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Wild Flower Enby 2: Sex Toy Review

Published: JULY 5, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 1, 2021
The Wild Flower Enby 2 does everything the original did, but waterproofed and with more flexibility and power.

The Product: Wild Flower Enby 2

The Rating: 4/5

The original Wild Flower Enby took the world by storm. One of the first genderless vibrators, the Wild Flower Enby was specifically crafted to fit any body - and to pleasure whatever happened to be between your legs. With a surprisingly detailed design that managed to slide between penis stroking to partnered grinding to pegging pleasure with ease, it's no surprise that the Wild Flower Enby was such an amazing seller - and got some serious hype.

And, of course, when a company has a big seller, one of the next-biggest things they do is upgrade it - so it's even more awesome (and hopefully encourages some of the original Enby lovers to upgrade!) In this case, the Enby 2 was upgraded with a new motor (that's twice as powerful) as well as a softer, squishier silicone that's more flexible than the original Enby.


The Enby 2 also received a charging upgrade with a waterproof design (instead of a splashproof design like the original) and a magnetic charging port (instead of the plug-in charging port that was likely keeping the Enby from being waterproof on the first iteration).

The Wild Flower Enby 2 still comes with everything amazing people loved about the original Enby - like its physical design. The "wings" of the Enby 2 are still made from a super-flexible silicone while the vibrator lays flat for the perfect surface to grind against for clitoral stimulation.

The ridges along the "bottom" of the Enby 2 still function perfectly for penis stimulation when the Enby 2 is wrapped around a penis. Unlike some sex toy company upgrades, Wild Flower just upgraded the things that customers had requested - and left the best-selling base design alone.


So let's pack into my Wild Flower Enby 2 review:

How to Use the Wild Flower Enby 2

The neat thing about the Wild Flower Enby 2 is how gender non-specific it is. There is no "one use" for the Wild Flower Enby 2. Trying to write a "how to" manual for it would just be a bunch of question marks - and that's the point. The Enby 2 was designed to excel at multiple different things - and encourage you to explore the toy and/or your partner's body to figure out how things work best. (The Enby 2 still works well for solo play too!)

However, that doesn't mean you don't want some inspiration. Some of these "odd shaped" sex toys like this don't instantly bring uses to mind, so let me help you out there. Some of my suggestions for how to use the Wild Flower Enby 2 would include:

a person wears the Wild Flower Enby 2 inside a strap-on harness


The Wild Flower Enby 2 can be slipped inside of a strap-on harness to provide pleasure to the harness-wearer during strap-on-sex.

 the Wild Flower Enby 2 is slipped between two bodies for rider on top sexYou can slip the Enby 2 between your bodies in a Rider on Top position


a person lays on top of the Wild Flower Enby 2 to grindThe Wild Flower Enby 2 can be laid flat on any surface to grind on top of it.

a person lays flat against the Wild Flower Enby 2 while performing oral sexTry lying on the Enby 2 when performing oral sex in a prone position

both partners sit on the Wild Flower Enby 2 while one performing oral sex...or add a little buzz to your oral sex, giving and receiving!


a person has their penis stroked with the Wild Flower Enby 2 while sitting on their partner's lapThe Wild Flower Enby 2's wings can "wrap" around a penis to provide vibrations perfectly-matched to your pleasure area.


How'd You Use It?

There are SO many different ways to use the Enby 2 vibrator. Instead of attempting to make a general list of how the vibrator feels, I'm going to separate it out into the different activities that we've used the Enby 2 for - and how well those activities went for us.

As a Hands-Free Vibrator

At this point, I think my favorite way to use the Enby 2 is as a hands-free vibrator. The Enby 2 easily slides into a pair of panties, and it'll stay pretty much exactly where you put it without requiring any specialized underwear or straps that are tight on your body. This means you can easily slide this vibrator into your underwear, lay back, and enjoy yourself while the vibrator does its job.

