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10 Sexy Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Weekend

Published: NOVEMBER 22, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Do something sexy this weekend! Seriously. It's way better than hanging around Target.

For the past decade, Black Friday has held the title of busiest shopping day of the year and those busy days have been marked by large crowds, long lines, and general craziness. Is it just me or does it sound just awful? I’ve put together this list of 10 alternatives to shopping madness that will give you a memorable Black Friday weekend - minus the frenzied shoppers.


Go on a Hot-Spot Treasure Hunt

Instead of hunting for bargains why not hunt for pleasure? The body offers so many opportunities for it. If you aren't sure where those great spots you’ve read about are, stay in this weekend and spend some time hunting! Here are some resources to help you out. For some help, check out:

Hone Your Hand Play Skills

Lots of people walk away from Black Friday with bruises from intense tussles over cheap electronics. So...maybe it's time to stay in and make your own bruises at home. Here’s something to get you going. Read Your Hand, My Ass: Erotic Spanking for Beginners to get you started.


Spend Some Time Loving Your Hot, Awesome Naked Self

For so many of us, body image is a constant struggle. If you spent Thanksgiving day eating a ton of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and other goodies you may be feeling it now. Rather than being sucked in to feeling "fat," take some time to appreciate just how hot you are. And read 6 Steps That'll Help You Love Love Love Your Naked Self for inspiration.

Sample Some Slippery Stuff

You know what you never hear about on Black Friday? People carefully selecting items that are exactly what they want. Here, you get to do just that, with lube! Most people tend to stick to one lube out of habit. Or they don't use lube! Take a lube tour and see what’s out there:


  • Water-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Water/silicone hybrid
  • Oil-based
  • Flavored

Knock on the Back Door

While hundreds of people are pressing each other against the front doors of big box stores in a sale-induced frenzy, you can stay cool and play Back Door Santa. Yup, I do mean anal sex. Read more about it in Anal Sex: After the Entrance.

Master Some New Mouth Maneuvers

You may have spent the day before stuffing your mouth with yummy food, now you can stuff it with ...other things. Have some fun putting your mouth on other people and find some fun new ways to do it. Mix up your routine and maybe find a new favorite or two. Get some new ideas (and images) in 6 Superstar Oral Sex Positions.


Slow Down Your Sex - Extend Ecstasy

On a weekend that’s often marked by long waits in line, I propose you instead spend a long time in bed. In Tantra, sex is a full mind and body experience - and that experience takes time. Learn more in Sex for the Soul: Tantric Explorations for Beginners.

Raid the Toy Box

While crowds at Toys "R" Us are rioting over this year’s hot toys, you can have a riot using toys to get all hot! Explore your (many, many) options! Whether you’re interested in vibrators (or the new wave of pulsators), dildos, anal toys, masturbation sleeves, Kegel balls or bondage, kink & fetish toys the world is your sex toy oyster- crack it open!

Be a Sexy Scientist

Sure, you could go crazy scrambling to grab a gift for that special someone ..or you could just spend some time learning what they really want. Time for a sex lab! Why? It’s the best (and most fun) way to see what you can learn from your partner and see what you can teach them. That's the sort of exploration that leads to the best sex. Take it from Kate McCombs in Getting Curious: The Surprising Skill for Hot, Fun and Consent-Happy Sex.


Cuddle Up and Snuggle In

Crowds, malls, yelling, pushing, lines thanks. There's nothing inviting about that! Now, because it’s not always about sex (I guess) about some fluffy blankets, cozy couches, maybe a movie marathon and someone yummy to do some touching with? Doesn't that sound like an awesome way to spend the craziest shopping day of the year?

And if you still want to get some shopping in ... do it online!

JoEllen Notte

JoEllen is a writer, speaker, researcher and mental health advocate whose work explores the impact of depression on sex and relationships. Since 2012 she has written about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken on her award-winning site The Redhead Bedhead. JoEllen has led workshops nationwide on sexual communication, navigating consent, having casual sex kindly, and dating as an introvert. She has toured sex shops, spoken at length on dildos, and...

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