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Our Top Tips for Buying Your First Vibrator

Published: SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 27, 2021
Picking the right first vibrator for you is worth the effort. Get it right, and it could mean hours of pleasure.

I still remember my first vibrator. I had spent years attempting to masturbate on my own (even downloading guides off the internet to try to help!) with minimal success. I think I had achieved a few orgasms, but without knowledge or lots of successful practice, attempting to masturbate felt frustrating and annoying. Sure, I'd end up turned on, but it was hit-or-miss if I'd actually get an explosive finish from that arousal. I just didn't have great odds, and it felt more frustrating than fun - especially when I REALLY wanted to be able to know my body well enough to just orgasm when I wanted.


So, I took a trip to a local toy store. The options for vibrators were instantly overwhelming. Back then, "sex positive sex toy stores" weren't much of a thing, so I spent the entire visit being sized up by a guy behind the counter who was much-too-interested in staring at me. The pressure, combined with hundreds of options, meant I just hoped for the best when I nabbed the first basic, battery-operated vibrator I found, tossed it on the counter, and scurried out to leave that place. (Luckily, my sex toy shopping experiences are much more welcoming these days!)

And when I took my new BFF home, I remember how much better my masturbation felt. Especially as someone who had years to figure out how to orgasm - and still had trouble with it prior to buying the toy (isn't sex ed so helpful for clitoral owners?), that slim, $15 plastic vibrator made a world of difference.

Its long length ensured that I didn't need to be in the "perfect" spot to still get pleasure. Its vibrations meant that once I held it against myself, I was probably going to end up having an orgasm.


I don't say it lightly, but my first sex toy genuinely revolutionized my sex life. Whereas orgasms had been difficult and hard-to-achieve before, a vibrator gave me the permission and tools needed to figure out what my body needed and how to get it.

With the popularity of the internet, it's easier than ever to take your time when shopping for a vibrator. No longer do you need to physically stand in an unfamiliar store - and feel overwhelmed by all of the options on every physical surface.

While there's still a lot of amazing things to be said about in-person shopping, online sex toy shopping still offers the best convenience for taking your time and thoughtfully narrowing down your purchase - without feeling awkward if you're the sole customer and feel like the shop attendant is watching you.


Why Are Vibrators So Amazing?

There are a whole host of sex toys out there. Hundreds of thousands, actually. Vibrators, however, still tend to be the best-sellers out the entire mountain of available sex toys out there. Why is that? Well...

The Body Responds Well to Vibrations: For most people, a powerful vibrator can result in powerful orgasms - even if the person didn't WANT to have an orgasm right then. That's the power of vibrations. Whether we're talking about clitoral pleasure, the g-spot, the p-spot, or the frenulum on the penis, a well-placed vibrator can very easily be orgasmic - for anyone.

Vibrators Make Pleasure Accessible to All People: Vibrators can be used on any body - regardless of what's between your thighs. While vibrators have different shapes (usually designed for specific uses), their shapes don't "force" them into specific uses. Instead, any vibrator can be used for anything and used anywhere. Internal or external, vibrators can be used to stimulate nerve endings anywhere on the body!


Playful Options Exist: Especially for those who are nervous about owning a "sex toy", it's easiest to find playful, approachable designs in the world of vibrators. Innovative companies like Emojibator provide bright, fun, and colorful options. The world of vibrators offers more visual options than other sex toy types.

Excuse for Exploration: If you're used to pleasuring yourself in a specific way with your hands, adding a vibrator to the mix instantly changes it up. While they'll probably be a short learning curve while you figure out the best intensity levels and spots for your body, that short curve gives you a chance to explore your body. Vibrators, in particular, can be a great way to reconnect with your body - and pleasure. Whether your body has simply changed over time, you're working through trauma, or you simply don't give your body enough mindful attention, holding a vibrator in your hand can be the perfect excuse to make sure all of that self-exploration happens.


What Are the Options?

If you're brand new to vibrators, you're probably feeling awfully overwhelmed by how many different types are out there. Most sex toy retailers even sort their vibrators into separate categories. Which one do you click on?!?

