Erotica, also known as erotic stories, is one of life's great pleasures. While erotica can be defined as any piece of literature or art that intentionally sparks sexual desire or arousal, good erotica is highly subjective. Erotica, also called smut, has seen a revival in the modern era, partially due to the mainstream popularity of "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy by E. L. James. There are many different kinds of erotica to choose from now including erotic audio, erotic short stories, erotic novels, erotic photography, erotic manga, erotic anime, clit lit, and more. Finding the best erotica for you will depend entirely on what you like! However, finding a good piece of titillating erotica is always a satisfying endeavor. Check in here for new free erotic stories from popular erotic books, as well as original erotic short stories from Kinkly's own collection. Stimulate more than your imagination with these steamy, sexy erotic reads!

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Sometimes, boosting libido can be about stimulating your sexual imagination.

woman reading sexy book

Erotica isn’t just confined to the medium of published books! Here are six unique places to find erotica for Masturbation Month.

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In this sexy excerpt, a surprise visitor turns up just in time for a steamy shower. Read the excerpt here!

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This short erotic store features a sexy gift, an unexpected surprise and lots of merry-making.

Sexy Excerpt: 'Capture's Temperance' by BSM Stoneking

This excerpt features a delicious bondage scene with power play, spanking and orgasm denial. Enjoy!

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Threesome fun abounds in this steamy erotica excerpt filled with bodice-ripping fun.

How Feminist Porn Changed My Stance on Pornography

Is all porn ... porn? Sure, but feminist porn is still different.