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Why You Need to Add a Thruster to Your Sex Toy Collection

Published: FEBRUARY 27, 2020 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
Ready to delve into the orgasmic pleasure a thrusting sex toy can provide?

One of the latest trends on the sex toy scene, thrusters are amazing, orgasmic little pieces of bedroom technology. Exactly how the name sounds, a thruster is any sex toy that offers a thrusting motion.


Almost like a mini version of those coveted sex machines, due to their designs, thrusters offer a back-and-forth motion once inserted into the body. Most thrusters don't provide full, to-the-hilt-and-back thrusts, but you can expect quite a bit of movement from a thruster - and that's what they're designed for!

Honestly, I can explain until I'm blue in the face, but a video shows this amazing design much better:

Impressive, right? Considering most people's bodies respond well to movement and thrusting, it certainly makes your non-thrusting toys look a little, well, old-fashioned.


Your wand massager certainly can't thrust - and most rabbit vibrators only offer rotation. There's really no other toy on the market that's anything like a thruster - and since these toys are still rather new to the scene, many people don't know about their amazing capabilities!

The technology required to make thrusting toys used to be cost-prohibitive, but no longer! Newer advances in affordable technology have started to make these thrusting toys more accessible to the average buyer - and we're certainly not complaining!

We're expecting to see more of these amazing thrusters within the next few years - each with the ability to slide itself back and forth against some of your most sensitive nerve endings!

Still not convinced? Don't worry. There are lots of other reasons you might fall in love with a thruster - and we encourage you to take one out for a self-love date!

Hitting those Erogenous Zones

Did you know that the entrance to the vagina and butt have some of the most nerve endings out of the entire area? There's a large number of nerve endings clustered around the entrances, which makes them more ready to send waves of pleasure through your body!


Sliding of toys back and forth against these nerve endings is one of the most-effective ways to pleasure them, which is why thrusting can feel so amazing! Since Thrusters are designed to thrust, well, you can see how they'd hit these amazing erogenous zones, right?

Targeting Unique Erogenous Zones

Like we just talked about, thrusters are designed to hit some pretty rarely-targeted erogenous zones! G-spot toys are designed to hit the g-spot, and most vibrators are designed to target the clitoris or g-spot, but there aren't many toys designed to replicate the pleasurable sensations of thrust, which is one of the main jobs of a thruster.

Add that to the fact that some thrusting toys include vibrational or clitoral stimulation abilities, and you have one powerhouse of pleasure!


CalExotics Shameless Seducer thrusting vibrator

[The Shameless Seducer offers both sensational thrusts and flickering clitoral teasing!]

Lay Back and Enjoy

Unlike traditional vibrators or dildos that you have to move yourself, thrusters do all of the work for you. Slide the toy into place and turn it on, and watch as the toy does all of the thrusting for you!


Especially if wrist fatigue is a problem (or you love marathon sessions!), thrusters take all of the effort out of, well, thrusting! Just hold the toy in place and enjoy the toy doing all of the work for you. What better way to focus on just enjoying the pleasure?

CalExotics Shameless Tease thrusting vibrator

[Shameless Thrusters, like the Shameless Tease pictured above, has seven vibrational patterns, four thrusting functions and a flickering teaser! This dreamy toy will do all the work!]


More Affordable Than Sex Machines

While you won't get the same full-stroke sensations as sex machines, thrusters can provide similar sensations - at one-twentieth the price! Some Thrusters can provide up to 850 strokes per minute, so while you might not get the same stroke length, you'll certainly get what matters: lots of back and forth movement!

Slide that thruster up against your most sensitive areas and enjoy as it treats you to a constant stream of effortless pleasure.

CalExotics Shameless Flirt thrusting vibrator

[As mentioned above, Shameless Thrusters, like the Shameless Flirt pictured above, offer 850 thrusts PER MINUTE! Talk about an unparalleled sensation!]

More Portable than Sex Machines

Not only are thrusters more affordable than sex machines, but they're more portable too! Instead of lugging around a 20 pound (or more!) machine that takes up the majority of your luggage, a thruster is the same size as your favorite vibrators: slim, easy to store, and easy to travel with.

Want to travel with your thruster often? Make sure it has a Travel Lock feature to avoid surprisingly shaky luggage.

Ready to delve into the orgasmic pleasure a thrusting sex toy can provide? We thought we could convince you!

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