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Try It Tonight: Scissor Sex Position

Published: JUNE 2, 2017 | Updated: JUNE 28, 2022
Interlock your legs for this hot sex position with so many possibilities.

The Scissor sex position might look like a tangle of legs, but this unique sex position can become one of the most versatile in your playbook. Interlock your legs for easy vaginal or anal penetration - and great clitoral stimulation. This is such an easy position to master, although it can become uncomfortable and repetitive in time so you may want to include it as part of your play, rather than the main event.


Want to try it tonight? Here are some tips on how to do it right.

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Editor's note: We're using some gendered pronouns here to correspond to the images shown and make things more clear. Note that many of these positions also work for non-heterosexual couples. Adapt them to your liking!

diagram of the scissor sex position - both partners lay perpendicular to each other with legs crossing over each other

What the Giving Partner Does in the Scissors Sex Position

The giving partner lies on his side, with his head close to his partner’s feet and his legs lying on top of one another. He puts his bottom leg underneath her lower leg and his top leg over it, effectively straddling her lower leg. From this position he can easily insert his penis into her vagina or anus and begin to thrust. For deeper penetration, he could grab his partner’s top leg for leverage.

What the Receiving Partner Does in the Scissors Sex Position

The receiving partner lies on her side, away from her partner, and raises her top leg. She should bend this leg slightly to offer her partner, who is also lying on his side, easy access to her genitals. Her lower leg will be between his legs. He will move closer to penetrate her vagina or anus with his penis. She will thrust along with him, enjoying the way her clitoris rubs against his top leg as they move together. For extra clitoral stimulation, she can always touch herself or use sex toys.

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If you’re the receiving partner, you should thrust back onto your partner as he thrusts into you in this position. Follow his rhythm using your entire body, including your arms and legs. Try grabbing hold of your partner’s legs for added leverage and more intense thrusting. You might also like to caress him while you’re having sex to increase his pleasure.

Tips and Tricks for Performing the Scissors Sex Position

Don’t get stuck in a repetitive rut with this sex position. Vary the speed and power of the thrusts to keep it exciting.

The Scissor sex position can be uncomfortable for some people, as the receiving partner must rest her weight on her partner’s lower leg. Propping pillows or sex furniture under the receiving partner’s back, side, or hips can ease the discomfort. Also experiment with your angles, as some configurations will feel better than others.


This sex position is also ideal for sex toy play. Rather than using his penis, the giving partner can also stimulate his partner’s vagina or anus with a vibrator, dildo, or butt plug.

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It’s also a great position if one (or both) of you has a foot fetish!


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