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Sex Stories We Love: When Mother of Dragons Speaks, Gender Fluid Fabulous & Write Sexy, Right? Wrong!

Published: NOVEMBER 29, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
This week's edition include stories on how celebrities affect how society views sex, a smoking hot gender-fluid lingerie model, and the worst sex writing of 2017!

Celebrity and sex are a pretty fickle pairing. Both hold so much power. Combined, they can often be a monster, as we are currently experiencing. Yet there is also the potential that celebrity can positively affect our sex lives. That's just one of the things we'll look at in this week's Sex Stories We Love.


When Mother of Dragons Speaks

Well, you can’t say it any more plainly than this. Emilia Clarke, star of "Game of Thrones," often gets asked about the show’s sexual content. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Clarke vents some frustration with so much focus being placed on something so basic - sex in the show. Noting that there are plenty of shows out there that maintain a high sexual profile, Clarke makes a simple statement that can resonate. “People fuck for pleasure - it’s part of life.” Some might consider this a flippant comment by a performer, but I hope it is more. Whether we like it or not, celebrities carry social weight that can be thrown around for the good or the bad. As Daenerys Targaryen, an iconic role on one of the most successful projects in television history, people will listen to Clarke. If she can espouse the idea that sex isn’t just about procreation, that it can be just about fun, that might help people feel better about the sex they're having.

Celebrity Pressure

Can celebrity sway the legal system? Some would suggest that personalities of note have exerted influence of the legal world for years - but that it is usually just to cover up their own misdeeds. If Kim Kardashian West - with all her wealth and resources - can take up a cause, do you think it will make a difference? Let's hope so, because she's set out to help Cyntoia Brown, currently 29 years old and serving a life sentence. Brown is a victim of sex trafficking who, at 16, shot and killed a man who had purchased the use of her body from her pimp. She suffered tremendous abuse. Brown was tried as an adult and will spend her life in prison. Her story has been shared before, but this week, Kardashian West mentioned on social media that she was getting her legal team involved on Brown's behalf. Other celebrities took note and shared Brown’s story as well. Can this make a difference? Does it matter who becomes the advocate? Time will tell.

Righting Wrongs, Eh?

Here in Canada, it could be argued that our biggest celebrity is our head of state. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been an international sensation since taking office a couple years ago for being young, attractive, and attaching himself to social issues such as feminism. While his government’s actual efficacy on a number of issues is debatable, one thing this leader is doing is trying to right past injustices. This week, the Trudeau government cleared the historical records of those who were charged with consensual same-sex criminal offenses. We’ve heard stories about these arrests from all around the world, and we know they still happen in some places today. This is one small step, one that will hopefully lead to more healing for the LGBTQ community.


Gender Fluid Fabulous!

Speaking of the LGBTQ community, did you see the amazing photos of latest Playful Promises model Violet Chachki? The gender-fluid performer simply rocks the Betty Page look - and the lingerie company rocks even harder in explaining why Chachki was chosen for their latest campaign. If you’re looking for your next slinky attire or are looking to share a gift this holiday season, please consider this smart and progressive company.

Listen, TED Talks

Reports have now surfaced that there were numerous complaints of sexual harassment at the respected TED Talks conference in Vancouver last spring. Many of us tune into TED Talks online and take a lot away from the tremendous variety of talks and speakers. It is disheartening to hear that this shit happens in, what seems, a bastion of smart thinking. However, it is good that when confronted with concerns, action was taken by conference organizers to remove offenders. However, I find the following statement from TED Talks organizers problematic: “We did hear from a small number of women attendees at TED2017 about harassment. As a result, two men were immediately disinvited and won’t be returning,” There is no need to put the word "small" there. It is a diminutive that is meant to minimize the stature of the complaint. You heard from women. It doesn’t matter how many. It could be one, it could be 100. Any number is too many. Ingrained language, such as this, is a part of the problem.

Write Sexy, Right? Wrong?

Finally, who do you think will become the next winner of the auspicious bad sex in fiction award? The shortlist is here.

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