancestors (probably) gazed longingly at an excitingly shaped vegetable, polished length of very hard wood or used clay to craft something other than a pot.

Whether a state-of-the-art, smarter-than-smart sextech marvel or merely a satisfyingly phallic shape, here are some fun and exciting positions that'll take using this legendary sex toy to new levels:


Mesmerthighs Position

Mesmerthighs Sex Position: One partner lies flat on their back wearing a strap-on dildo while the other partner straddles their legs to stroke the dildo.

Laying on one's back is a great way to help relax the body, which is essential for pleasure. If the receiving partner has a built-in penis, this is a great position in which to provide pleasure using your hands or a stroker, like the Tenga Spinner. If the receiving partner doesn't have a penis, you might try stroking a dildo inserted into a strap-on harness equipped with BumpHer for added clitoral stimulation.

The Mesmerthighs Position also allows for chest or nipple stimulation and won't strain your or your partner's back.

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Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: VeDO Grip, Tenga EGG.

For folks with vulvas: Blush Dr. Skin Lucas, Sportsheets Skyn Silicone dildos.


Hole Lot of Love Position

Hole Lot of Love Position: A person stands on their knees, squatting over a sex toy mount with a dildo in it.

Fans of larger dildos will like this next position, as it's much easier to ease yourself down onto one than trying to wrangle it while laying on your back. The Hole Lot of Love Position uses the magic of a sex toy mount, like the Liberator Tula in the illustration above, to keep your dildo in place while you ride off into the sunset. And what's more, if you're penetrating yourself anally in this position, that leaves your genitals open for dual stimulation!

The only downside to the Hole Lot of Love Position is your dildo will need a big enough base to stand upright and be equipped with a suction cup or some other anchor point. Practically made for this position is the study, stable, and, most of all, extremely exciting FemmeFunn Vortex Wireless Turbo Rabbit.

Other great toy pics for this position:

For folks with penises: Your favorite penis vibrator or masturbation sleeve.

For folks with vulvas: WeVibe Melt, Satisfyer Pro 2, b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads.

Lion's Roar Position

Lion's Roar Position: The receiving partner is on their knees and forearms and backs themselves up to sit on the giving partner's penis or strap-on.

If your bedroom, bathroom, or -- if you're lucky enough to have one -- playroom wall is smooth enough, how about affixing a suction-cup dildo the right height to back yourself onto it? One of the best toys for this type of play is the Evolved Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo.

This will look a lot like the Lion's Roar Position, only the in-behind partner will be replaced by a sturdy, vertical surface.

This position is just as hot with a human partner, too! If that's the route you're taking, consider making this Doggy Style variation easier with a strap, like the Plus Size Doggie Strap from Sportsheets. This can be especially useful for receiving partners in large bodies.

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Whether you're practicing your Lion's Roar alone or with a partner, this position leaves whatever you're not penetrating ripe and open for stimulation!

Other great toy pics for this position:

For folks with penises: Fun Factory NŌS, Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2.

For folks with vulvas: Dame Eva II, We-Vibe Chorus.

Best Vaginal Intercourse Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Missionary with a Lift Position

Missionary with a Lift Position. The receiving partner is laying back with their hips elevated thanks to a Liberator Ramp. The penetrating partner is on their knees, leaning forward, to penetrate their partner. The penetrating partner is holding a We-Vibe couples vibrator that can be worn during intercourse.

There’s a whole market devoted to “couples'” toys (Spoiler alert: couples can use ANY toy!) and if there is any position in which these toys can really shine, it's Missionary.

Especially when engaging in vaginal intercourse, couples' vibrators that boast the ability to fit neatly between partners can be brought out. Also, vibrating cock rings get a chance to shine here. In the image above, our couple is getting comfy with a Liberator Ramp and getting ready to roll with the We-Vibe Unite couples' vibrator.

Other great toy picks for this position:

To add a little variety to your missionary adventure, take it upright with the Standing Missionary Position or switch it up with the Reverse Missionary Position!

Stand Down Position

This unique take on Doggy Style creates more space to add a sex toy (or two) into the mix. And if the penetrating partner doesn't come with a built-in penis, our fan-favorite Sportsheets Strap-On & Silicone Dildo Set can make this position accessible!

For the receiver, the Stand Down Position can mean everything from playing with a massager to slipping a vibrator on their clitoris or penis. You might even try adding a vibrating cock ring to pleasure both partners simultaneously!

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: We-Vibe Tango X.

Best Oral Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Elevated Oral Sex Position

Elevated Oral Sex Position. The receiving partner is laying back on the Liberator Ramp while using the Liberator Wedge as a pillow. The giving partner is kneeling with their face between their partner's legs. The giving partner holds a vibrator in their hand which can be used on the receiving partner.

