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Top 8 Solo Sex Toys That Are Great for Partnered Play Too

Published: SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
These solo sex toys do double duty when you want to bring a partner into the mix.

National Single's Day is almost here! An unofficial National Holiday in the US, National Single's Day (September 22) celebrates everything that's amazing about your individual self. While many holidays focus on getting together with other people, National Single's Day is focused on treasuring everything that makes your solo time special.


After all, there's no one else on Earth that's exactly like you; you have your own hopes, needs, dreams, wants, desires, personality, and thoughts! National Single's Day focuses on honoring all of that—regardless of whether you're partnered.

The spirit of National Single's Day is taking the day to "treat yo'self". Do what makes you happy and healthy—both mentally and physically. Want to blow off doing the dishes and talk a head-clearing walk? Have at it.

Want to wear your favorite, "special-occasions" polo to work today? That's okay too. Want to take a little bit longer in the shower to enjoy the cascade of hot water? National Single's Day supports that too.


Whether your idea of "treating yo'self" on a Tuesday is big or small, you're participating in the spirit of National Single's Day—and that's what's important.

Of course, with a holiday focused on your self-pleasure and treating yourself, it only makes sense that sex (and masturbation!) might come up. Here at Kinkly, that's where we excel.

Our goal for your National Single's Day is to help you find a discounted sex toy on our Single's Day Sex Toy Sales 2020 and make sure you're be enjoying great orgasms long-past September 22nd. Pick whatever sex toy works for you—that's the point of National Single's Day! (Though we're always happy to help if you need it! )


We regularly hear that some people are waiting to buy a sex toy until they get into a relationship or that they have a limited budget—so they want a toy that hits all the right solo spots and doubles as a great couple's item. We hear you, and we're here to help.

If that's holding you back from getting a sex toy for your own pleasure, wait no longer! These 8 solo-focused sex toys can also become great couple's toys in an instant.

Enjoy these toys solo (as often as you want!) and then slide them effortlessly into the bedroom when—or if—you choose to engage in sex with someone else.


Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

Anything with a remote control is bound to be a sex toy that can easily move from solo use to partnered use, and the Pulse Solo Lux is no exception. This revolutionary penis vibrator offers an oscillating plate and vibrations to pleasure the most sensitive spots of the penis.

An included remote control (with an optional watch band!) makes for effortless control during play. Want to switch it up for partnered sex? Just hand off the remote to your partner, and you instantly have a cooperative experience!


b-Vibe Snug Plugs

These luxurious silicone plugs are so versatile that it'd be hard to find a place where they don't fit in! Specially designed for long-term wear, these plugs are lightly weighted to ensure that you feel the filling sensations of anal play for as long as the Snug Plug is worn.

Wear the Snug Plugs solo for discreet public play or added masturbation stimulation. When there's another person around, the Snug Plugs can be great for pre-anal sex stretching or a hands-free way to add more pleasure to foreplay.

sex toys b-vibe snug plug


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We-Vibe Melt

Have you tried air suction vibrators? If you haven't yet had the pleasure, we highly recommend you give it a try! Extremely focused on the clitoris, air suction vibrators use the power of gentle suction to draw you into an explosive orgasm. Unlike general vibrators which usually stimulate broader areas, air suction vibrators, like the We-Vibe Melt, are extremely focused on just the clitoris.

Some people compare it to the sensation of gentle suction during oral—which can feel explosively amazing! Unlike other suction vibrators, the We-Vibe Melt is specifically designed for use during intercourse. So while this powerful sucking toy is an amazing choice for solo use, it just-as-easily becomes the perfect addition to intercourse with a partner as well.

sex toy We Vibe Melt

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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

Want to explore hands-free pleasure with your favorite wand vibrator? Welcome to the Liberator Axis. Slip your favorite full-sized wand massager into the shape, and it will hold the vibrator for you—leaving your hands free for other parts of your body or your favorite erotic materials. (If you want hands-free pleasure with your favorite dildos and insertable vibrators, the Liberator BonBon provides that instead!)

Both shapes double as partnered sex positioning cushions if you choose to invite a partner into your sex life, and as a bonus, they both have machine-washable covers for easy clean-up! sex toy Liberator Axis Mount

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Tenga Spinner

A revolutionary new penis masturbation sleeve, the Tenga Spinner literally "spins" around the shaft with every up and down stroke. The flexible coil built into the edge of the sleeve provides constant horizontal movement in a way that's never been done before.

Use this reusable masturbation sleeve for solo pleasure, or when you bring another partner in, ask them to use it on you. The Spinner's unique design and feel brings a new level of "fun" to a partnered handjob. (Its affordable price point makes it possible to purchase a separate toy just for your partner's use if you want!)

solo sex toys Tenga Spinner

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Wildflower Enby

A unique vibrator, the Wildflower Enby was specifically designed to be as unique as you are - and work with any anatomy. This specific design choice also makes it a great choice to swap between solo and partnered sex with ease.

For solo use, it's great for grinding against or curling into a penis masturbation sleeve. Add a partner into the mix, and it offers extra stimulation during strap-on sex or frottage.

sex toy Enby by Wildflower

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Hot Octopuss DiGiT

We're sure you can see how a finger vibrator could be great for partnered and solo sex. No matter whether it's your hand or someone else's, the vibrator offers the same levels of five, rumbly vibrations for your pleasure. The finger loops provide stability—regardless of whether it's your hand or your partner's hand.

Focused on easy care, the DiGiT by Hot Octopuss is fully waterproof for easy cleaning and also fully rechargeable via the included USB cord.

sex toys Hot Octopuss DiGit

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We-Vibe Wand

Powerful and perfect for solo use, the We-Vibe Wand offers over 10 speeds of vibrations. Fully rechargeable and waterproof, the We-Vibe Wand is designed to be the best wand massager you've ever played with. (Plus, you can partner it with the compatible cell phone app for even more ways to interact with your new toy!) When you want to bring it into partnered play, the two included, optional Wand massager attachments offer different types of stimulation including a gentle fluttering and penis stroking - perfect for offering more sensations for partnered play.

sex toys we-vibe wand

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Caught your eye? Now what if I told you all of these toys are currently on-sale for National Single's Day? If you think these best-selling self-focused sex toys are a good fit for you and your needs, come check out our Single's Day Sex Toy Sales 2020.

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