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Try It, You’ll Like It! 8 Sex Positions for Beginners

Published: JULY 19, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
There are a lot of benefits to trying new sex positions: It gives you and your partner something new to experience together, it enhances intimacy and it provides new visuals and sensations. These eight beginner-friendly sex positions are a great place to start!

Have you popped into the Kinkly sex position database recently?

If you're anything like me, a visit there might make your eyes bulge out of your head—and then promptly cause you to write off experimenting with sex positions. Some of those positions look like Olympian feats to themselves!

But hear me out: There are a lot of benefits to trying new sex positions.


Not only does it give you and your partner something new to experience together (to enhance intimacy and keep things feeling fresh!), but it also provides new visuals and sensations. If you stick with Missionary position every time you have sex, you'll never know what intercourse can feel like from a different angle—or get to see your partner's body in a whole new light.

(And if you don't like the new sex position you try out, you can always go back to old favorites! No harm done!)

So, here are some beginner sex positions to get you started exploring new ways to pretzel your bodies together.

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What is the Best Sex Position for Beginners?

So, we've talked about some neat positions—but which one is the best sex position for beginners?

Well, that's a bit of a trick question. You see, there isn't just one.

The best beginner sex position for you will be different than the best beginner sex position for Janet or Bob next door. You have a unique body—completely different than anyone else's. So it makes sense that the sex positions that work best for you will be just as unique as you are!

The best sex position for a beginner is the one that feels best for you.

And you can only figure that out from exploration. Try new sex positions. Find the ways your bodies fit together best. As you're exploring, look for these things to help you figure out what is best for you both:


  • Comfort. The best beginner sex position for you and your partner(s) should be comfortable and honor your bodies. Numb limbs, pinched nerves and sore muscles don't make for a position you'll want to want to go to often.
  • Sexual fulfillment. Make sure your best sex position provides the sexual ending you're both looking for. Does that mean you need hand-to-penis or hand-to-clitoral access to make orgasms happen? Make sure that fits.
  • Connection. How much connection and intimacy are you looking for? Does the sex position provide enough face-to-face time? Enough skin-on-skin contact? Enough kissing?
  • Sustainability. Not all sex positions are created equal for cardiovascular and muscular requirements. Make sure the best beginner sex position for you and yours allows you to enjoy it for as long as you both want to.

So, experiment with your new sex positions for beginners, talk it out with your partner, and you both can figure out what the best sex position for a beginner is for your unique bodies.

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8 Sex Positions for Beginners

Not sure where to start though? That's what Kinkly's here for! While the key to finding the best sex position for a beginner is giving some new positions a try, you won't be able to give new positions a try unless you know of some new ones!

So, here are eight to get you started:


1. The Cross Position

The Cross Sex Position: The receiving partner lays on their back with their arms extended to either side for support. The penetrating partner lays on their back perpendicularly to the receiving partner with their hips twisted towards them to facilitate penetration.

Tons of skin-on-skin contact without lots of physical strain? Heck yes. Welcome to the Cross Position!

To get into it, both partners simply lie down at a 90 degree angle from each other and enjoy the swap in sensations and visuals.

Since neither partner is doing a lot of heavy lifting here, the Cross Position can be sustainable for longer periods of time—and with everyone's hands free for pleasure, it can be a great way to enjoy continued skin-on-skin contact. Hold hands, stimulate the receiver, flick the nipples and enjoy being able to easily see the pleasure on your partner's face!


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Modify It With: If the penetrating partner has wide hips, you might find that the angles don't quite match up. If that's the case, consider sliding a Liberator Wedge or Dame Pillo under the receiver's hips for a bit of added height. If you're finding it hard to get lots of movement with the Cross position, consider having sex on top of a blanket to make it easier to slide back and forth.

Try It With: Your favorite large sex toys!

As the Cross Position leaves all the room in the world, you can pull out your wand massagers, large penis strokers and more. We're thinking the Arcwave Ion, Magic Wand Mini, and LELO Smart Wand Medium. No need to watch the size of your toy here!


2. The Desk Domination Position

Desk Domination Position. The receiving partner lays down flat on a desk with their hips at the edge of the desk. The penetrating partner stands between the receiving partner's thighs and pushes inside.