This makes for easy, great teasing during foreplay (like when I'm focused on my partner and don't have the hands to spare - but still want some pleasure of my own), and it also makes for really fun masturbation sessions. I can lay back and read a book or watch videos - or use my hands elsewhere - while still receiving pleasure from the Enby 2 without needing to actively "use" it. It also can easily slide into the underwear of anyone restrained with kinky restraints - for some low-key pleasure while you're doing other things to their body (like impact play).

I find that I actively need movement to orgasm alongside the vibrations of the Enby 2, so "laying back and enjoying" does all of the foreplay and prepwork for me, but I find that grinding against the Enby 2 is really where the orgasmic "magic" is for me. It feels good (and is great foreplay) with the vibrations alone, but it doesn't start hitting the orgasmic note unless I start grinding against it. Just pressing it against my body doesn't quite do it like a wand massager would. (This is coming from the woman who never uses the vibrations with the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow, though, and just uses grinding, so I'm definitely very pressure-heavy with my pleasure.)

Grinding on the Enby 2 on a Flat Surface

Laying the Enby 2 flat on a surface and grinding against it doesn't really work for me, but I'm 95% sure that's a "my body" thing and not the toy itself. Since I have a plushier vulva with more squish around the clitoris, it means I really need a taller, pronounced ridge to have good clitoral contact for grinding. For me, the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow is a much better fit (though still not great), and the Ruby Glow's pronounced area is almost twice and tall as the Enby 2.

THAT being said, even if it isn't as effective, the Enby 2 is always the grind-on vibrator we pull out for partnered play. While I do prefer the Ruby Glow for solo grinding, we've figured out that placing the Ruby Glow on my partner's body - and grinding on that - just hurts him. The edges are too sharp. That isn't the case with the Enby 2.

Since the edges of the Enby 2 are super-soft and super-flexible silicone, they don't hurt or press uncomfortably into the skin. This means that I can place it on my partner's body (like his thigh) and grind into it during foreplay or as our "main event".

As noted, it still isn't orgasmic for me unless I really get it between my labia, but it's actually pretty comfortable for him, and I could see this being a primary way that couples might want to use the Enby 2 - especially if one of them is particularly into grinding.

Strap-On Harness Use

I don't have the same "harder to orgasm" issue when using the Enby 2 in a strap-on harness. I think this is because of the pressure the dildo provides. Since the dildo presses down on the entire Enby 2 (including the pubic mound), I would guess that it, effectively, stimulates my clitoris for all-around pleasure. (Similar to using a full palm to press along the upper half of the vulva). The Enby 2 offers a slight pronunciation to try to hit my clitoris, but it isn't a good fit unless I really "spread" the labia to get it in there. That being said, it's still more pronounced than the BumpHer - and it offers vibrations too.

I will say that "getting it to align right" when using it in a strap-on harness does take a bit of time. We've found that it stays in place best when we're using a moderately stable sex position. For example, when it's him-on-top, he slides onto the dildo - then leaves some space between him and I for me to reach down and spread the labia and get the Enby 2 into a great spot. Then we can go the entire rest of the pegging session with the Enby 2 staying in the perfect spot for me.

That isn't necessarily the case with more active pegging sessions. Since there's nothing to really "hold" the Enby 2 in place under the strap-on harness, it can definitely wiggle around when the body is really active. I find I have to pause for more adjustments to keep the Enby 2 where I want it (if I actually want to orgasm off of it) during strap-on sex positions where I'm more active like doggy style or some of the more athletic options. (This one in particular). If I don't stop to adjust it, it's still pleasurable, but it isn't as simply orgasmic as if I had stopped to readjust the Enby 2 to where I needed it.

To Stroke a Peen

This is probably one of our least favorite ways to use it - though, admittedly, that may be because we have hundreds of toys specifically designed to pleasure a penis, no dysphoria about using them, and he generally prefers all-encompassing pleasure to single-area stroking and vibrations. He's the kind of person that really loves the Tenga Spinner and KIIROO KEON (review of the KIIROO KEON here), so while I was open to giving the Enby 2 a spin, I wasn't expecting a ton of success.