Well, let me give you a bit of help and introduce you to the different types of vibrators out there:

Clitoral Vibrators

These small, handheld vibrators are specifically designed for clitoral pleasure. Featuring designs that focus on hitting the clitoris, a clitoral vibrator is usually much slimmer in length than many of their other vibrating counterparts. Some clitoral vibrators offer unique shapes that focus on the clitoris - while still spreading some of the vibrations to the rest of the vulva.


i-Scream Vibrator by Emojibator

There's also an entire segment of cute vibrators within the clitoral vibrator segment. Take something like the i-Scream vibrator. Its shape doesn't scream "insertable," but the broad, ice cream cone surface works perfectly for clitoral pleasure.

You should get a clitoral vibrator if:

  • You're really after clitoral pleasure - and not looking for anything insertable.
  • You want a vibrator that isn't particularly large.
  • You're looking for a toy that's likely thin enough to slide between the labia for direct clitoral contact.
  • You want a vibrator that's specifically designed to pleasure the clitoris and/or the rest of the vulva.

Rabbit Vibrators

Like we've touched on in many articles here on Kinkly, rabbit vibrators can be hit or miss. Every rabbit vibrator has its own design. In order to hit two spots at once, this design has to assume where your clitoris is - and where your g-spot is - and the exact distance and angle they are from one another.

Read: 5 Reasons Why Rabbit VIbes Are Still Popular

When you lay it out like that, you can see exactly why rabbit vibrators are an extremely personal fit. A rabbit vibrator that has someone else singing out like they're in choir might have you tossing it against a pillow in a frustrated rage. The unique properties of rabbit vibrators mean that they fit a specific anatomy configuration - and will not fit every person.

When you find your dream rabbit, you might be the happiest person on the planet. Until then, it's easy to get frustrated. This doesn't take rabbit vibrators out of the running as a good "first vibrator", but it's something you have to be aware of - especially if you have a tight budget that only allows the purchase of one toy.

Luckily, there are no rules that say your vibrator can't be used in different ways. Just because you bought a rabbit vibrator doesn't mean you can't just use the external, clitoral vibrations - without ever inserting the shaft. Some people just use their rabbit vibrator like a dildo - and get a separate clitoral vibrator - if the rabbit vibe doesn't work out.

All that is to say: your rabbit vibe can still provide pleasure, but be aware that it might not be a perfect (or instantaneous) fit.

You should get a rabbit vibrator if:

  • You're looking to pleasure multiple orgasmic spots at once.
  • You have the available budget to purchase more rabbit vibrators in the future if this one isn't a good fit.
  • You're open to a lot of self-experimentation to figure out what angles and pressures work for you.
  • You have a general idea what insertable size you need. Two fingers are about a 1.5" diameter, if that helps give you an idea. (Rabbit vibrators, as a whole, tend to be thick! Make sure you know what diameter works for you!)

G-Spot Vibrators

Specifically designed for insertion, a g-spot vibrator slips inside the body and snuggles into that bundle of nerves known as the Gräfenberg spot. Most people's g-spots are located inside the vagina and up towards the belly button. Because that spot requires a decent "curve" to get to it, most g-spot vibrators will be curved as well.

However, just like everything else about sexual anatomy, the g-spot location is unique to every individual. Yours may be deeper - or shallower - depending on your personal anatomy. This is why a wide range of g-spot vibrators exist - each with its own length and curvature. If your first g-spot vibrator doesn't hit the g-spot perfectly, don't stress. It's possible your next toy will be the perfect fit!

Due their longer length and wider tips, a lot of people like to use g-spot vibrators as clitoral vibrators as well. The longer handle makes for more comfortable use while the wider tip of the vibrator makes for more contact on the pleasure spot you're trying to stimulate. For this reason, a lot of people find that g-spot vibrators can make a fantastic "first" vibrator. Not only can the toy effortlessly pleasure external spots, but it can slide inside to hit the g-spot as well!

Evelyn G-Spot Vibrator by Emojibator

A great example of a g-spot vibrator is the Evelyn. See how the vibrator is specifically crafted for insertion through its length? Once the toy is inserted, the thicker head at the tip of the toy allows for broad, more fulfilling contact against the g-spot. With the control buttons at the base, vibrations can be adjusted seamlessly to find the right intensity level for what you need.

(Tip: "G-Spot" vibrators can easily become "P-Spot" vibrators to hit the prostate as long as the toy has a flared, anal-safe base. Most g-spot vibrators do not have this, so it's usually safer to shop around in the Anal Vibrators category if you're looking for prostate pleasure.)