This sex position looks way more difficult than it actually is!

The biggest key to nailing the Desk Domination Position is finding a sturdy surface that matches up with the penetrating partner's height. Once you have that, it's as simple as one partner laying down and the other standing up!

Despite being so simple to pull off, the Desk Domination Position has that "gotta have it now" feeling to it that really rewards you for trying a new sex position. It also leaves both partners' hands available and open for touching one another. This can make it easy to ensure the receiving partner has the stimulation they need for orgasm!


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Modify It With: A new surface.

Finding a taller, or shorter, surface will instantly modify the angle of penetration. Just make sure it's safe to rest your weight on!

Try It With: A bit of bondage! Both partners' wrists and the receiver's ankles are open for cuffs and restraints in the Desk Domination Position. These can add some great sensations to an already stimulating position!

3. The Turtle Position
Turtle Sex Position. The receiving partner gets on their knees and places their head on the floor while curling up as tightly as possible. The penetrating partner kneels behind them and slides inside.

Make penetration feel as deep as possible with the Turtle Sex Position. With the receiving partner curled up, the vaginal/anal canal can feel shallower and tighter—which can make penetration feel different for the both of you!

Think of the Turtle Sex Position like a Doggy Style Position; the only main difference is that, in the Turtle Position, the receiving partner tries to bring their chest as close to their thighs as possible.

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Modify It With: Pillows or a small piece of sex furniture (like the Liberator Jaz) to prop up the receiver's chest and make breathing easier. While getting as curled up as possible is important to changing the penetration sensation, it's more important to pay attention to your body and ensure you don't overstretch your back and hamstrings. Don't hurt yourself in the Turtle Sex Position!

Try It With: Double penetration!

In vagina-owning receiving partners, the addition of an anal toy (like a butt plug or anal vibrator) can make the vaginal canal feel even more snug and further change up the position for both partners. Try the b-Vibe Snug Plug, the Nexus Simul8, the Rocks-Off Cocktail for a "set it and forget it" anal option or the Odile or Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex if the penetrating partner wants to be actively involved.

4. The Lotus Position

Lotus Sex Position. The penetrating partner sits with their legs straight in front of them. The receiving partner sits on top of the receiving partner's lap with their legs on either side of the penetrator's hips.

Simply sitting up can instantly change everything about intercourse.

Not only will you both be enjoying a different angle, but the Lotus Position keeps you both snuggled up close to one another. This intimate, face-to-face angle can be amazing for making out, embracing and enjoying the vulnerability of being so close to one another.

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Unlike some other sitting sex positions, the Lotus Position takes a lot of the flexibility and strength requirements out of the equation by allowing both you to use standard positions. The receiver will simply kneel while the penetrating partner sits with their legs extended.

Modify it With: Leaning on a wall or headboard.

Depending on the torso angle the penetrating partner needs to make penetration happen, the Lotus Position can be a core workout! Take this sex position onto a wall or headboard to let the penetrating partner focus more on the pleasure—and less on their core!

Try It With: Vibrating cock rings. For most couples, the Lotus Position works great for grinding movements—which means a vibrating cock ring on the penetrating partner will have a better chance of keeping constant contact with the receiver's erogenous zones. Try the Fun Factory NOS or MysteryVibe Tenuto!

5. The Grand Slam Position

The receiving partner is laying flat on a surface, face-down. The receiving partner climbs on top of the partner's butt for penetration while straddling the hips.

Add more friction—and reduce penetration depth—with the Grand Slam Position. A modified rear entry position, the Grand Slam sees the penetrating partner straddling the receiver's hips to slide against all of the flesh of the butt and make it to their "final destination." This additional flesh can help reduce penetration depth—and add fantastic friction for the penetrating partner too (we just recommend a lot of lube)!

Modify It With:
Pillows or a Liberator Wedge underneath the receiver's hips. Not all receiving partners will enjoy their hips being firmly pressed into the surface below them; this may be especially uncomfortable for penis-owning receiving partners with a firm surface beneath them. If that's the case, props can help reduce pressure (like in the Little Lift position).