And "lukewarm" was effectively what we got. While he can definitely orgasm with it, it isn't nearly as fluid or functional as using it as a stroker. While the Enby 2 claims to have more flexibility than the original Enby for curling the vibe up into a stroking motion, it still doesn't translate into "easy to curl". It isn't impossible, but after about five minutes, your forearm gets tired - and it feels a bit like you're using one of those forearm muscle training squeezers more than a sex toy.

Then there's the lube issue. If you start actively stroking full strokes (and using the amount of lube that requires to not snag skin), it quickly starts to "spill over" the edges of the Enby 2. This then means you've lubricated the outside of the toy - and as soon as you do that, it's game over. The "outside" of the Enby 2 (when held as a penis stroker) is completely flat and smooth, and while it isn't hard to get the Enby 2 into a penis stroking shape, it isn't fluid either. This means your hands start slipping, your stroking gets pretty inefficient, and in our case, we generally give up and toss the toy onto the bed before he actually gets to orgasm from it.

To make the peen-stroking work well, I'd say you probably want to be someone who uses minimal amounts of lube and does minimal actual "stroking". If you're someone who is just going to wrap the vibrating Enby 2 around your penis for surrounding-the-shaft vibrations, you'll likely have a lot more luck than someone (like us) who prefers the full strokes of a penis stroker. I recommend ensuring you have good forearm strength or are comfortable unwrapping it sometimes to rest your forearm - otherwise, we fell in love with the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux, and I'd highly, highly recommend that one if your sole goal is penis vibration.

How Else Could It Be Used?

Since the Enby 2 is waterproof, it can also be used in the shower or bath. We mostly enjoy its waterproof capabilities for easier cleaning, but it does open up aquatic ways to play. I could see this being fun to sit on if you had your own personal hot tub - or a bathtub that had a ledge on it for easy sitting.

While we haven't tried it that way, I could also see it being really simple to "sit" on the Enby 2 for vibrations around the anal area. Your mileage may vary on that depending on how much squish you have in your butt. A less-squishier butt will make it easier for the protruding Enby 2 bump to actually be able to touch your hole, but fluffing it up with some towels and spreading the cheeks before sitting may also increase success for squishier cheeks.

Product Details

The Wild Flower Enby 2 is a long, flat vibrator that pretty much reminds you of a stingray. (My partner has taken to calling this a Stingray, and I'm 90% sure they're going to give it a pet name at some point). The "wings" of the Enby Two are thin and flat and flexible - while the "center" of the vibrator is much thicker, houses all of the vibration motors and moving parts, and is very rigid. While the edges of the Enby 2 vibrator are flexible and bendable, nothing about the toy is plushy or squishy. The entire toy is a very firm silicone.

As you move outwards towards the edge, there aren't any motorized parts, so it's all flexible silicone there. The 1" of silicone closest to the center is semi-flexible, but it feels thicker and more resistant to curling and flexing. The final 0.75"-ish along the edges of the Wild Flower Enby 2 is extremely flexible as a very-thin layer of silicone.

The Wild Flower Enby 2 has a really unique design - which is what makes it work as this "all-in-one vibrator" in the first place. Instead of being designed to pleasure just one area with one type of stimulation, the Wild Flower Enby 2 was crafted to pleasure multiple erogenous zones, and various features within the Wild Flower Enby 2 are focused specifically on that functionality.

For example:

  • The very thin layer of silicone along the edges is to ensure that vibrator is comfortable when worn against the skin when moving around.
  • The flexible design of the silicone-only "wings" of the Enby 2 are designed to "wrap around" cylindrical pleasure spots - like the penis.
  • The three strips of edging texture along the "backside" of the vibrator are designed to add extra stimulation when the Enby 2 is used to stroke a penis.
  • These underside ridges also help the toy stay in place for grinding against it on a flat, slick surface.
  • The very thin, pronounced thickness at the tip of the vibrator is used to snuggle into small spots on the body for targeted stimulation - like against the anus or clitoris - during use.

