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What Experts Think the Top Sex Trends of 2020 Will Be

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 9, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
We went straight to the experts and asked them what they think the top sex trends of 2020 will be. Here's what they had to say!

It's a brand new decade! The roaring 20s are back, and we for one can't wait to see what they will bring this time. Especially, when it comes to sex.


We went straight to the experts and asked them what they thought the biggest sex and sexual wellness trends of 2020 will be! Here's a look at all the sexy and sex positive trends coming your way this decade.

Sexy Sounds

"I think audio porn will be a major sex trend in 2020. Quinn, a written and audio erotica site founded by Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel's sister Caroline Spiegel, just relaunched. Apps like Dipsea and Ferly are bring sexy stories to people's phones. These are all woman-founded, and I think they're in part a reaction against male-centered mainstream porn. They give people a way to engage with their sexuality that's less influenced by these conventions or by beauty norms and more up to their own imagination."

-Suzannah Weiss, Sex Writer and Certified Sex Educator


Closing the Orgasm Gap

"I'd say the biggest sex trend we'll see in 2020 is a greater focus on the study of female orgasm and all of the ways it can be experienced. We've seen a lot of more studies in the last few years surrounding the internal clitoris and how it can be touched and activated through the A-spot, C-spot, G-spot, and cervix. In 2020, I think we'll continue exploring the female body and give it the attention is deserves so we can finally start to make real strides to close the orgasm gap."

-Gigi Engle, resident Womanizer and Pjur sexpert, certified sex coach, and author of All The F*cking Mistakes: a guide to sex, love, and life.


More Swinging, Less Taboo

"Shared online swing communities: These already exist in some capacity, however, with more technology and widespread use of VR, users can plug into a fully immersive swing community to date and have sex.

"Less taboo on open relationships: These are becoming more popular and less taboo as couples keep exploring alternatives to the monogamous construct. Destigmatizing open relationships will allow more people to talk about this option more transparently and authentically to consider if it’s the right fit for them or not."

-Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT and CST, AASECT certified sex therapist, sexologist, and licensed marriage and family therapist for


Talk About Your STIs

"2020 will be the year of sexual health awareness, and conversation will begin to open up about STI's. There doesn't need to be a stigma around sexual health, STIs, or temporary infections. They happen and are as common as anything else. Because they are so common, they also don't indicate that someone is 'easy.' It's simply a matter of health.

"People are beginning to accept these facts and therefore are more honest with themselves and others. The world still attaches some negativity to the conversation, but in 2020 the 180 degree shift will begin to take place."

-Carmel Jones, Sex Coach and Founder of The Big Fling


Therapeutic Sex Toys

"Millennials are coming into the market with less cultural baggage than their predecessors and previous generations are really starting to open up and appreciate the therapeutic role of sex toys as they age.

CalExotics is right on trend at the moment with a line of toys they call Inspire with toys designed to help women recover from breast augmentation or cancer surgery.

New ways to experience classic sensations are always on trend for our industry, as battery technology and connectivity continue to develop and become more efficient; the sex toy industry will respond with innovation and new ways to enhance pleasure."


-Tami Rose, Tantric Expert and Owner of Romantic Adventures

Inclusive and Consensual Sex for All

"I think that both representation and consent will continue to be at the forefront of our conversations and be part of our collective sexuality’s evolution. I believe that we will see this in everything from sex education to porn and sex toy trends.

"Consent has come so far since it was first a major topic in the kink community in the 1980s, but has in some ways become miscommunicated and even weaponized as it moves into legal standards. I think we must make sure we are continuing to look at consent as an ever evolving paradigm and have constructive, even challenging, conversations on what consent really means, looks, and feels like.

"In porn, education, and toys I think we will continue to see more diverse representation and marketing towards disenfranchised communities. I hope we see more minority directors/producers in porn, as well as actors.

"As toys continue to evolve I think we will see more options for accessibility and a range of sensory experiences. As long as we hold companies accountable for not tokenizing or pandering to marginalized communities, I believe this will be a boon for everyone."

-Dr. Laura McGuire, Ph.D., Sex Educator, Trauma-Informed Specialist and Inclusion Consultant

Bring on the Female Dominance

"We think the top sex trends for 2020 will be all about female dominance. We are constantly receiving emails from female listeners not only saying that they are fearlessly speaking up for the type of touch they want, but many of them are also taking it a step further by taking the reins in the bedroom. In the sex toy world ,the pegging market continues to climb, and we are also hearing more from Lifestyle FemDom’s.

"We are also seeing more and more women getting into the professional field of ProDom work. Everyone has a smartphone and/or laptop these days, making self-employed cam work an easy career to experiment with. Many women say that they love this work as it allows them a safe outlet to make money while feeling their strength and power. We’ve recorded a number of these episodes with women identifying as FinDom’s (Financial Dominatrix, episode #138), Humiliatrix’s (episode #85), and more."

-Amy Baldwin, Sex Educator, Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-host of the Shameless Sex Podcast

Gender-Neutral Sex Toys

"I foresee two top sex toy trends taking hold in 2020: a focus on gender-neutral and all-around inclusive marketing and product design in the US market, and more high-tech, user-friendly designs coupled with clean, modern marketing across Europe.

"Over the last few years, the entire pleasure industry - especially US-based brands - has been practicing better acceptance of folks in the LGBTQ+ community and helping other marginalized folks feel welcomed as consumers. Many North American sex toy brands, like COTR Inc, Blush Novelties and Sportsheets, have been instrumental in creating positive change for all humans with stigma-busting marketing messages and products. I predict that it’ll be American retail brands to finally nix gendered product labels like “for him” and “for her” and produce corresponding sex-ed content that includes more people of all races, shapes and sizes."

-Colleen Godin, Writing, Marketing & Events for the Sexual Wellness Industry

Open the Conversation

"The most important trend in sex for 2020 is the emergence of a much more open conversation than ever before regarding the dominant social and commercial narratives in the culture and business of sex.

"The expansion of numerous identities regarding defining one's own sexual freedom and expression is a game-changer. It has allowed for a space to exist alongside the dominant cis-gendered male construct of how sex is most significantly defined as an industry and culture. That second lane finally reaching its tipping point now allows what was once "alternative" to sustain and grow in the mainstream."

-Marcus K. Dowling, Sex Writer

Reconnect With Your Body

"Recent years have seen a significant rise in how we connect, sexually, to others in increasingly different ways. People have really been exploring different ways to touch each other, in both gentle and extreme ways. I think 2020 is going to be a continuation of these theme, but with a more personal twist.

"This year, people are really going to get into touching themselves. I know, I know, how is this different than any other year...ever? Sure, people have always explored and enjoyed masturbation and self-pleasure, but I think this is the year folks really get into different, exciting, new ways to touch themselves and then talk about it.

"We live in a calamitous time. We’re scared, we’re unsure, we’re engaged in global events. Everything that is happening—from climate change to the spread of fascism to the potential of a global conflict (literally, as I write this)—all of it is going to provoke a need in us. And for some, masturbation and personal exploration will be a profound way to reconnect with our bodies. Even when our minds and hearts are full of the world."

-Jon Pressick, Sex Writer and Editor


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