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What I Learned While Selling My Underwear Online

Published: AUGUST 15, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
My customers indulge in my most personal piece of clothing and that gives me a sense of power I've never experienced before.
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Exactly a year ago, my three-year relationship ended, I moved into a new apartment, I was picking up freelancing for the first time, and I had just booked a flight to Europe. My funds were low and my goals were high. I felt empowered and free. However, my bank account told me otherwise and hindered my ability to properly begin my new, single life. Naturally, desperation sunk in.


Now, this isn't to say all sex work comes from desperate times, but I did begin to seek alternative methods of earning money for myself. As a sex journalist, sex work didn't seem too terribly far off from my natural inclinations. I'd heard about the panty-selling business, but wasn't entirely sold on the idea of how successful it could truly be. But I was intrigued, so I jump-started my research.

Within a few days, I had made an account on a site called Scented Pansy, a sort of eBay for used panty sales. I adopted a new alias, and documented my pretty expansive panty line. Before making any sales, I also make sure no one would discover my identity.

Through a website such as Scented Pansy, you can create a shop and chat with serious kinksters. At first, I was apprehensive about these faceless, nameless, people on the internet who wanted to purchase and play with my underwear. Would they be sleazy? What would they want to know about me?


As it turned out, most of the customers were men, and most were only interested in chatting for a few minutes before making a deal. Like at your local mall, these customers would quickly ask for what I had available and ask what form of payment I took. If they had a special request - for example, three days of wear instead of one - I would let them know the price and approve of the request or not. What surprised me the most was their generosity and their kindness. If I wasn't comfortable with a certain request they would simply let me know that it was OK and that they would purchase the panties regardless.

We all like to get off. Some people do it by tying up their partners. Others, as it turns out, do it by ordering used panties on the internet.

I Found a New Sense of Power

My shop became successful enough that it became a successful side gig. I started a Twitter and Tumblr account where I posted additional images and prices to reach more people. I started buying panties in bulk, from thongs, to full-backs, to lacy leotards. Something I discovered from my customers was that they didn't need anything particularly sexy. They were most interested in my full back, basic panties.


What started as an easy way to earn money transpired into a space where I felt powerful and dominant. I had complete control over what my customers could buy and request. If I felt offended or unsure of a sale, I simply wouldn't respond. Yes, I was doing sex work, but the internet provided a safe barrier that kept me comfortable. And, while used panties are a pretty personal item, the transactions themselves turned out to be curt and nondescript.

After a few months, I had developed a group of regulars who contacted me directly for their next order. Now, I just go about my day, wearing my regular underwear and shipping them off a day or two later in a zip lock bag and brown envelope. The process is painless.

As a freelancer, money doesn't always come in on time and waiting for payment can be painful when trying to make rent. I don't depend on selling my used underwear for income, and I don't make thousands of dollars off of selling panties. I use the extra cash for nights out, or to buy a new piece of clothing.


Moreover, I enjoy it. Even when I don't particularly need the extra money, it's an easy side job where I get what I want, as does the customer. I'm now happy to report that I'm a pro at selling my underwear. Through trial-and-error, I've learned the business and how to make it work for me. My kinky side gig has become a money kink for me as well.

I like being in control of the process, having the ability to make my own choices and to say no to requests I don't like. Plus, I feel empowered at making money just from wearing underwear, something most people do for free.

Table of Contents
S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane is a sex journalist and visual artist living on the South Side of Chicago. She writes actively about health, wellness, and the arts. There is a high probability that she will corner you at a party to lecture you about HPV.

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