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Try It Tonight: Lotus Sex Position

Published: MARCH 29, 2017 | Updated: JUNE 28, 2022
Enjoy the intimacy of face-to-face contact with this sensual woman-on-top sex position.

The Lotus sex position, sometimes called the lotus blossom sex position, is a tried-and-true woman-on-top sex position dating back to the Kama Sutra. In this position, the female straddles her seated partner, bringing her face close to his for some of the most intimate sexual contact you’ll have. It’s ideal for couples who want to feel closer to one another and experience a more sensual type of lovemaking. The extra clitoral stimulation she’ll receive from the close body contact is also a real plus.


Want to try it tonight? These tips will help you do it right.

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Editor's note: We're using some gendered pronouns here to correspond to the images shown and make things clearer. Note that these positions may also work for non-heterosexual couples. Adapt them as you please!


What the Partner on Top Does in the Lotus Sex Position

Once her partner is seated, the partner on top straddles his lap and wraps her legs around his waist so he can easily enter her. She also usually wraps her arms around his body for support and to further boost intimacy.

Thrusting is difficult in the lotus sex position, so the partner on top will instead rock backwards and forwards, grinding her body against her partner’s at the depth and speed she likes, to bring them slowly to orgasm. She may use her bottom, legs, or arms to make this movement easier.

Remember grinding isn’t the only kind of movement that can make sex enjoyable. She can also flex her vaginal muscles as she moves with her partner. Plus, because both partners have their hands free in this position, clitoral stimulation or the addition of a vibrator is a definite possibility!


What the Partner on the Bottom Does in the Lotus Sex Position

The partner on the bottom partner sits down, usually on a bed or floor. He may sit cross-legged in the yoga pose, known as the lotus position, as the sex position’s name suggests, or with his legs extended straight if he’s not flexible enough. While the giving partner sets the pace, the receiving partner may match her rhythm and rock with her during sex. He can also hold on to her hips or bottom to help her grind.

Tips and Tricks for Performing the Lotus Sex Position

The lotus sex position is one that fosters intimacy, so make sure you take advantage of that close physical contact. Caress your partner’s body, kiss one another passionately, and embrace as you move together. Anal fingering is also possible in this position.

You can boost the intimacy level by using traditional breathing techniques from the Kama Sutra. This ancient document advocates locking your lips and timing your breathing so you inhale together while you rock one way, then exhale as you rock back the other.


The giving partner just needs to be careful where she sits. When the receiving partner’s legs are crossed, she shouldn’t sit down on his ankles or she may hurt him.

She may like to lean back slightly while in the lotus sex position. While this reduces the skin-to-skin contact, it provides easier access to her breasts and helps him stimulate her G-spot.

Other Sex Positions You Might Love if You Loved the Lotus Sex Position

If the lotus gets you hot there are many other face-to-face sex positions with similar characteristics you could try. These are a few of our favorites.


The Love Seat Sex Position

Love Seat sex position. The penetrating partner is sitting down on a sturdy chair. The receiving partner climbs on top, straddling their lap, facing the penetrating partner's body. The penetrating partner wraps their arms around the receiver's upper body to help anchor them in place. | Kinkly

The Love Seat position is very similar to the Lotus sex position, except the receiver sits in a chair for greater stability.

The Pitcher’s Mound Sex Position

Another position using a chair or sex furniture, your mutual coordination will really pay off in the Pitcher's Mound position. This one's also great for anal penetration.

The Cradle Sex Position

The Cradle sex position is an intimate face-to-face position is perfect for anyone wanting to try anal sex for the first time.


The Crotch Lift Position

He’ll need to do a little heavy lifting, but the Crotch Lift is a challenging position that's ideal for a passionate encounter.

So, that's how you do the lotus sex position. Sound like fun? Try it tonight! Oh, and if you're looking for more dirty ideas, check out our Sex Position Playlist.

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