The vibrations on the Enby 2 are focused at the tip of the vibrator that's slimmest in size. The entirety of that tip (and all of its sloped surfaces) seem to experience a similar amount of intensity from the vibrations. The vibrations can still be felt down the middle of the Enby 2 down the flat part of the vibrator, but it's a lot harder to feel the vibrations on the super-flexible "wings" of the Enby 2.

I'm really wondering what the vibrations were like on the first Enby because the Enby 2 is touted as having stronger vibrations - and I'm still not super sold on the intensity of the vibrations. I'd argue that the pleasure of the Enby 2 is in the design itself - and not necessarily in the vibrations. They aren't particularly weak, but they aren't super-strong either. I'd say the Enby 2's vibrations are stronger than average but not by a lot.

That being said, the vibrations on the Enby 2 lean on the "buzzy" side. I even pulled out my Vibratex Rechargeable Wand Massager to compare. The Enby 2's highest setting is probably 60% of the lowest setting on the Vibratex, but they're a different frequency of vibration. The Enby 2's vibration feels extremely high frequency and skin-level sensations. The Vibratex's vibrations feel deeper and like they massage the underlying muscle and tissue on your body.

This means the Enby 2 can definitely be one of those vibrators that "numbs" the skin a little bit with longer use. I really recommend using the patterns or taking a break from the vibrations regularly if you want to make the Enby 2 as pleasurable as possible for as long as possible.

Noise-wise, the Enby 2 isn't quiet, but it isn't aggravatingly loud either. It's in the middle ground where I'd say that you probably don't want to use it if you have someone else in your home (even if the door is shut between the two of you), but it's not loud enough to be bothered by it during use. You'll hear its buzzing (especially on the highest, steady setting which sounds a bit high-pitched), but it isn't distracting in any manner (unlike the noise I mentioned in my Arcwave Ion review). I'd say it's average on vibrator-noise which doesn't make it super-discreet.

Measurements of the Wild Flower Enby 2
Length: 6"
Width: 5"
Thickness: 1.25" in the center

How It Works

The Wild Flower Enby 2 has a single button on one of the sides of the vibrator. This button controls the entirety of the vibrator and all of its functions. It operates like most single-button vibrators, so there isn't much to learn when you pick up the Enby 2.

Press down that single button for two seconds to flip on the Enby 2 vibrator. Once the toy is on, you can do a single press to scroll through the 3 speeds of vibration and 3 patterns of vibration. The vibrator goes through the three vibration speeds - then the three pattern speeds. If you turn off the Wild Flower Enby 2 at any point (holding down the button for two seconds) then turn it back on, the Enby 2 will resume its vibration at the beginning again - the low, steady vibration setting.

The Wild Flower Enby 2's six different vibration options include:

  • Low steady vibration
  • Medium steady vibration
  • High steady vibration
  • Bzzt, pause, Bzzt, pause, Bzzt pause
  • High-low, High-low, High-low, High-low, High-low
  • And rolling vibrations from low to high in 1 second duration "rolls"

It's very easy to control with this single button. The button presses down really easily with a nice "click" - though with the bendable design of the Enby 2, it can be hard to press down the button unless you have something supporting the vibrator on the opposing side of the button. (Otherwise the vibrator tends to "bend" under the pressure instead of allowing the pressure to press down the button.)

Materials and Care

The Wild Flower Enby 2 is made entirely of silicone. As I've mentioned early, the exact "type" and "rigidity" of silicone really varies based upon what part of the toy you're using, but it's all one fluid, seamless piece of silicone. This silicone scent-free and taste-free. It pretty much just lends itself perfectly to the design of the toy without getting "in the way" in any manner.

