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Video: The 5 Key Types of Vibrators You Should Know

Published: MARCH 18, 2019 | Updated: JUNE 26, 2020
These five types of vibrators offer different features - and different thrills. Learn about the differences to find the best one for you.

One question we often hear from readers is "which vibrator is the best?" Here's the thing: While there are definitely awesome vibrators and terrible vibrators in terms of quality and function, there's no "best" vibrator. What's best all comes down to your preferences, your body and what makes you feel good.


The first step to picking the "best" vibrator is to understand what different types of vibrators are for, what their benefits are, and what you're looking for from a trusted sex toy. We put together a video with our partner, LELO, to help you learn a bit more about the key types of vibrators out there, and move you a little closer to finding your favorite.

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