You should get a g-spot vibrator if:

  • You want a versatile vibrator that can go inside the body - but also can pleasure outside of the body
  • You'd like to explore g-spot stimulation with the toy you purchased
  • You have a limited budget, and it's only possible to purchase one toy

Couple's Vibrators

Like the name implies, couple's vibrators are a category of vibrators designed to be used between two (or more) people. Any toy can technically become a couple's vibrator if you're sharing it with a partner, but these toys are specifically crafted to be shared simultaneously - or designed to pleasure multiple anatomies within a single product.

The Martin Couple's VIbrator by Emojibator

Take, for example, the Martin Couple's Vibrating Stimulator. The circular design means this vibrator easily works to pleasure a penis. At the same time, it could be worn on a penis during penis-in-vagina intercourse to simultaneously pleasure a clitoris! At the same time, that same loop functions as an easy "handle" to turn the Martin into a clitoral vibrator with two vibrating "arms" that surround the clitoris.

You should get a couple's vibrator if:

  • You want to use that vibrator with another person someday in the future (or now!)
  • You're looking for a vibrator that's designed to pleasure multiple erogenous zones.
  • You're looking for a vibrator that can be used during intercourse in the future.

Gender-Neutral Vibrators

While most vibrators on the market are crafted to pleasure a specific part of the anatomy (whether that's the clit, the butt, the penis, the g-spot, or anywhere else,) gender-neutral vibrators are specifically crafted to be gender-free. This means that they aren't really crafted to hit a specific spot.

In many cases, because of their gender-free design, most gender-neutral vibrators choose to offer features that might appeal to a variety of body types. A gender-free vibrator may include ridges - which would be pleasurable if they were stroked along a penis. At the same time, it may have a long, insertion-friendly shaft which would work great for those wanting to insert their toy. Really, every gender-free vibrator is unique - which is what makes them so neat!

Because gender-neutral vibrators aren't crafted for a specific spot, they aren't always the most beginner-friendly vibrators. Their "it pleasures everywhere!" design is amazing for self-exploration and getting to know your body, but if you're looking for a vibe that's going to help you achieve goal-focused pleasure on a single spot, you might be better off with a different type of vibrator.

That being said, gender-neutral vibrators are picking up steam due to their flexible design and non-gendered marketing. In addition to working for a variety of pleasure spots (in a single toy), gender-neutral vibrators also make fantastic couple's vibrators because they swap between body preferences so seamlessly.

You should get a gender-free vibrator if:

  • The idea of a gendered vibrator is uncomfortable for you.
  • You'd like to spend the time exploring your body and figuring out how the toy will work for you. (Gender-free vibrators tend to have a higher learning curve).
  • You like the idea of a vibrator that's crafted to hit multiple different erogenous zones.

Bullet Vibrators

Named for their super-small profile, bullet vibrators are the super-portable cousin of the vibrator family. Above all else, bullet vibrators are designed to be small and discreet. Perfect for people who like to have a vibrator on-demand, a bullet vibrator's tiny design makes it one of the only types of vibrators that can simply fit into a pocket or a purse without a second thought.

Since bullet vibrators are so slim, they tend to have smaller motos and weaker vibrations than most other vibrators on this list. After all, a vibrator that's less than 5" in length just doesn't physically have the space for as large of a motor as a vibrator that's 8" long. People who swear by bullet vibrators consider this a necessary trade-off in order to enjoy a vibrator that's available on-demand no matter where they're at.

The Pickle Emojibator

The Pickle Emojibator is a great example of a bullet vibrator. The small length is less than 5". It's slightly longer and wider than a finger but not by a whole lot!

You should get a bullet vibrator if:

  • Small and portable is perfect for you.
  • You need something that can be easily hidden.
  • You want something that can fit into a pocket.

Air Suction Vibrators

Relatively new to the world of vibrators, air suction vibrators have blown everyone out of the water ever since their initial release. Instead of vibrations, air suction toys use the power of suction. As many people can tell you, sucking on the nipples, penis, and clitoris can feel very good! Now, it's possible through just a sex toy.

An air suction vibrator features a hollow, circular tip. Think of it like a "pleasure chamber" for the body part you're looking to pleasure. You place the air suction toy over the area you want to pleasure. The edges of the "tip" form a gentle seal around the area. Once that seal is formed, you can power the toy on. The toy then provides a soft "suction" to the area that's underneath the "sealed" tip.

Air suction vibrators have really exploded onto the scene within the last few years. Known for their ability to easily rock some people into multiple orgasms with no overstimulation or pleasure fatigue, they've really become a bedroom favorite for many.