Try It With: Lay-on-top vibrators and toys. As the receiver's hips will be pressed flush against the surface beneath you, toys like the Wild Flower Enby 2, the Rocks Off Ruby Glow and/or the Orion VibePad 2 can instantly add sensation without lifting a finger. (And they aren't just for clitoris-owners either! Penis owners can get a lot of pleasure from laying on top of their vibrating surfaces too!)

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6. The Stand Down Position

Stand down boy position - the receive bends over on the edge of the bed, feet and shins hanging off it, the giver stands against it and thrusts

Another modified doggy style position, Stand Down takes a familiar favorite and puts a unique spin on it. By kneeling on top of some furniture, the receiving partner can instantly change up the height for penetration—which can make the penetrating partner enter at an upward or downward angle. This simple change can make it easier to hit the receiver's g-spot/p-spot—or simply hit new internal erogenous zones!

The Stand Down Position also has the benefit of being a reliable position you can use with most pieces of furniture. This can make it your go-to position for hotel and vacation sex—and can make it a great sex position to challenge yourself for sex outside of the bedroom.

Modify It With:
A new piece of furniture! The focal point of the Stand Down Position is the piece of furniture the receiver is kneeling on; so you can try a different piece if the angles are off or if the receiver is uncomfortable. If none of your at-home furniture is working quite right, don't forget about the existence of sex furniture like the Liberator Equus Wave or Esse Chaise.

Try It With: Your favorite impact play toys! As this position leaves the receiver's booty ready for play and leaves enough space for the penetrating partner to wield a toy, consider adding a bit of spanking or flogging to this position. It can be a blast!

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7. The Crouching Tiger Position

A lot of people assume that standing sex positions are extremely taxing, but I promise: They don't have to be! Take the Crouching Tiger for example. One partner needs to be able to stand and the other partner needs to be able to stand while hinging over at the hips. Especially if you add a piece of supporting furniture for the receiving partner to lean on, this can make standing sex accessible to many sex position beginners!

Despite being a beginner-friendly sex position, the Crouching Tiger may not be accessible to all couples—and that's OK! This position relies on the two partner's heights matching up. The receiving partner needs to be able to spread (or close) their legs at the exact height required to allow the penetrating partner to achieve penetration—and this may not be possible for all couples. If the angles aren't matching up, the Stand Down Position can provide similar sensations while removing some of the height restrictions from the equation.

Modify It With: Adding a chair or ottoman for the receiving partner to grip onto can make this sex position so much easier and less taxing on everyone's stabilizing muscles. You also can do this position in front of a bed or other piece of furniture to let the receiver's upper body rest on the furniture for further stabilization.

Try It With: The Balldo! If you're really up for adventure, the Crouching Tiger position would lend itself well to using the Balldo for ball sex. Have you ever penetrated your partner with your testicles? Well, today is about to be that day.

8. The Pole Position

Pole Sex Position

A simple swap on the standard receiver-on-top position, the Pole position mixes the fun of the classic Cowgirl with Reverse Cowgirl positions. By elevating the penetrating partner's knee, it gives the receiver something to grind against—which can be perfect for additional (hands-free!) stimulation. This angle also showcases the receiver's butt really nicely for the penetrating partner's view.

Modify It With: A plushy surface. The receiver's spread legs in this position means more of their weight will rest on the penetrating partner's hips. Something soft underneath your bodies can help avoid discomfort on the bottom partner's pelvis.

Try It With: Your favorite couple's vibrators! As a position that doesn't make for much in-and-out momentum, your favorite hands-free couple's vibrators have a better chance of staying in place—and providing some serious pleasure. We're talking the Together Toy, the We-Vibe Chorus, the VeDO Grip, the Dame Eva II and/or the Satisfyer Double Joy.

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Keep Experimenting

See? I told you new sex positions didn't have to be too scary. Once you find a few favorites you love, feel free to keep doing them over and over—as many times as you and your partner(s) want!

Alternatively, check out the Kinkly Sex Position database to find some other sex positions to try. Maybe this first taste just spurred your interest in seeing what's out there—and I fully support that too!

As for me, I've found my favorites in the Grand Slam, the Perch, and the Twin Standing Pleasure Position—so that's where you'll find me!

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