Elevated Oral is a super fun position in which to incorporate toys because of the sheer range of possibilities. That's because elevating the receiving partner's hips makes the partner on the giving end able to get at them without leaning all their weight into their arms so their hands are free for toy use!

This provides a great opportunity for g-spot teasing and intense shaft pleasing. In the image above, the couple is making use of the Liberator Ramp and the We-Vibe Rave.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy (its open end makes it ideal for shaft stimulation during fellatio).

For folks with vulvas: We-Vibe Rave, Dame Arc, Hot Octopuss Kurve.

Head Rest Position

Head Rest Position. The receiving partner is laying on their side. The giving partner is also laying on their side at a 90-degree angle to rest their head on the receiver's thigh while providing oral sex. The receiver holds a wand massager between the giver's thighs during oral sex.

The Head Rest Position is a fun sex position for pleasing the person who is pleasing you! The setup makes it easy to use a toy on your partner while they provide you with oral stimulation. Fun, right? The couple above is making use of Magic Wand Rechargeable.

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Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: We-Vibe Touch, We-Vibe Wand, We-Vibe Melt.

Sex Toy Positions For Masturbation

Tummy Time Position

Tummy Time Position: A person lays on their stomach with their head propped up with a pillow, tucking their arms under their hips to pleasure themselves.

Stretching out on your back is fine and all, but for anal or vaginal penetration toys -- like with the myriad pleasures the Lovense Gush has to offer -- flipping 180 degrees onto your stomach in the Tummy Time Position can unlock new worlds of pleasure.

Fans of this position like how comfortable it is -- and love how they can lift one leg for easier access.

This might make it tough for folks with penises to stroke themselves off, but it does expose the butt and relax the body for ultra-easy anal play. Do with that information what you wish.

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Other great toy pics for this position:

For folks with penises: We-Vibe Vector, Lovense Edge 2, Nexus Stimul8.

For folks with vulvas: WeVibe Melt, Dame Zee, FemmeFunn Dioni.

Slippery Missionary Shower Position

Slippery Missionary Shower Position: The penetrating partner stands upright while the receiving partner stands facing them with one foot on an elevated surface.

We know what you're thinking: There are two people in that image. Stay with us!

Steamy times (pun intended) can be had in the Slippery Missionary Position whether you're playing partnered or solo. Though, heed a few provisos:

  • Only use manufacturer-certified waterproof sex toys, like the wet and wild We-Vibe Tango X.
  • Take ample precautions to avoid slipping in the tub or shower. This might involve laying a towel on the floor of the shower/tub or getting an anti-slip mat.

From there, the possibilities are pretty much endless! Grab your favorite toy and get dirty (while you get clean).

Some of our favorite toys for this position:

For folks with penises: Bathmade HydroMax Penis Pump, Tenga Spinner.

For folks with vulvas: Waterslyde Bathtub Water Diverter, Satisfyer Pro 2.

For everyone: Glas Double Penetration Kit, Sportsheets Nipple Suckers.

Horseless Rider Position

Horseless Rider Position: A person grinds against a pillow while wearing a vibrator tucked into underwear.

If you have a very sensitive clitoris and/or like broad stimulation between your legs, the Horseless Rider Position is pretty much made for you. What's more, it's bananas versatile -- all you need is a pillow, a vibrator and a pair of underwear!

Simply scrunch up your pillow until it's at a density you like, slip the vibrator into your underwear and get busy. Any old pillow will do, but if this is your go-to, the Liberator Humphrey is an ultra-firm pillow designed to be ridden -- and it even comes with a mount in case you'd like to add some penetration!

Great toy picks for this position include:

Sex Toy Positions For Couples' Sex Toys

Scissoring Position

Scissoring Position: Both partners sit on their hips facing each other. Each partner puts one of their legs between their partner's legs to line up the genitalia for frottage or penetration.

The Scissoring Position is a long-held favorite for those who love frottage.

If penetration's on the table, though, double-ended dildos can allow both partners to synchronize their strokes. None's better for this position than the Glas Double Trouble. Have both parties sit with their groins toward one another with a double-ended sex toy between them. Pushing, shoving, pulling or you name it, this position makes mutual penetration less annoying and way more satisfying.

Other great sex toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: Gender X Rocketeer, We-Vibe Vector+.

For folks with vulvas: Glas Double Pleasure Set, We-Vibe Tango X.

Scoring Position

The Scoring Position: The penetrating partner sits on a flat surface such as a table or couch while the receiving partner squats down onto their penis or strap-on.

Though it may take a bit of maneuvering, having one partner's posterior on top of their partner's groin -- maybe or maybe not involving penetration -- as the top person plays with a sex toy has a lot going for it. The nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3-in-1 Tongue Suction Vibe is an excellent choice for the clit-equipped or for those who love playing with those who have them.