At the same time, using an air suction vibrator isn't quite as easy as many standard vibrators. In order to work properly, air suction vibrators require knowing exactly where the spot is that you want to pleasure - and being able to line up the air suction vibrator perfectly onto that spot.

Unlike standard vibrators, which provide the same amount of pleasure regardless of pressure, air suction vibrator sensations can change drastically depending on the amount of pressure that's applied. While air suction vibrators can provide a lot of pleasure, they also require a bit more management than most vibrators do. This can make them a bit daunting for a first vibrator.

Chickie Air Suction Vibe by Emojibator

See above is the Chickie Emojibator, an air suction vibrator. The "head" of the Chickie functions as a cap that protects the air functionality. When the cap is removed, it exposes the hollow tip. This hollow tip surrounds your pleasure area (the clitoris, nipple, or frenulum) to make a gentle "seal" to start the pleasure.

You should get an air suction vibrator if:

  • You're familiar with your body and know the exact location of the area where you want to pleasure.
  • You're interested in spending a few sessions getting to learn your preferences for the air suction functionality.
  • Direct pressure to the clitoris (or your desired pleasure spot) causes you discomfort.
  • You've experienced sucking on your pleasure spot in the past, and you'd like a toy to replicate that.

Penis Vibrators

While the industry is slowly changing, the majority of vibrators are still crafted with clitoral pleasure in mind. Any one of those vibrators can be used on the penis to pleasure it, but penis vibrators take it one step further and provide vibrations with a physical shape that's designed to hit the best spots on the penis. While any vibrator is technically a penis vibrator, this subset of vibrators is specifically crafted for the unique shape of a penis.

In most cases, this means that penis vibrators are cylindrical in shape (in order to wrap around the penis) or that they look like little hats (in order to sit on top of the penis and pleasure the head).

Those specialized shapes help bring vibrations to the most sensitive spots on the penis.

It's worth noting that most penis vibrators are designed to be used as stationary toys. While some penis vibrators are built as strokers, quite a few penis vibrators (especially the "head" style ones) are designed to be held on top of the penis until they vibrate you all the way to orgasm. This is a definite departure from the standard penis strokers that are crafted to go up and down the penis for stimulation.

You should get a penis vibrator if:

  • You want a vibrator specifically designed for the shape of a penis.
  • You're open to leaving a toy stationary instead of stroking up and down.

Anal Vibrators

Any vibrator that's been designed for safe anal play instantly falls into the anal vibrator category. These vibrators are toys that offer a flared base that prevents the toy from sliding entirely into the butt. Since the butt doesn't have a specific "end point" like the vagina does, retrieving items from the butt can be extremely difficult - and occasionally ends in ER trips for a professional's help.

Putting a flared base on the end of the vibrator instantly alleviates that concern.

Quite a few anal vibrators are specifically crafted with the prostate in mind. While anyone can use a prostate-focused anal vibrator and still enjoy its pleasurable design, someone who has a p-spot will likely find it more orgasmic. The prostate gland is located inside the butt and, like the g-spot, is curved towards the belly button. Also like the g-spot, firm pressure and vibration on this bundle of nerves can feel extra-orgasmic.

Orville Anal Vibrator by Emojibator

(Tip! Anal vibrators shouldn't go back and forth between vaginal insertion and anal insertion unless you're able to sterilize it between uses. Anal bacteria can cause infections in the vagina - and nobody wants that.)

You should get an anal vibrator if:

  • You want a vibrator to use against or inside of the butt
  • You're looking for something to stimulate the prostate
  • You think you might want to use your vibrator inside of the butt someday.

Wand Massagers

Easily the most powerful vibrator type on this list, wand massagers are large, microphone-like toys. A wand massager features a "head" (where the vibrations are all centered) and a "handle" (where vibrations aren't centered so you can comfortably hold it). Wand massagers were originally designed as muscle massagers, but as soon as people started experimenting with the powerful vibrations...well, you get where this ends up.

So, now, wand massagers are a pretty common type of bedroom toy! The large, broad head means you don't have to be as precise when finding "the spot", but the powerful vibrations mean that you can quickly figure out which spots feel "good" and which ones don't. The long handle means most people can use wand massagers with minimal strain - though the wand massager's heft may make it an uncomfortable choice for some people with wrist strength concerns.