You might want to use lubricant with the Wild Flower Enby 2. If that's the case, ensure that it's a water-based lubricant. Oil-based or silicone-based lube can harm the material of the Enby 2 - and nobody wants to buy a brand new vibrator just to destroy it on the first uses.

When you're done with the it, the Wild Flower Enby 2 is much easier to clean than the first iteration due to its waterproof design. This means you can submerge it and clean it under running water. Use warm water and gentle soap - or water-based toy cleaner. Wild Flower does not recommend using alcohol, petroleum, or acetone cleaning products on your toy. I (honestly) just wash the Enby 2 with my standard hand soap, and it has worked out just fine, but in a pinch (or laziness where I refuse to get up from the bed), I use the sex toy cleaner I keep there.

The Wild Flower Enby 2 is rechargeable - which means you don't have to worry about locating any batteries. Instead, the battery inside of the Enby 2 recharges - just like your cell phone. There's a magnetic charging port on the bottom side of the Enby 2. Just press the charging cable into the magnetic charging port, and the Enby 2 will charge up. The charging cable cannot be attached backwards. A blinking light means that it's charging - while a steady light means that it's fully charged up and ready to go. The light is hard to see in the daylight, so cover the power button with your hand to see if it's properly lit up.

While the instructions don't tell me how long it takes to get to a full charge (and I haven't tried timing my charge of my Enby 2), it does say that a full charge will last you 90 minutes to 2 hours on the highest settings. That's well beyond what I need for a single play session, but it works great for not needing to charge up the Enby 2 after every play session.

Finally, to end this section of my Wild Flower Enby review, I want to talk about the manufacturer's warranty. The Wild Flower comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty - which is pretty standard in the quality-sex-toy market. This warranty protects your toy from any workmanship or faulty material defects within the first year (started from the date of purchase). If something happens with your Enby 2 vibrator within that first year, Wild Flower will repair or replace it free of charge. Just make sure to keep your original receipt from Kinkly Shop as warranties always require proof of purchase. (Which is why I always recommend keeping receipts!)

The Packaging

The Wild Flower Enby 2 vibrator comes in sturdy, cardboard packaging. This cardboard packaging is flat - but colorful. It works well for storing the Enby 2 as it has a specially-cut foam insert inside of the box made just for it. The cardboard is also thick enough to easily stack other boxes on top of it if need be.

However, the packaging does clearly display the Enby 2's design on the front side of box. This means that it isn't as discreet as you may need it to be. There are no scantily-clad humans on the box, though - just a picture of the toy and some text.

The Wild Flower Enby 2 comes with the vibrator itself, its charging cable, and a fold-out, color instruction manual. The instruction manual is pretty comprehensive, but it does leave out some key points - like how long it takes the Enby 2 to reach a full charge.

The Verdict: 4/5

The Wild Flower Enby 2 stands out in our bedroom as a versatile vibrator that can switch between a ton of different activities - and still provide pleasure in all of them. Figuring out how that pleasure will happen is very much an experimental process, and as you go, you'll probably figure out the "dos and donts" of using the Wild Flower Enby 2 to ensure seamless pleasure with your personal anatomy and the way you enjoy your own sex acts.

If my partner or I are going to masturbate solo, both of us would rather reach for another toy. While the Enby 2 is the "jack of all trades", that can make it the "master of none", so toys built exclusively to do one thing feel better doing that thing than the Enby 2.

That being said, the Enby 2 fits seamlessly into our sex life for a variety of activities in a way that most sex toys can't. It flits between strap-on sex, partnered dry humping, penis stroking, hands-free foreplay, and handheld vibrations in a way that (quite literally) no other body safe sex toy can do. It means we don't have to carry multiple toys to the bed for chill sex sessions, and when we're just there to explore one another's bodies, the Enby 2 lets us do that in a way that adds more pleasure.