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Bonus points because the Scoring Position is one of, if not the most easy-going, comfortable, positions on this list -- at least for the penetrating partner. The receiving partner will need to have strong knees to make this work. But the fact that their genitals are left pretty much wide open for stimulation (hopefully) makes up for it.

Other great toys pics for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: WeVibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango X.

Best All Around Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Doggy Style Position

Doggy style sex position with Magic Wand Vibrator

Doggy Style creates so much great access for incorporating toys! There's lots of room to apply a vibrator to your partner’s clitoris or perineum, ample room for the receiving partner to use a stroker -- there’s just a lot of fun to be had here! In the image above, one partner is pleasing themselves with a Magic Wand Rechargeable vibe.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: WeVibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango X.

Spoon Position

Spoon Sex Position. Two people are laying side-by-side with one person's back pressing into the other person's chest. The person from behind is holding a vibrator in-between the front person's legs.

Laying side by side in the Spoon Position is relaxing, arousing and so very hot. But adding a spoonful of sex toy deliciousness takes it up several notches! Strap-ons, clit massagers, prostate or g-spot toys … the list goes on and on -- and each and every one can bring something special to this position. In the image above, these lovers are playing with the LELO MONA 2.

I personally love this position when combined with the awesome vibrating power of the FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: Magic Wand Rechargeable, WeVibe Touch.

Champagne Room Position

Champagne Room Sex Position. The penetrating partner is seated on a chair. The receiving partner is sitting on their lap for penetration while holding an air suction vibrator that they are about to use on themselves.

The Champagne Room position has some of the same benefits as the Spoon position with the added appeal of being a bit more active for the receiving partner. Here, the receiving partner can control more of the action and is ideally placed to use a toy on themselves. In this image, the receiving partner is getting ready to use the Womanizer Liberty 2.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: Magic Wand Rechargeable, WeVibe Touch.

Magic Mountain Position

Magic Mountain Sex Position. The receiving partner is leaned over a low ottoman with their forearms on the furniture and their knees on the floor. The penetrating partner copies this position, kneeling right behind the receiver to facilitate sex.

Magic Mountain and similar sex positions that place the receiving partner directly against furniture (bed, couch, counter, cat tree -- whatever, it’s your thing) are great because they allow you to really wedge a toy in place, making toy use mostly effortless (I won’t lie, things slide around, you may have to do a little toy position maintenance).

In the illustration above, the couple is reaching for the a clitoral vibrator akin to the Clandestine Mimic Plus or Wildflower Enby 2. (You know where it's supposed to go - we just couldn't figure out how to draw it that way!)

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with vulvas: Magic Wand Rechargeable, WeVibe Touch.

Afternoon Delight Position

Afternoon Delight Sex Position. The penetrating partner is laying out flat on their side. The receiving partner is laying at 90-degrees, facing the ceiling, with their hips matched with their partner's hips. The penetrating partner holds a vibrator to use on their partner.

Afternoon Delight is a fun sex position precisely because it's a little awkward. You have to slow things down to make this one work, and that makes it great for putting some toys to work. Plus, it offers a great view of your partner -- whichever end you are on! In the image above, one partner is holding the We-Vibe Touch clitoral vibrator.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with penises: bSwish bHandy.

For folks with clitorises: Magic Wand Rechargeable, We-Vibe Touch X, Womanizer Liberty 2

How To Use Sex Toys With Your Partner

In this day and age, there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of deliciously entertaining, brilliantly innovative sex toys waiting to be used, enjoyed and make you and everyone else's sex lives immeasurably better. Yet, some people are, for lack of a better word, intimidated by them.

That's completely OK! Sex is first and foremost about comfort and pleasure, and there's no rulebook mandating that you hoard a collection of giant, triple-ended, 14-speed fucking machines. If you are interested in adding a few accoutrements to your partnered play, however, here are some tips that can help you open up the conversation:

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  • Reframe your mindset. Sex toys are teammates; not competition! Reassure your partner that toys are not intended to replace them -- rather, they're for adding new types of stimulation to your already fabulous partnered sex life.
  • Shop together. Picking out some toys together can be a great way to ensure you select something suitable for both of your needs -- and it doubles as some deliciously drawn-out foreplay.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. And did we mention communicate? Your partner can't know your concerns, fears, or limits unless you tell them; and vice-versa. Meeting resistance not with anger or frustration but with understanding and compassion can help you find a pace and path that works for you.

It might take a while, probably with several ups and downs along the way, but anything -- sex toys, positions, using the first with the second -- that makes you or your partner smile is well worth the effort.

The Bottom Line

Well, there you go, folks, just a couple of ideas to help inspire you to incorporate toys into your sex lives. Now go forth, raid your toy box, and enjoy!

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