Wand massagers are powerful enough that they aren't generally recommended as a first vibrator. Especially for people first experimenting with vibrators, a wand massager's unbelievable power level can actually be overwhelming - in a bad way! While there are ways to help soften powerful vibrations if need be, most people recommend avoiding a wand massager as a first vibrator - unless you're 100% sure you need the most power possible.

You should get a wand massager if:

  • You require a lot of power to orgasm - and you already know that about yourself.
  • You have difficulty orgasming and want something that's strong enough to possibly "force" it out of you.
  • You have a larger budget available to buy a sex toy. Wand massagers are more expensive, on average, than other types of vibrators.
  • You don't require a lot of discretion. Wand massagers are large, hard to hide, and loud compared to other types of toys.

Tips for Buying Your First Vibrator

Now that you know what types of vibrators are out there, I want to help you figure out what vibrator is right for you. That's the thing about vibrators: every vibrator is unique as your body is unique. This means that every vibrator won't be a good fit for you. Finding the perfect match, for your body and unique needs, is how you find the vibrator that's going to have you excited to get home - and get some private time to use it.

When looking through the selection of vibrators out there, keep in mind:

What's Your Budget?

Before you do anything else, you might find it helpful to set a budget for your new vibrator. Vibrators can vary, drastically, in price. You can spend $10 - or you can spend $300. Like everything else in life, the more you pay, in general, the better the features. A good "sweet spot" where quality meets lower cost is around $35 to $75. At that price, manufacturers can still include quality parts without needing to include all of the bells and whistles that can drive up a vibrator's cost.

Like most things about sex toys, I recommend saving up to get a slightly better sex toy if possible. While all of us have started off with the cheapest possible toy we could find (remember my $15 toy?), you'll find better quality by spending a few more dollars. It's usually worth saving up to get a slightly more expensive toy - than settling for the cheapest one because that's what's in your bank account at this moment.

In my case, my first $15 vibrator was soon left in the dust as soon as I went back to the store and picked up a $45 toy.

Do You Want to Insert It?

Especially as a first vibrator, you might just plan on sticking to external pleasure. Whether you're looking to pleasure a clitoris or penis or somewhere else, most people purchase vibrators for external pleasure.

That doesn't mean that your vibrator has to be used externally, though! If you ever intend to use the vibrator inside the body, I recommend paying attention to the measurements of the toy. If you never choose to insert the toy, no harm done; the toy will behave just like a regular external vibrator.

On the other hand, if you decide you want to insert your new vibrator, your toy will already be at a size that makes that very possible for you. Win-win!

If you're brand-new to sex toys, most people new to penetration and toys prefer something in the 1" to 1.25" diameter range for vaginal pleasure - like the Eggplant Emojibator. If you have a lot of experience with penetration and intercourse, you might prefer a thicker toy - but if you have that experience, you probably have a general idea of what "size" you prefer, too.

(Tip! If you're looking at inserting the toy anally, ensure that it has a flared, anal-safe base, too! Especially for smaller vibrators, without a flared base, a toy can easily be "lost" inside the butt - and that really isn't fun.)

How Powerful Do You Need It?

Vibrators come in a wide range of power intensities - which is fantastic because human bodies come in a wide range of pleasure needs too! Some people will prefer gentler vibrations - and anything "powerful" will feel like uncomfortable overstimulation. Others will find those gentler vibrations too soft to actually get them off - and that can be frustrating about a toy too.

Getting more power can come with trade-offs, though. More powerful toys tend to be more expensive - as strong, powerful motors cost more money. The more power you add to a toy, the louder it tends to become as well. Balancing extra-powerful vibrations with the precise design and softening aspects to keep things quiet is a very difficult task.

So, with your discretion and budget needs in mind, you'll have to think about the power you require - and try to find a vibrator that matches. When shopping in a store, many sex-positive sex toy stores will have tester models that allow you to try the vibrations on your hands. When shopping online, reading reviews can help you narrow down your choices and figure out the vibration intensities on your potential vibrator.

How Does It Get Its Power?

While rechargeable toys are easier to find nowadays, some sex toys still use batteries. Neither is better than the other! Rechargeable options can be great; you'll never have to worry about buying batteries. At the same time, rechargeable vibrators require that you have the privacy to openly charge your toy - and if a rechargeable toy runs out of battery mid-use, you'll just be stuck without a sex toy.