If we have a goal in mind (like penis stimulation for him or ensured, easy orgasms for me, etc.), we likely tote more toys to the bed alongside the Enby 2 - because while the Enby 2 is pleasurable, it isn't always pleasurable enough to be easily orgasmic for some of the activities - at least for our bodies.

Other Options

If you're looking for a versatile couple's vibrator like the Enby 2, you have some options out there; it just depends on what feature of the Enby 2 initially caught your eye and what your primary, "ideal" use for it was when you saw it.

If you were really into the idea of sharing a vibrator with your partner - where you both can enjoy pleasure from its design - I'd recommend the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3, MysteryVibe Crescendo, or the Satisfyer Endless Love. (Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 review and Satisfyer Endless Love review) All of those couple's vibrators are specifically designed to work for multiple pleasure configurations due to their unique designs - and easily transition between penis pleasure to vaginal pleasure. They're like twins for the Enby 2 in that they all provide the same type of "explore you and your partner's body" designs.

If you really liked the idea of "grinding" against the flat surface of the Enby 2 vibrator, you probably want the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow. This flat-base vibrator is placed against any flat surface - and you sit on top and enjoy the vibrations and rigid surface to grind against. It's designed to pleasure the clitoris, but it could be used for penis-owners as well.

If you read this Wild Flower Enby review hoping to find out more about its pegging potential, I'd steer you towards the BumpHer dildo base or the Wet for Her Fusion dildo. Both of those toys are designed to add clitoral pleasure to the base of a dildo that's worn during strap-on sex. (Though the Shagger offers a wild design compared to those two). There's also the Strap-on-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On Dildo - which is amazingly popular in the femdom strap-on space right now for being extremely pleasurable with vibrations that hit the clitoris. (Strap-on-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-on Dildo review)

If you were really into the idea of having a targeted, wrap-around penis vibrator, you might consider the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux. It's much more comfortable to grip (no bending silicone required), and the vibrations on the Pulse Solo Lux are much stronger and remote-controlled. It also, however, has a much higher price tag. If you're looking for pleasurable penis vibrations in a similar price range to the Enby Two, I'd go with the Satisfyer Men Wand. It's specifically designed to bring vibrations to the penis with a similar vibration intensity as the Enby 2 - but with an inflexible, penis-focused design.

Tips for Buying a Couple's Vibrator

Presumably, you're reading over this Enby 2 because you're curious about a couple's vibrator like this: a vibrator that can easily transition to pleasuring any anatomy within seconds. (That, or you really like reading everything I write. In that case, thank you!)

If you are shopping for a couple's vibrator, though, I figure I can give you a bit of guidance along the road. Here are my tips for buying a couple's vibrator:

  • Figure out what uses you want it for. Couple's vibrators are notoriously flexible in the bedroom (that's the point!). But they're a bit of that "jack of all trades" type of sex toy. They're fluent in multiple types of pleasure - but not a master in any one thing. This makes them ideal for exploration and playing with, but if you already have an end goal in mind before you pick up a couple's vibrator, ensure that the vibrator will be a good fit. For example, while I like the Enby 2, I wouldn't pick it up if my sole goal was powerful clitoral stimulation. There are other toys that do it better. However, a wand massager, which excels at powerful clitoral vibrations, is going to be pretty useless when it comes to moving between strap on harness pleasure and clitoral pleasure - which the Enby 2 does swimmingly.
  • Set aside from time to practice and explore. Couple's vibrators are notorious "exploration" toys. You probably aren't going to find the best fit for the vibrator within ten seconds of use. It might take a few sessions before you and your partner first out where the Enby 2 fits best. That's part of the fun of versatile sex toys like this - figuring out all of the super-hot ways you can use it in the bedroom.
  • If you're looking for a toy that does its exact job and requires zero exploration, a couple's vibrator like the Enby 2 may not be a good fit. You might want to find a vibrator that's specifically designed for the goal-oriented thing you're trying to achieve; it's likely to lead to more happiness for you in the long run.

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