On the other hand, battery-operated sex toys, like the Emojibator toys, ensure you're never left without a vibrator. Since batteries can be switched out in seconds, you can pop in a fresh set of batteries and get back to the job at hand. Since battery-operated toys don't need to charge, they can also be left in the deep, discreet depths of a drawer until you're ready to use them, too.

How Do You Clean It?

While it isn't the most glamorous part of sex toy ownership, you have to clean your vibrator too. Just like you have to clean your own body, sex toys require baths after they get dirty to ensure you're starting with a clean, bacteria-free sex toy each time you pull it out of the drawer.

Your toy's design can determine how simple/difficult that process is to do. Especially if you're someone who has a limited amount of time to clean your sex toy without arousing suspicion from others in the household, a toy that's quick and easy to clean might be vital for you.

The toy's waterproof capabilities make a big difference for cleaning. If your toy is waterproof, it can easily be held under the faucet which eliminates the need to carefully wash your toy. It's just faster to clean a toy that can go under the water.

You also want to consider how many nooks, crannies, and textures your potential vibrator has as well. A toy with zero textures or crevices will clean up in a jiffy while a toy that includes more curves, bends, and intricate textures will require a bit more clean-up time to ensure the spots between those textures are truly clean.

Of course, if you'd rather have a texture-filled, intricate vibrator and spend a bit more time cleaning it, that's entirely up to you, too! Like anything about sex toys, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer: just what's best for you and your lifestyle.

How Discreet Is It?

Are you someone who lives in shared housing? If so, a large, 10" vibrator presents problems that shorter toys would not. Not only is a larger vibrator harder to hide, but you also need to remember that the toy needs to be cleaned. Unless your bedroom has an attached bathroom, this means transporting your sex toy to the bathroom. If that happens to be a long walk, a small sex toy that can fit into your pocket can easily become the best choice for you (like the Emojibator Queeni or Emojibator Banana.)

Don't forget about storing the toy as well. Almost every vibrator needs to be stored somewhere with room temperatures away from direct sunlight. Where do you have within your private space that works for that - and does the size of your potential vibrator fit into that space? For the obvious reason, smaller toys will hide easier than the larger toys. Particularly small toys, like the Emojibator Chili Pepper, can easily slide into a sock in the sock drawer.

Discretion also matters during use. How loud is your vibrator? While that can be hard to figure out while shopping online, you can look into reviews over the toy - whether on the seller's page or by doing a web search. Sometimes, sex toy reviewers may post video reviews over toys too - which can give you a good idea of the noise level. While it's hard to figure out exactly how that vibrator will sound when it's in YOUR bedroom as compared to an online video, it can give you a general idea of what the toy sounds like.

Do You Want to Use It In the Shower?

Ten years ago, it was a fight to find sex toys that were waterproof (I know. I was trying!). Nowadays, waterproof capabilities are standard on most vibrators. If you're someone who wants to use your toy in the bath, shower, pool, or hot tub, you'll want a toy that's waterproof. If you already know that you're a prolific squirter, a waterproof sex toy can also help prevent your vibrator from an early death, too.

Don't forget that waterproof capabilities can also make your vibrator easier to clean as well. When something is waterproof, it can easily be submerged in a soapy bath - or held directly under the faucet. While I'm not someone who likes to use sex toys in the bath or shower very often, I absolutely lean towards waterproof toys just because of the ease of cleaning they provide.

What are the Practices of the Manufacturer?

If you're someone who's concerned about environmental impact or sex positivity, you might want to take the manufacturer's practices into account before purchasing your sex toy too. While this concern is still new to people's radars, it's important nonetheless, and it's something you should consider if these things are important to you.

What packaging does the vibrator ship in? Where were the vibrators part's made - and where were they assembled? Does the manufacturer provide any clarity or information about the treatment of their employees inside of their factories? These are all things you can consider to figure out the environmental impact.

Whether the company is sex-positive can also be a bit difficult to ascertain. Does the company seem to promote a healthy sex life - without sexualizing it? Are women mentioned in derogatory terms? Does the company provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions about their toys? Does the company offer sex education in some form - like articles, videos, PDFs, or more? If so, does the educational seem correct, or does something seem "off" about it?

While not as important to your use as the other tips on this list, this may still be important for you as a consumer.

It's All About You

That's the thing about getting a vibrator - especially your first one. Everything is about you. And that's a good thing. Your body is unique, your environment is unique, and your pleasure needs are unique.

Hopefully, this bit of education helps you figure out what vibrator would be a good first vibrator for you - because you'll always remember your first. ;)

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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